Apr 14, 2020 of the great cinematic portraits of a city.
Aug 30, 2018
Somewhere has its funny moments, and its clever moments, but the blankness and passivity of the central character make it peculiarly remote, as if you were watching it from a million miles away.
Sep 8, 2017
Somewhere is like a slow-moving bullet with no clear aim.
Feb 4, 2011
It seems impossible that this heavy-handed, self-serious movie comes from writer-director Sofia Coppola.
Jan 31, 2011
The best movie directors aren't just masters of technical craft: They also are artists capable of showing you the world through their eyes -- of making you see and feel exactly what they do.
Jan 21, 2011
Fame is a vampire: We've heard it before. We don't need to hear it again.
Jan 21, 2011
Coppola is brilliant at capturing mood: With cinematographer Harris Savides, her languid camera depicts California melancholy. But substance isn't her game.
Jan 14, 2011
If you're impressed by the fact that this won the Golden Lion at the Venice film festival, go look up the price of a flight to Venice.
Jan 14, 2011
There's no denying Coppola displays great understanding of wealthy ennui in Somewhere. And as a film stylist, she hits some fine grace notes. Still, she and we have been here before, and empty hotel life does have its limits.
Jan 14, 2011
The atmosphere Sofia Coppola creates in her fourth feature is so lovely, it's a shame when it's roiled by the encroachment of plot.
Jan 14, 2011
"Somewhere" is a distinctly European exercise in observational nuance and tonal restraint in which Coppola stretches static images to the breaking point.
Jan 13, 2011
Ultimately, Somewhere may be too static, too minimalist a tale. But there's grace here, in its aching assessment of loneliness, in its examination of connections and family...
Jan 9, 2011
Coppola's graceful, touching, father-daughter chamber piece feels like -- in the best sense -- a love letter to her father.
Jan 7, 2011
The writer-director of "Lost in Translation" and "Marie Antoinette" has made the malaise of the privileged her special turf. Ennui is her milieu. And Coppola has a talent for revealing its existential and cultural dimensions.
Jan 7, 2011
Throughout, Dorff is doggedly credible as an obtuse actor, but the richer performance here is from Fanning, and it might have been a stronger movie told from her character's point of view.
Jan 6, 2011
There's something mesmerizing and special about "Somewhere," for those willing to wait and let the movie cast its spell.
Jan 6, 2011
It's the singular achievement of Sofia Coppola's affecting new film that she manages to make us care for a dissolute movie star, his angry ex-wife and their indulged daughter.
Jan 6, 2011
It's the kind of thing some people will appreciate and embrace, while others will flee in a fit of frustrated boredom. My advice: Stick around.
Jan 5, 2011
Casting the less-than-charismatic Dorff may bolster Coppola's thesis, but it's dramatically self-defeating. How can we feel for Johnny, when there's no there there?
Jan 3, 2011
Sometimes empty is just empty.