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May 18, 2017
Despite its criticism, I actually don't despise 'The Phantom Menace'. Yes, I agreed 100% that Jar Jar was awful, Jake Lloyd was irritating, and there was too much CGI. But it seemed to at least carry the same weight as the original films, even if it didn't hold a candle to them. However, even having addressed the issues that Episode I had, 'Attack of the Clones' is by far the worst of the 6. Hayden Christensen is WAY worse than Jake Lloyd, Natalie Portman is a good actress, but her performance seems incredibly flat in this film, and the magnificent Christopher Lee is wasted on a mediocre and disappointingly underwritten villain. And the worst part? Jango Fett, an attempt at harkening back to the fan-favorite Boba Fett, was a shockingly stupid side villain whose death was mind-bogglingly pathetic.
May 17, 2017
I championed this second Star Wars prequel on its release because it 'seemed' more in spirit with the classic trilogy than the disappointing 'Episode 1' which, I felt was basically a kids movie sans heart. Then with the release of the quite solid 'Revenge of the Sith', I saw this one for what it was- a turgid, inter-galactic snoozefest with wooden performances, soap opera dialogue, and effects that were too ambitious for the realism they meant to acheive. Or was it simply a case of too much greenscreen for the actors to perform against? The movie is also painstakingly long and demands more attention than it deserves. Also, due to the fact that we know Anakin will turn to the dark side of the force anyway, how can we accept him as a hero? The narrative is kind of pointless (especially against a soppy unconvincing love story) and only serves to bridge the gap to the final act in the Anakin saga.
May 15, 2017
I sincerely don't know how they managed to make this one worse than the Phantom Menace, but somehow they did it. This movie makes almost no sense, there is little to no reason for half the decisions made in this film, ranging from the whole business with Jango Fett to the laughable dialogue and petty childish behavior of what is supposed to be the main character of the film, Anakin Skywalker. I could go on and on about why Hayden Christensen is a terrible actor in this installment, but I'll just leave it at that he did not know how to convey any meaningful emotion in this film.
½ May 9, 2017
Attack of the Clones is widely regarded as the worst of the prequels. Aside from some interesting character moments and sub-plots the film comes off as filler. indicated by the opening crawl, things in the galaxy are okay but are about to be turned upside down. Getting to that point however is a very slow ride. Attack of the Clones suffers from much of what The Phantom Menace did. Stiff acting and poor dialogue. Some stand outs however, that make the material work are Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chrisopher Lee's Count Dooku, and Ian McDiarmid's Palpatine. These actors portray their characters excellently and help the audience invest in the story. Palpatines scheming is more fleshed out in this film and leaves us wanting to see where exactly he plans to go.Obi-Wan's investigation into the Clone Army and action scenes are highlights of the film. Count Dooku makes for an interesting villain. He is doing a necessary evil in order to prevent further evil in his eyes. It makes for some genuinely good dialogue. On the other end of the spectrum, Anakin and Padme's relationship and dialogue is hard to sit through at times. It is difficult to relate or even believe their affection for one another due to the stiff and sometimes creepy dialogue. Some of the set pieces and the excellent music by John Williams make up for this however. There are instance where you can see where George Lucas is going and what he is implying. The greatest part of their time together is spent on Tatooine where we see glimpses of what Anakin's future. Hayden Christensen does a good job of displaying what Anakin is feeling, especially when he sees his mother beaten and tied up. The music and results of that scene are great and carry weight. The climax of the film is visually interesting. Much of the CGI doesn't hold up quite that well but it isn't horrible. The Clone Army in action was a cool sight and the camera work is unique and adds a grittiness to the battle. The ending lightsaber duel is lackluster but its's results are satisfying. Overall Attack of the Clones feels like filler with some cool visuals and character moments, held back by poor writing and abandoned sub-plots.
½ May 8, 2017
Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones is another REALLY underrated Star Wars Prequel. The movie is good and entertaining. Could some things to the film have been better.. Yes, but is the movie THAT bad.. No. The acting is okay, the story isn't so bad, the action sequences are to be honest not so bad. The CGI is not bad noir good. But the whole movie is good and is not THAT bad, but does have some issues.
½ May 6, 2017
Episode II in the Star Wars Saga is pretty lackluster. It has some fun action sequences and I really like the emphasis on Obi-Wan's character, but the rest isn't that redeemable. The chemistry between Anakin and Padm is awful, the special effects haven't aged as well as you might think, and the villain is very poorly done.
May 6, 2017
½ May 3, 2017
why the hell George luca brings same Problem they don't fit this squinty, gently l deny he made up all over again at least action and Music sequence confidently promise Blame Boring Plot. Length Minutes, Bad Hayden Christian Performances writing no tell l get bore every wipe sequence get me bore l hear it.
May 3, 2017
Better than Episode I by a LONG SHOT, but still heavily flawed.
May 2, 2017
Star Wars attack of the clones was a good movie I like how it will get right to the movie the battle Obie wan and Aniken where both funny at times in this movie the light saber battles where great but in this episode I would say Aniken is becoming more dark and starting to turn bad you may notice that when you see it.
May 1, 2017
Grade - C-
Probably the worst of all the prequels, 'Attack of the Clones' has terrible performances and cringe-worthy dialogue; even if it does contain some fun action sequences.
April 30, 2017
Si el Episodio Uno la considero una "mala" pelcula a la que le tengo cierto cario...esta es un desastre por la que no siento ms que un odio profundo.

Y no es que est exanta de elementos interesantes. Algo que me gusta de la triloga es su trama poltica, que si bien es simplona, al menos contextualiza muy bien el universo, especialmente a la hora de construir el Imperio de la triloga clsica.

Pero ah se acaba todo. Lo dems es pura mierda. El personaje de Anakin es odioso y est escrito de pena. La actuacin de Christensen es de escndalo (de lo desastrosa que es). Natalie Portman parece que est por all de paso (aunque en la tercera ser aun peor). Esa historia de amor....ay, madre...esa historia de amor. George Lucas ha tenido alguna relacin amorosa sana en su vida? Por que sin duda esta no solo no parece real, sino que es tan txica que da miedo.

Por supuesto ese supuesto "descenso a las tinieblas" de Anakin es tan torpe (incluso teniendo buenos elementos de base) que da la sensacin de que uno de los villanos ms increibles de toda la historia nace de una rabieta de quincieero en edad del pavo. La serie de Tartakovsky lo haca mucho mejor en un episodio de 5 minutos...

Seores, estas son las bases de la gran epopeya que se construir a continuacin, y no solo son ridiculas...sino que son poco creibles.

En peor de la saga, y un insulto a la gran franquicia que es Star Wars...horrible.
April 23, 2017
I don't know about everyone else but I really liked this film. I think people take the acting too seriously in the prequels when its supposed to be cheesy and bad like old Flash Gordon serials but that evidence never seems to click to anyone but me. Maybe its because I don't take Star Wars so seriously and can see what George Lucas is trying to do. But anyway what I really liked was the world building and the continuation of Anakin's character arc from Phantom Menace. John Williams' score is the best in this installment of the saga and helps you buy Anakin and Padme falling in love. The lightsaber battle at the end is kind of meh but thankfully is saved by Yoda. Anyway, I found enough to enjoy from Attack of the Clones, its not perfect but its far from being as bad as some would believe.
April 23, 2017
Solid movie with thrilling action just needs some more character development
April 17, 2017
This movie is some hot ass
½ April 17, 2017
Full of terrible dialogue, horrible casting and a couple with 0 chemistry, Attack of the Clones is the worst Star Wars movie ever made
½ April 9, 2017
Somehow a step down from Episode I, Attack of the Clones might feature more action, but the dialogue is even worse, and Hayden Christensen is one of the worst actors in existence.
April 9, 2017
From the really bad acting to the god awful visual effects, Star Wars episode 2 definitely is, the worst Star Wars movie.
April 9, 2017
"Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones", while it is more watchable than its predecessor, proves to be a worse film still. The performances have no depth to them (in particular Christensen and Portman), though we are given a great performance from McGregor. However the story lacks credibility, and aside from the battle at the end it lacks any excitement.
April 6, 2017
this thing shoudn't exist as a star wars movie
reason-bad dialouges,bad acting,poorly executed action sequences and biggest thing THE TITLE OF THE DAMN MOVIE

If clone army is helping the jedi masters than why the hell the title says attack of the clones

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