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In this Woody Allen film, a city is searching for the person responsible for a series of strangulation murders, and they enlist the help of cowardly clerk Kleinman (Woody Allen). As he helps in the search, he runs across circus performer Irmy (Mia Farrow) and befriends her. However, circumstantial evidence leads the townsfolks to suspect that Kleinman is the killer, and he must struggle to avoid capture.

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Woody Allen
as Kleinman
as Marie
Jodie Foster
as Prostitute
Lily Tomlin
as Prostitute
Kathy Bates
as Prostitute
John Cusack
as Student Jack
Fred Gwynne
as Hacker's Follower
Kenneth Mars
as Magician
Philip Bosco
as Mr. Paulsen
Robert Joy
as Spiro's Assistant
Wallace Shawn
as Simon Carr
Kurtwood Smith
as Vogel's Follower
Eszter Balint
as Woman with Baby
James Rebhorn
as Vigilante
Victor Argo
as Vigilante
Katy Dierlam
as Fat Lady
Dennis Vestunis
as Strongman
Anne Lange
as Prostitute
Fred Melamed
as Undesirables Onlooker
Greg Stebner
as Police Chief
Peter Appel
as Cop at Police Station
John C. Reilly
as Cop at Police Station
Brian Smiar
as Cop at Police Station
Michael P. Troy
as Cop at Police Station
Remak Ramsay
as Cop at Police Station
Ron Turek
as Cop at Police Station
Peter McRobbie
as Bartender
Ira Wheeler
as Cop with Priest
Robert Silver
as Hacker's Follower
William H. Macy
as Cop with Spiro
Tom Riis Farrell
as Vigilante with Spiro
Ron Weyand
as Vigilante with Spiro
Richard Riehle
as Roustabout
Max Robinson
as Roustabout
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Critic Reviews for Shadows and Fog

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Audience Reviews for Shadows and Fog

  • Feb 25, 2012
    Shadows and Fog, Woody's love letter to German Expressionism, boasts some cleverly detailed mise-en-scenes and 20s inspired shot scales, but it's little more than a replication.
    Jonathan H Super Reviewer
  • Dec 15, 2011
    I can see why "Shadows and Fog" was met with such mixed reaction. There's not much of a plot and the final twenty or so minutes are completely preposterous. But that's not saying that I didn't find it interesting. The black-and-white cinematography is marvelous, the numerous celebrity cameos are a treat, and Woody Allen's comedic performance is splendidly funny. Plus, there are several moments of truth, with topics ranging from religion to existentialism to family values. "Shadows and Fog" is not necessarily a "good" film, but it's very enjoyable.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Aug 06, 2011
    This is not one of Woody Allen's best film. I was distracted by the story and of Allen who plays a nervous clerk sent out by his vigilante friends to keep a look out for a serial killer. Then the story involves a couple who works at a circus, they break apart because the husband is caught of adultury, so the wife (Mia Farrow) runs away and meets a prostitute (Lily Tomlin) who offers her to stay for the night but is offered $700 by a clientele (John Cusack). Then the Farrow character gets busted by the cops and is ordered to pay a fine and finally meets Allen's character to find the lurking serial killer. The slapstick humour was so plain and wasteful I wasn't really laughing because I thought to myself and said "Haven't I've seen this suff before?" Towards the end of the film I didn't care if Allen and his cast found the killer or not because the movie already dived and bombed. There is an excellent all star cast and a tremendous black and white look reminiscent to the films of German Expressionism and film noir, but imo it is better to rent or watch those films on DVD/TCM. If one is going to pay homage, might as well make it compelling and moving like "The Artist". "Shadows And Fog" is not a success.
    Brian R Super Reviewer
  • Oct 02, 2010
    A truly usual and offbeat film by Woody Allen that is very original and extremely entertaining. About a homicidal strangler on a killing spree, that has terrorizes a fog shrouded unnamed city, and a nebbish little man named Klienman, played to perfection by Woody Allen who agrees to help his neighbors who have formed a vigiliante group, to capture the roaming madman that only strikes at night. Astute direction by Woody Allen in what must surely be one of his must underrated films, which can best be described as a Kafkaesque -like nightmare with a mixture of dark humor, lt has magnificent black & white cinematography by Carlo Di Palma and a terrific production design by Santo Loquasto, the film is also blessed with a tremendous all-star cast in wonderfully acted roles which includes Mia Farrow, John Malkovitch, Kathy Bates, Madonna, Lily Tomlin, Donald Pleasence, Jodie Foster, John Cusack, Kate Nelligan, Fred Gwynne, julie Kavner, William H. Macy, John C. Reily, Victor Argo, David Ogden Stiers, David Strathairn, and Josef Sommer. A brilliant and vastly overlooked film that is a affectionate homage to the great film noir movies of the 1940s. Highly Recommendation.
    Danny R Super Reviewer

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