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In this horror sequel, the members of a female rock group set off to spend the weekend in a deserted condominium. However, when Courtney's (Crystal Bernard) dreams of a drill-wielding, murderous rock singer (Atanas Illitch) prove to be more than mere nightmares, the girls must struggle to survive their weekend getaway.

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Crystal Bernard
as Courtney Bates
Kimberly McArthur
as Kimberly/Amy
Juliette Cummins
as Sheila Barrington
Patrick Lowe
as Matt Arbicost
Jennifer Rhodes
as Mrs. Bates
Atanas Ilitch
as The Driller Killer
Don Daniel
as Mr. Damnkids
Michael Delano
as Officer Kroeger
Hamilton Mitchell
as Officer Voorhies
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Critic Reviews for Slumber Party Massacre II

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Audience Reviews for Slumber Party Massacre II

  • Sep 16, 2011
    A horrible movie, not a horror movie. The story makes no sense, the killer breaks into song and dance in the middle of his rampage, the special effects are poor, the acting and dialogue is atrocious. If you like these bad late 80s movies, check it out, if not, stay away from it. The ending is the worst part.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Aug 13, 2011
    Unfortunately this sequel to the impressive 1982 The Slumber Party Massacre is really an incompetent mess of a film. There's so much wrong with this film. The idea of an evil rocker killing his victims with a drill shaped like a guitar was cool and interesting. I liked that aspect of the film. That was the most fun of the film, really. But where the film lacks is in its substance. Yeah, I know what can you do with a character that's an evil rocker? There are tons of great ideas. The filmmakers on the on the other decided to cut corners and skip the killer's back story. The reason the film fails is because there's nothing interesting happening in the first 45 minutes, and that's when the "actual" killing starts. The film almost becomes a snooze fest and makes the viewer uninterested and quite frankly, you really don't care what happens. It really does suck because there are some great ideas at work here, but like I previously stated, the filmmakers don't give the viewer an explanation. Now if the killer had committed suicide with a power drill and come back reincarnated to murder his victims with a drill that would've been a nice little idea for the film. The only person that makes this film semi entertaining is Atanas Illitch as the killer. His performance was what prevented me from falling asleep. This sequel is disappointing and the worst thing is, is that they could've done so many great things with the "evil rocker" idea. The worst of the series, luckily the third one is far better
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Sep 11, 2010
    Found this little gem today at Goodwill on VHS. They don't always have the best selection; most of the time they only have a few copies of Aladdin and Die Hard 2. This time I was pretty lucky and actually picked up 3 flicks: This movie, Jawbreaker, and Trick of Treat (Which looks like a carbon copy of Slumber Party Massacre 2, at least from the cover). One, this is an extremely weird horror movie. Two, this movie has all sorts of re-watch value. Three, this movie fits right along with Behind the Mask. Both movies have a ton of horror movie references (for example this movie has two police officers, Voorheis and Keruger). The movie is littered with terrible one liners and various dance sequences. Oh wait, did I not mention, the movie is a musical. Everyone in the movie is in one way or another fixed into a musical sequence. Unfortunately the soundtrack for this gem was never released and the songs are extremely hard to come by. The plot? Was there a plot? Not really, the surviving sister from the first movie is hunted by her own mind/dreams... How can I more accurately describe this? An Andrew Dice Clay impersonator that plays Meatloaf-ish tunes and chases girls in panties around a town at night. What is his preferred weapon of choice? Well that would be his electric guitar with a drill for a head. The movie delivers the blood and guts and doesn't skip a beat until the weird ending. That seems to be the only thing holding it down in my mind. If you were looking for a movie to watch whilst playing beer pong this is definitely it. I am giving the movie a 4 out of 10. Upon second viewing I would have to lower my rating. The movie is fun but it is horrible. The acting, singing, storyline, and production value are far below par. That drags the movie from a stellar rating to a measly 4. "Lets Buzz" S!D This movie is a sequel to Slumber Party Massacre, and it is followed by: Slumber Party Massacre 3: Cheerleader Massacre, Cheerleader Massacre 2, and loosely Sorority House Massacre 1 - 3. Crystal Bernard is in this, you may remember her as Joe's wife from Wings. This movie was released on VHS and Laserdisk
    Brandon S Super Reviewer
  • May 22, 2009
    I'm tempted to give it a positive rating due to the sheer, anarchic insanity the film made me privy to, but I can't overlook how incompetent the vast majority of it is.
    Eduardo C Super Reviewer

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