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December 15, 2017
Everything is great except acting.
December 15, 2017
½ December 15, 2017
Probably the weakest of the prequels, this film nevertheless has improved as time has gone on in my mind. There are plenty to dislike about it: horrible lines and love scenes between Padme and Anakin, a whiny cry baby Anakin, and a dull first half. However there is a dramatic improvement in the second half. The Battle of Geonosis is epic and as good as anything in Star Wars. The masterminding of the war by Sidious is fun to follow and the film is a good layover to Sith. Once again, although not nearly as strong as the other movies (although VASTLY better than episode VIII) it is still entertaining and does not deserve some of the harsh reviews it has received over the years.
December 15, 2017
No longer the worst episode in the saga
December 13, 2017
Attack of the Clones is perhaps not a step in the right direction for the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. The drama and the emotions are more awkward and unsettling than the previous chapter and even the vast imagination of George Lucas is broken apart by this completely artificial film.

The story. The characters. The drama. The locations.
They're more lifeless and artificial than ever before. It's almost incredible just how different Episode II is next to literally any other film. No film has such a unique shittiness to them. This is what an uncomfortably "personal" film looks like by someone who doesn't understand people, emotions or basic storytelling technique.

I'm a Star Wars fan... but ouch...
December 12, 2017
No improvement on the boring affair that was The Phantom Menace. It was no prequel redemption unfortunately as the plot was boring and hard to watch. Action scenes involving Christopher Lee as Darth Tyranus were the ultimate highlights.
December 11, 2017
Completely boring until the end.
½ December 11, 2017
Easily the worst installment of the Star Wars saga, even worse than The Phantom Menace. Anakin is now a whiny brat that blames all his problems on Obi-Wan, even his mother's death. He is also a creep around Padme and love for one another is utterly forced. This is who will eventually become Darth Vader? Plus, the Jedi Council was left unaware that a clone army was created in secret by a former Jedi Master. The CGI is overused and is sorely dated. Boba Fett is revealed to be a younger clone of Jango Fett. The final battle is visually stunning, but is only included for the sake of Lucas showing off the visual style. The final 15 minutes of the film is the only satisfying moment of the entire film.
December 8, 2017
Allowing for some dull moments, this movie has considerable visual style
½ December 7, 2017
This next chapter in the Star Wars universe, as well as the previous installment, benefits from a considerable amount of brand new visuals, designs and elements related to this overly rich universe, but, as well as its predecessor, lacks the actual spirit that made the original trilogy the space-opera adventure we all love, in exchange, it focuses wrongly enough on the over-use of special effects and action, that eventually forgets to deliver, in terms of characters and storytelling.
December 5, 2017
December 3, 2017
Actually, I thought this was the best of the first three episodes.
November 27, 2017
good movie i wish very very good
November 26, 2017
As is the case with this movie's predecessor "The Phantom Menace", "Attack of the Clones" does have it's high points. One such high point is the well produced action sequences. They certainly help add to the entertainment value of this movie. Also the scenes on Planet Kamino which is the location of the production and training facilities for the clone army are also well done. However the movie is hurt by a number of flaws. The biggest is Hayden Christensen's abysmal performance as Anakin Skywalker. He is the central character to this movie and he fails on just about every level. Scenes that are supposed to be emotional and dramatic come across as just plain stupid due to Christensen's poor acting ability and absolutely cornball dialogue. Also he has no chemistry at all with Padme Amidala played by future Academy Award winner Natalie Portman. You know there is a major problem with your movie when the best character in it isn't even a human being. It's instead a computer generated image. Specifically Yoda. Still there is enough to like about this movie to recommend it. However once you have finished watching it you will remember how good the original trilogy is.
November 26, 2017
Corny, cheesy, could have been better. All-in-all, unfortunately, still better than The Force Awakens.
November 23, 2017
Attack of the Clones is an even harder movie for me to review than The Phantom Menace. Though many see Episode II as a step up from I, I'm not quite sure. Though I've given both films 3/5 stars, I honestly have to give a slight edge to The Phantom Menace. Much of the movie feels as if George Lucas took the criticisms of "too much talking" in the previous installment and just amped up the action as a result. In doing so, a lot of the action feels hollow, as there isn't the greatest character development. Additionally, as many have pointed out, the acting here isn't exactly the greatest, which is a shame considering the talent on board. This isn't the fault of the cast, as they were not given much direction to work with. Despite these pretty decent-sized flaws, there's still enjoyment to be had here. Though the action is hollow, it still is well-executed and much fun to watch. The general story is also pretty interesting and fits in well with the rest of the Star Wars saga. I know plenty of people dislike how the origin of the Clone Wars was set up, but I don't mind it. I only wish we had gotten to see more of the conflict on film (rather than just the beginning here and the end in Revenge of the Sith), but The Clone Wars TV series would have to suffice that desire later. All-in-all, despite its numerous flaws, I think there is still entertainment to be had with Attack of the Clones, even though I think it's the weakest of the live-action Star Wars films.
½ November 21, 2017
While I did not like "The Phantom Menace" this film was worst. George, you got face the fact that you did way way way way too good on the originals and they can't be beat.
½ November 18, 2017
Better than the previous movie, but it's still pretty bad. Bad dialogue, bad effects, and unenjoyable storyline. The love story between Padme and Anakin doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel "Star Wars." Anyways, would rather watch original trilogy 100 times than watch the prequel trilogy 10 times.
November 13, 2017
While Attack of the Clones suffers many problems from its predecessor, it manages to fix many of them. At times, the plot still feels out of place and lost. But nevertheless, we feel like there is an objective or a finish point that the movie seeks. The action sequences are improved, but still barely above average, except the final battle. The final battle is well filmed and visualized, and best of all feels necessary and not forced. The weakness in this movie, ironically is the main character; Anakin Skywalker. At times, you would find yourself rooting against him, which is a big flaw in any movie. Anakin's dialogue and Hayden's acting abilities make it seem like a fan movie could achieve better. The whole Naboo sequence is out of place, and the love story felt really forced and unnatural at all. There are sequences such as the attack on the sandpeople, which should've lasted longer, and it could've offered plenty more development to a much criticized protagonist.
November 12, 2017
Very boring and too long.
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