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The Sentinel starts off well enough but quickly wears thin with too many plot holes and conventional action sequences.



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Pete Garrison, a U.S. Secret Service agent who heads the First Lady's detail, is being framed as traitor in a plot to assassinate the President. Whoever is framing Garrison knows he's vulnerable because he's hiding a monumental secret. Garrison goes on the run, pursued by investigative agent David Breckinridge and Jill Marin, a tough and ambitious young agent. Until recently, Breckinridge was one of Garrison's best friends. Marin requested the work detail with Breckinridge because Garrison, while leading a field instruction exercise at the Secret Service Academy, told Jill that Breckenridge was the best investigator in the Service. Now, Garrison must nail the real mole and save the President's life.

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Michael Douglas
as Pete Garrison
Kiefer Sutherland
as David Breckinridge
Eva Longoria
as Jill Marin
Kim Basinger
as Sarah Ballentine
David Rasche
as President Ballentine
Martin Donovan
as William Montrose
Blair Brown
as National Security Advisor
Gloria Reuben
as Mrs. Merriweather
Ritchie Coster
as The Handler
Kristin Lehman
as Cindy Breckinridge
Raynor Scheine
as Walter Xavier
Chuck Shamata
as Director Overbrook
Paul Calderon
as Deputy Director Cortes
Raoul Bhaneja
as Aziz Hassad
Jeff Kassel
as Post Agent #2
Joshua Peace
as Agent Davies
Simon Reynolds
as Tom DiPaola
Yanna McIntosh
as Teddy Vargas
Geza Kovacs
as Agent Turzanski
Jasmin Geljo
as Assassin
Danny A. Gonzales
as Hugo Ortega
Jude Coffey
as Field Agent Welke
Mung Ling Tsui
as Polygrapher Medina
Stanley Taylor
as Polygrapher Downing
Roman Podhora
as Chaminski
Conrad Coates
as Agent Hauser
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  • Apr 29, 2013
    "In its 100 plus years of existence no Secret Service guy has ever been a traitor ... ! " or something like that, and therein the entire plot synopsis (in less than 25 words, baby!!!) and you probably can guess the rest of this, er, "thriller". The cast does its best, I guess, but you might not think so.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • May 03, 2012
    The Sentinel is a good action film that has a decent cast. This film is good entertainment, but it could have been much better. The film certainly is good entertainment, but at times it lingers and it just becomes good. The film starts off great, leaves you on the edge of your seat, but somewhere near the middle part, it just becomes a good film, and its potential is wasted a bit. I think that The Sentinel could have been a great action thriller. However the film is just good, and never becomes anything beyond that. After a while it loses its great qualities and simply becomes a good flick. The script could have been reworked a few times to really make this one stand out. The performances make the film work, but there's something missing to really make this one stand out. Overall The Sentinel is a good film, one that could have been great; but due to script limitations, its true potential is unrealized. Thus The Sentinel becomes another in a series of popcorn action thrillers that could have actually been better than what they turned out to be. If you want a good thriller then this is a must see for a mindless evening of entertainment, just don't expect anything great like I did, or else you'll be disappointed. The Sentinel is good, but like I previously stated could have been a lot better than what it turned out to be. However this is a good flick to watch nonetheless even if it's never anything beyond good.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Apr 04, 2011
    Twenty years have passed since Secret Service agent Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas) saved a Presidents life, as a conspiracy unfolds within the White House, he realises he might have to do the same again but this time there's evidence that he's behind the plot
    ♥Robyn Super Reviewer
  • Jan 26, 2011
    You've seen the vast majority of this movie before, even if you haven't. The cliched and mundane plot does the film no favors, and the acting is surprisingly weak considering the cast.
    Andy S Super Reviewer

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