Donald Pleasence

Highest Rated: 100% Wake in Fright (2012)
Lowest Rated: 0% The Uncanny (1978)
Birthday: Oct 5, 1919
Birthplace: Nottinghamshire, England, UK
Balding, deceptively bland-looking British actor Donald Pleasence was first seen on the London stage in a 1939 production of Wuthering Heights. He then served in the RAF, spending the last years of World War II in a German POW camp. Resuming his career after the war, Pleasence eventually came to New York in the company of Laurence Olivier in 1950, appearing in Caesar and Cleopatra. And although he began appearing in films in 1954, Pleasence's British fame during the '50s was the result of his television work, notably a recurring role as Prince John in The Adventures of Robin Hood from 1955-1958. He also co-starred in TV productions of The Millionairess, Man in a Moon, and Call Me Daddy. Voted British television actor of the year in 1958, Pleasence produced and hosted the 1960 series Armchair Mystery Theatre, before creating the stage role for which he was best remembered: Davies, the menacing tramp in Harold Pinter's The Caretaker. The actor revived the character throughout his career, appearing as Davies for the last time in 1991. Pleasence was fortunate enough to be associated with the success of The Great Escape in 1963, which led to a wealth of American film offers. Four years later, the actor portrayed arch criminal Ernst Blofeld in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice -- the first time that the scarred face of the secretive character was seen onscreen in the Bond series. Firmly established as a villain, Pleasence gradually eased into horror films such as Halloween (1978), The Devonsville Terror (1979), and Buried Alive (1990); commenting on this phase of his career, Pleasence once mused "I only appear in odd films." One of his few "mainstream" appearances during this period was virtually invisible. Pleasence is seen and prominently billed as a rabbi in Carl Reiner's Oh, God! (1977), but the role was deemed dispensable and all the actor's lines were cut. Pleasence continued to work steadily in the 1980s and early '90s -- making 17 pictures alone in 1987-1989 -- before undergoing heart surgery in 1994; he died from complications two months later. Married four times, the actor was the father of six daughters, among them actress Angela Pleasence.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Halloween 35th Anniversary Actor 2013
100% Wake in Fright Doc $28.1K 2012
No Score Yet Lest We Forget Actor 2003
No Score Yet In and Out of Fashion Actor 1998
6% Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6) Dr. Sam Loomis 1995
75% The Advocate (The Hour of the Pig) Pincheon 1994
No Score Yet Guinevere Merlin 1994
50% The Princess and the Cobbler (The Thief and the Cobbler) Phido the Vulture 1993
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No Score Yet Return to 'The Great Escape' Actor 1993
48% Shadows and Fog Doctor 1992
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No Score Yet Buried Alive Dr. Schaeffer 1989
No Score Yet Un Delitto poco comune (Off Balance) (Phantom of Death) Inspector Downey 1988
No Score Yet Nosferatu a Venezia (Nosferatu in Venice) (Vampire in Venice) Don Alvise 1988
No Score Yet The House of Usher Walter 1988
No Score Yet Hanna's War Rosza Gabor 1988
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56% Prince of Darkness Priest 1987
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No Score Yet Il Mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento (Dario Argento's World of Horror) Actor 1985
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No Score Yet A Breed Apart J.P. Whittier 1984
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No Score Yet Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie Victor Frankenstein/Old Baron Frankenstein 1983
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78% Alone in the Dark Dr. Leo Bain 1982
No Score Yet Barchester Chronicles Septimus Harding 1982
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29% Halloween II Dr. Sam Loomis 1981
87% Escape from New York President of the United States 1981
75% The Monster Club Pickering 1980
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No Score Yet L' Uomo puma (The Puma Man) Actor 1980
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12% Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band B.D. Brockhurst 1978
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0% The Uncanny Valentine De'ath (segment 3 "Hollywood 1936") 1978
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72% Oh, God! Dr. Harmon 1977
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33% Telefon Nikolai Dalchimsky 1977
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87% THX 1138 SEN 5241 1971
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43% Soldier Blue Isaac Q. Cumber 1970
20% The Madwoman of Chaillot Prospector 1969
85% Will Penny Preacher Quint 1968
72% You Only Live Twice Ernst Stavro Blofeld 1967
50% The Night of the Generals Gen. Kahlenberge 1967
94% Fantastic Voyage Dr. Michaels 1966
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83% Cul-de-Sac George 1966
No Score Yet The Hallelujah Trail Oracle 1965
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No Score Yet Maniac Actor 1963
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No Score Yet Circus of Horrors (Phantom of the Circus) Vanet 1960
No Score Yet The Hands of Orlac (Hands of a Strangler) Coates 1960
No Score Yet Hell Is a City Gus Hawkins 1960
75% Sons and Lovers Pappleworth 1960
No Score Yet The Winds of Change 'Pop' Marley 1960
No Score Yet The Battle of the Sexes Irwin Hoffman 1959
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92% Look Back in Anger Hurst 1958
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No Score Yet Robin Hood: Quest for the Crown Prince John 1958
No Score Yet Barnacle Bill Teller 1957
No Score Yet The Man in the Sky (Decision Against Time) (Test Pilot) Crabtree 1957
No Score Yet 1984 Parsons 1956
No Score Yet The Beachcomber Tromp 1955
No Score Yet 1984 Actor 1954


No Score Yet Saturday Night Live
Host Guest
  • 1981
No Score Yet Columbo
  • 1975
  • 1973
No Score Yet The Fugitive
  • 1966
80% The Twilight Zone
Prof. Ellis Fowler
  • 1962