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A more-miss -than-hit affair, Super Troopers will most likely appeal to those looking for something silly.



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A handful of state troopers are put in the uncomfortable position of having to actually enforce the law in this high-spirited comedy. Mac (Steve Lemme), Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar), Foster (Paul Stoter), and Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske) are four Vermont state troopers whose dedication to duty is not exactly an inspiration to law enforcement officers everywhere. Stationed in a small town near the Canadian border, the troopers don't have much to do, so they while away their hours smoking dope and harassing hapless motorists. Their superior officer, Capt. O'Hagan (Brian Cox), likes the boys and they try to keep their more outrageous antics out of his earshot, but they often run afoul of fellow trooper Farva (Kevin Heffernan), who insists on doing things by the book. When Governor Jessman (Lynda Carter) announces massive budget cuts for Vermont law enforcement personnel, things look bad for the troopers and they must quickly prove their worth or they'll be forced to look for real jobs. Appropriately enough, the troopers stumble upon some information regarding a group of marijuana dealers operating along the border; the guys figure this is just the sort of high-profile bust that could save their careers, but the police department of a nearby town gets wind of the troopers' plans. The Earlville police are no friends of the troopers, and they set out to ruin their moment of glory. Super Troopers was written by the five-man comedy troupe Broken Lizard, who also star as the five troopers; the group's leader, Jay Chandrasekhar, directed. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Brian Cox
as Capt. John O'Hagan
Daniel von Bargen
as Chief Bruce Grady
Marisa Coughlan
as Off. Ursula Hanson
Lynda Carter
as Gov. Jessman
John Bedford Lloyd
as Mayor Timber
Paul Soter
as Foster
Jim Gaffigan
as Larry Johnson
André Vippolis
as College Boy 1
Joey Kern
as College Boy 2
Geoffrey Arend
as College Boy 3
Camille Hickman
as Thin Queen Bartender
Aria Alpert
as Waitress
James Grace
as Local Officer Rando
Michael Weaver
as Local Officer Smy
Dan Fey
as Local Officer Burton
Chloe Kai O'Conner
as Dead Woman -- Lucy Garfield
Jim Edwards
as Complaining Fan
Jimmy Noonan
as Frank Galikanokus
Maria Tornberg
as German Woman
Blanchard Ryan
as Casino La Fantastique Sally
Charlie Finn
as Dimpus Burger Guy
Tracy Tobin
as Governor's Aide
Rich Perello
as Banquet Bartender
Trish McGettrick
as Gawking Citizen
Danny Padilla
as Urinatee
Walt McPherson
as Foreman One
Jerry Walsh
as Foreman Two
Jane Heffernan
as Chicken F**cker
E.Michael Heffernan
as Chicken F**cker
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  • Jun 21, 2015
    It's an unlikely cult comedy with outrageous gags & humor at the expense of law enforcement. Super Troopers displays Broken Lizard at its peak with a colorful cast of characters and laughable moments. 4.5/5
    Eugene B Super Reviewer
  • Feb 15, 2015
    I've made it clear on multiple prior occasions that I don't care for American comedies. I'm not a stoner, I'm not five years old, and I'm not braindead, so the mass-marketed toilet humour, sex puns and lowest common denominator references just sort of wash over me in a gross, vaguely off-putting wave of annoyance... Well throw all that out the window 'cause I absolutely fuckin' LOVE Super Troopers. Seriously there is no reason for it, I just do. It's one of about 5 movies where, the second it finishes playing, I could just go back to the start and happily run through it all over again. In fact, I've spent a not-insignificant amount of my lifespan doing exactly that.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Nov 29, 2011
    Funny, sometimes moronic, but, nonetheless, a genuinely good comedy.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Nov 20, 2011
    Favourite line: "Excuse me, bear... Bearf***er! Do you need assistance??" This movie came on at the bar after SNF ended, and my friends knew the words even without the sound on so I was curious... I was gonna give it 3.5 stars... but then the last scene happened. These guys are a helluva lot of fun. You may want to strangle them sometimes, but mostly, fun.
    Letitia L Super Reviewer

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