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The year is 2008 and something is terrorizing the streets of London, leaving numerous heartless corpses behind. Fortunately detective Harley Stone (Rutger Hauer) is on the case and discovers that the murderous monster behind the killings is just that.

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Kim Cattrall
as Michelle
Michael J. Pollard
as Rat Catcher
Ian Dury
as Jay Jay
Tony Steedman
as O'Donnell
Chris Chappell
as Rat Catcher's Assistant
Ken Bones
as Forensic Expert
Dave Duffy
as Nick `The Batman'
Stewart Harvey-Wilson
as The Killer Player
Paul Grayson
as The Killer Player
Chris Chappel
as Rat Catcher's Assistant
Charlotte Hick
as Little Girl
Tina Smith
as Mutilated Woman
John Bennett
as Dr. Schulman
Martin Ronan
as 1st Ambulance Attendant
Phil Smeeton
as 2nd Ambulance Attendant
Tony Sibbald
as Bald Man in Suit
Jason Wakins
as Coroner's Assistant
Tina Shaw
as Nighclub Stripper
Rikki Howard
as Cage Security Policeman
Rob Edmonds
as Policeman
Alan Stocks
as Policeman
Padraig Casey
as Policeman
The Shend
as Precinct Policeman
Jason Watkins
as Coroner's Assistant
Susan Aderin
as Precinct Policewoman
Shelia Hyde
as Precinct Policewoman
Jan Van Hool
as Precinct Policewoman
Rob Edmunds
as Policeman
Cathy Walker
as Precinct Policewoman
as Dog
Vanessa Victor
as Girl in Nightclub
Jadene Doran
as Girl in Nightclub
Lorraine Pascal Woodward
as Girl in Nightclub
Lisa Roudette
as Girl in Nightclub
Bibi Bohorquez
as Girl in Nightclub
Mayumi Cabrera
as Girl in Nightclub
Gordon Winter
as Police Medic
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Critic Reviews for Split Second

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Audience Reviews for Split Second

  • Mar 06, 2010
    Decent British 90's action sci-fi movie. Unfortunately, the poster shows the twist, so try to avoid looking at it.
    Marcus W Super Reviewer
  • Jun 17, 2009
    One of my favorite movies of all time. I can't believe I haven't had a chance to review it before now. Sure when you look at the "Thing" it looks like it is a prop that got cleptoed from Aliens but the movie is just balls out, big guns and great one liners. This is back in the day of Rutger makin good movies mind you, needless to say the plot is interesting, I'm sure many today would tear it apart but that doesn't make it any less a classic. You got Rutger who is the epitome of the rogue cop. His partner died by this "thing" that he is hunting and he has vowed to go after it always being just a step behind. Everyone thinks he's gone off the sane train as he carries "big big guns" and is often called paranoid. He lives on Ra-Ra's (chocolate mini donuts), coffee and nicotine. This guy is the character that bad asses are based off of. He's human/weaker side has a thin for his partners old wife Kim Cattrall and you see him soften when she's around. With the introduction of a new partner to watch over his shenanigans the two are on the hunt for a serial murder in "futuristic England" which apparently takes place in 2008. I remember watching this growing up and thinking about 2008 being the future, now it's a year passed. If you like some gratuitous violence and a sort of typical buddy cop movie where the straight edge sees that the crazy one is the only one that's in fact sane you can't lose. This movie is a classic and should be seen by everyone once.
    Aurelius D Super Reviewer
  • Oct 14, 2007
    Cliche and predictable, yet more fun than any recent hollywood monster. Cattrall was looking good in those days, and Hauer was the guy for this type of roles.
    Tsubaki S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 05, 2007
    Split Second is a movie that can be described as "Blade Runner meets Predator meets Lethal Weapon". While not as good as these three films, it is as much fun as any of them. Set in the partially flooded London of 2008, this film pits future cop Harley Stone (Rutger Hauer) against an intelligent monster. The monster, who wounded Stone and killed his partner three years earlier, is back and killing again. The unbalanced ("lives on anxiety, coffee, and chocolate") Stone is teamed up with straight-laced serial killer expert, Dick Durkin. The resulting clash of policing styles produces a lot of the movie's humor. Although the movie didn't have a big budget, it overcomes that with great acting, suspenseful direction, witty dialogue, and good use of London locations. Hauer's performance gives Stone some complexity, while the screenplay provides the character with a minimal, but nonetheless effective, backstory. Hauer is tough-as-nails when needed, but displays convincing tenderness in his scenes with love interest Kim Cattrall. As an aside, I find it amusing that Stone's apartment is a mess with pigeons living in it, while the gun cabinet is the only thing that's neat and tidy. Neil Duncan is a perfect foil for Stone as the highly educated (post graduate at Edinburgh, and then Oxford) criminologist, Dick Durkin. At first Durkin thinks Stone is nuts, while Stone thinks little of Durkin's brains-over-brawn approach. But over the course of the film the two develop a respect for each other. There are some problems with the film. The villain's origins and motivations are never really explained, and the ending is a bit weak which from what I heard came from some pre-release cutting. But all in all, the film succeeds in delivering 90 minutes of rewatchable entertainment. If your in the mood for a good b sci-fi action movie check it out.
    David L Super Reviewer

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