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Vampire leader Radu Vladislas has once again risen to battle those who betrayed him, as his protégé Michelle struggles to hold on to the last shreds of her humanity. Meanwhile, Ash hopes to hold on to the wealth he accumulated as king of the undead in Radu's absence.
R (adult situations/language, sex, violence)
Cult Movies , Horror
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Full Moon

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Denice Duff
as Michelle
Ioana Abur
as Ana Lazar
Mihai Dinvale
as Dr. Niculescu
Dan Astileanu
as Dr. Lupu
Ion Haiduc
as Lt. Marin
Camelia Zorlescu
as Gypsy Woman
Cristi Zorlescu
as Gypsy Woman
Oana Voicu
as Rebecca
Dorina Lazar
as Old Woman
Gelu Nitu
as Detective Voda
Radu Badica
as Guard
Silviu Geamanu
as Policeman
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Bland and slow, the story isn't too interesting and the characters are flat. The make-up and effects are nice, but some of the acting is off. Not a terrible sequel, and it's a decent closure to the Subspecies franchise.

Wes Shad
Wes Shad

Radu is back this time for his final outing? Hopefully. Since those little severed finger puppet Subspecies monsters are completely and utterly absent. Which is too bad, since their green screen marching is really one of the freek power selling points of this otherwise, slightly less than mundane vampire saga. This time around, the resurrection is handled with no finesse and the car crash deaths of Mr. embassy and michelle's sister is just too convenient. I mean, its like one of those, "okay, I guess that happened" moments in cinema. Sure, I watched the doc, so I know why they did it, but it is still...totally, um. The addition of wacky Dr. Blud and the "Pilates vampires" Ash and Serena (in order to introduce their further adventures in VAMPIRE DIARIES!) leads to a lot of standing around. Or in the case of the two vampires, kneeling over topless women with blood running down their chins. Radu does not have much to do in this one. And the creepy effects and other running shadow jokes are downplayed, probably for budgetary reasons. The ending on this one is even less satisfying than the others, if that is even possible. The real stinker of the trilogy.

R.John Xerxes
R.John Xerxes

Subspecies may not have been a great series, but it was a solid direct-to-video vampire franchise with its first three entries. It was a solid trilogy...a trilogy that should have been left alone. Full Moon Entertainment was going through some financial hell and decided to resurrect some of their successful franchises in order to make a quick buck. The few examples were Curse of the Puppet Master and Trancers 6. Full Moon fans know how great those crap shoot of a sequels turned out . Sadly Full Moon also decided to resurrect the Subspecies franchise with Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm. A more apt title would be " Shitstorm" as this sequel defecates on all that made the original three films likable. I knew I was in trouble right after viewing the opening credits. The credits are so god-damn cheap that it looks like I could have made them on my personal computer. This is a damn shame as Subspecies II and III had impressive title sequences that actually made the films look like they had quality. The film then opens right after the last film except the filmmakers do the unthinkable. Apparently they couldn't get some of the actors who survived part 3 to return for this sequel so the writers decided to open the with a car crash, killing our "survivors". What a cheap fucking cop out! This even makes the death of Hicks and Newt in Alien 3 look pale by comparison! The only returning cast members are Denice Duff and Anders Hove as Radu. The plot is extremely predictable. Radu survives and goes after Denice Duff yet a-fuckin-gain. Yawn. This film even has the gall to have characters that appeared in the Full Moon film "Vampire Journals" show up. That film was not part of the Subspecies franchise but thanks to this sequel it is now considered a "spin-off." I hate when filmmakers take characters from another film and place them in a completely different film and act like they have been there from the beginning. The only reason writer/director Ted Nicolaou only did this to try to pad the film with a little more plot. Not only are the opening titles and plot bad, but so is the look of the film. This film looks like it was filmed with a $50 home digital camera. That mixed with bad DVD transfer makes this film almost unwatchable. Another thing I have to rant about is the title. The Subspecies sequels had a pattern to the title scheme - Bloodstone: Subspecies II and Bloodlust: Subspecies III. It was simple, have a "blood" word and then have Subspecies as your subtitle with a classy roman numeral. It was siimple and it gave the series flow. Leave it to Subspecies: Shitstorm to fuck the simple task up. First it puts Suspecies as the main title again, then changes the roman numeral to a number 4. Shouldn't be Bloodstorm: Subspecies IV? Oh fuck no! This may sound like a minor problem but come on! Are the promotional artists blind? Can't they see the flow to the titles? As you can tell I hated this sequel with a passion. I love the cheesy Full Moon films of old but their newer films are just god awful and the company making shitty cash 'n grab sequels, tarnishing the names of their hit franchises just pisses me off. What makes me even more mad is that this sequel is from the same writer/director of the first three! I actually hate this sequel so much that I sold my DVD of the film and pretend it never existed. That's hardcore for me since I'm a completist when it comes of film series and in turn own many god-awful sequels. I even own Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation and Ghoulies IV. That says something!

Eric Reifschneider
Eric Reifschneider

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