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February 28, 2020
Unfortunately, the moviemaker seems to have lost himself among the countless counterfeits of Hollywood.
December 28, 2010
It goes on a little long, but isn't terrible.
April 29, 2009
Fails on all points of plot, characterization, plausibility and realism...
October 31, 2007
Entertaining and provocative enough.
December 30, 2006
May 13, 2006
Low-key comedy about Hollywood absurdities is aided by some great acting talent and a lot of funny in-jokes.
December 6, 2005
December 6, 2005
September 30, 2005
January 7, 2005
Niccol makes what seems like a preposterous idea not only fresh and entertaining, but most of all reveals said idea to be not at all far removed from reality.
May 17, 2003
Para funcionar da melhor maneira, a stira tem sempre que manter um p na realidade. Porm, ao perder este contato com o mundo real, S1m0ne se transforma em fbula - e sua fora desaparece.
February 25, 2003 above-average sophomoric effort from [director Andrew] Niccol.
February 24, 2003
If you're expecting a scathing commentary on our media obsessed times, then Simone isn't it. If you're expecting a funny comedy, then Simone isn't it either.
February 8, 2003
There was a time when I could say, 'I never met an Al Pacino movie I didn't like.' Oh, well-all things must pass.
January 8, 2003
A brilliant satire of the film industry.
December 8, 2002
Not only has the filmmaker elected to address some extremely well worn themes, he evidently has little new to say about them.
December 8, 2002
November 3, 2002
We can see that Simone looks fake, and we can tell that her acting is flat and lifeless, and it is embarrassingly obvious that Roberts is unable to capture the gestures of the great performers her character supposed to be made from. So what's the point?
October 21, 2002
Niccol has come up with one of the sharpest parodies around of Tinseltown and the media establishment that feeds on it.
October 19, 2002
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