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August 30, 2016
A Gene Wilder & Richard Prior Classic
August 30, 2016
rip gene wilder. this film had me in tears of laughter from start to finish-which is unusual for me. critics score on this is interesting 18 per cent. which is the perfect example. that movie critics no nothing about movies
August 29, 2016
I liked it as a kid. Haven't seen it since.
½ August 27, 2016
Wilder & Pryor are awesome together! Unfortunately, the movie itself is pretty weak.
July 29, 2016
Pretty funny in places, The story was good and I don't think its been done before, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder both play their parts well which is why the film is as good as it is.
June 11, 2016
Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are one of my favorite comedy teams, though I think "Stir Crazy" is their only great film. The others are merely good or at worst watchable. This film fits into the merely good category. Wilder plays an uptight deaf man and Pryor plays a foul mouthed blind man. The two get involved in a murder mystery with bad guys chasing after them as they seek to solve the mystery. Those bad guys are played by the very attractive Joan Severance, who'd later become a regular in Zalman King's films, and Kevin Spacey plays the mustache twirling villain Kirgo. Anthony Zerbe plays the head bad guy, but doesn't show up until the end. But the story really isn't why you'd watch this film. It's the banter between Pryor and Wilder why you want to watch this film. It's not as good a "Stir Crazy" but there are a number of funny bits, including a fight scene where Wilder helps Pryor in a fight or when a car chase where the two help one another. Prior and Wilder both have some good scenes on their own, such as when Pryor uses "Big Mo" or when Whilder holds-up Severance with a "gun" in his pocket. But my favorite surprise of this film was that I'd forgotten that Stewart Copeland did the music for this film and Copeland delivers a soundtrack in his usual style, which I personally love and now really want to find this soundtrack. Directed by Arthur Hiller, this film isn't close to being a classic, but it's an entertaining enough of comedy and is particularly entertaining if you're a fan of Pryor and Wilder.
October 21, 2015
See No Evil, Hear No Evil is very funny.
½ July 22, 2015
This was incredibly fun to watch, I wish there would've been more sense in the story, but besides that, nearly a flawless movie, this was much better than I suspected, it's so shocking that I loved this movie, didn't think I would like it that much.
June 15, 2015
A fresh comedy by the Pryor/Wilder duo!
½ June 5, 2015
While Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor's character aren't as likable as they should be, the movie has some very funny moments.
½ April 18, 2015
This great comedy team deserved better than this poor excuse of a comedy.
March 1, 2015
If you don't like this movie we can't be friends
½ February 7, 2015
Why are decrepit old fart reviewers allowed near old classics? Never mind ... that's kind of the gist of the collective toss pots who review for RT
December 26, 2014
Silly, enjoyable and fun. Nothing special, but a fun romp.
December 21, 2014
It's not that great but still kind of funny.
December 15, 2014
Such a dumb yet funny movie. The concept was great and the acting was okay, but this was good in the 80's but its very outdated and annoyingly predictable. It wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be.
December 14, 2014
Le duo Wilder/Pryor dans leur dernier film. Quelle horrible fašon de partir.
December 3, 2014
I actually liked this one. A bit slow at times, but clever and a lot of fun.
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