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Amanda Bynes is charming, but Sydney White is a poorly adapted take on Snow White, relying on tired ethnic stereotypes laughs.



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Gorgeous freshman Sydney White has come to Southern Atlantic University to pledge her late mom's once-dignified sorority. But while surviving the pledging process wrought by evil campus witch Rachel, Syd finds out this version of sisterhood isn't remotely what it's cracked up to be. Banished to a condemned house on Greek Row, Syd finds her rightful place with a band of seven very socially challenged guys. With the help of one lovestruck frat boy named Tyler, she and the doofs campaign to take over student government. Fighting for the rights of misfits big and small, Syd organizes her gang to revolutionize the system, once and for all.


Amanda Bynes
as Sydney White
Sara Paxton
as Rachel Witchburn
Matt Long
as Tyler Prince
Jeremy Howard
as Terrence Lubinecki
Crystal Hunt
as Demetria Rosemead Hotchkiss
Libby Mintz
as Christy
John Schneider
as Paul White
Brian Patrick Clarke
as Prof. Carleton
Cree Ivey
as Young Sydney White
Kierstin Koppel
as Goth Girl
Jeff Chase
as Big Ron
Jo Beth Locklear
as Flirty Girl
Tait Moline
as Danny the Tranny
Adam Vernier
as Football Fan No. 1
Carlos Navarro
as Football Fan No. 2
Nadine Avola
as 'Pin Me' Sister
Arielle Grace
as Student Newscaster
Pixee Wales
as Old Woman
Susie Abromeit
as Cheerleader
Evan Todd
as Student
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  • Sep 07, 2018
    So, yea, I clearly didn't end up watching Infinity War yesterday. I've watched a few superhero movies these past two weeks (Deadpool, Wonder Women, Lego Batman and Black Panther), so maybe I felt that a little bit of a break was necessary. But, hey, at least out of those four movies I mentioned, the "worst" one of them (Lego Batman) was still very good. So, at the very least, all of these movies have ended up being great. Regardless, why did I pick this? Honestly, no clue. I was just rushing to pick something since I was struggling a little bit to pick a movie for yesterday and this is what I settled on. Given that Infinity War is the biggest movie in the MCU (so far) and the fact that a few of the Avengers end up dying themselves, it seems like a gargantuan undertaking that I just didn't want to take last night. I'll eventually watch it. Given that Disney's deal with Netflix ends last year and, I believe, Black Panther is the last MCU movie as part of their deal, I'm assuming that I won't be able to watch it on there. Anyway, I picked this because I just wanted to watch something light and fluffy. Yesterday was just one of those days where this was the best choice imaginable, even though there's considerably better movies on Netflix right now, including Black Panther (which I watched the day before this, duh). This is the film equivalent of bubblegum pop, which is a term I've used before. What I mean by that, though, is that there's something safe, harmless and sanitized about this. Something that parents would be okay with you watching, so that's how you know it's a cool movie. Seriously though, this isn't necessarily as bad a thing as it might seem from how I said it. A movie's quality is not measured by whether your parents would like it (or hate it too for that matter), it's measured by, umm, whether you actually or not. And this was a pleasant surprise in that I wasn't really expecting much. I watched Wild Child almost a week ago and I figured that this would be more of the same, in terms of quality at least. But, surprise surprise, this was a fairly decent movie all things considered. Wouldn't say it's good, because it's just a little too bland for my tastes, but it's still decent. Basically, this is a re-telling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for, at the time, modern times, but it follows most of Snow White's story beats. Sydney White joins a sorority her mother was a part of, but she quickly finds out that the head (and also student council president) of the sorority, Rachel, is kind of a horrible human being. Perhaps horrible by 2007 standards, because by 2018 standards (which are considerably much lower given who's president of the United States), then she's not even on the top 50. Rachel publicly embarrasses Sydney and throws her out of the sorority and she then joins the Vortex, which is basically the house the "losers" live in which, of course, in this movie, are the seven dwarfs. She teams up with them in order to have Terrence run for student council to defeat Rachel and the Greeks, who seemingly control everything in school despite being a minority of all people on campus. But, of course, given that the feud is Rachel vs Sydney, you know that Terrence is not long for the campaign for student council president. I mean, what do I even say about this movie? It's been eleven years after this film's release, so some of the references are quite dated. There's this interesting angle where Sydney, during one of the political science classes, says that the masses are underestimated when Rachel says that the power should be kept within the elites and, maybe, the United States' government should transition to an oligarchy. Which is interesting because, despite the fact that the current president lost the popular vote by TWO MILLION VOTES, Sydney's reasoning that the people should be given more power seems a little bit outdated given that Dumbfuck Troglodyte is president. Not saying that oligarchy, which the current president is trying to establish, is a better alternative, but neither Sydney nor Rachel did either side of the debate any favors. I don't know why I even pointed that out honestly, but it's worth noting regardless. This is quite the movie in that I don't really have much to really say about it. It's a shallow teen movie with one-dimensional characters and a really bland romance plot with Sydney and Tyler (played by knock-off Chris Evans, Matt Long). But, even with that, I actually had no problem with this movie in the slightest. Amanda Bynes is good in this role. Though, to be fair, it's not like this role really requires that much, but she's charming and she pulls it off. The interplay between Sydney and the 'dwarfs' itself is also decent, they mine it for a few laughs. Not to say that the laughs are that consistent or that the movie is even good, but it's relatively harmless. One thing, however, I need to point out is the fact that this movie's Rotten Tomatoes consensus states that this relies on ethnic stereotypes. What??? Yes, the characters are one-dimensional, teen stereotypes and the geeks are portrayed as losers unworthy of respect, because all people who watch/read sci-fi, play video games and enjoy live-action role-playing are losers, right??? But, as far as I can tell, geeks/dorks are not an ethnicity and neither are goths, school band members, etc, etc, etc. So where, oh where do they get this ethic stereotypes thing??? I'll be honest, after Black Panther, this probably was THE whitest movie I could have possibly chosen to watch. There's only one black guy in the entire movie and, yes, he is the stereotype of the happy, smiling Nigerian. But he's the only black character of any real relevance in the entire film. So, again, I don't know where this consensus comes from or what movie they were watching. I would be the first one to point out the ethnic stereotypes and I already did. But, in this case, it's singular, it's an ethnic stereotype. This character isn't around long enough to really affect the movie one way or another, so I don't get this. I don't know why I'm talking about this, but there you go. I will give the movie credit for cleverly using the 'hi, ho' song the dwarfs sang in the original movie. And the poisoned apple being a hacked Mac Book while certainly obvious is a nice modern touch that still holds up to this day. Don't really know what else to say, this will obviously appeal to the teen Disney crowd more than it would appeal to someone like me but, as I keep mentioning, this was perfectly decent teen fare. Forgettable and shallow, yes, but still decent enough. I wouldn't say you need to go out of your way to watch this, but if you're looking for something undemanding, then this might do the trick.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Jun 23, 2011
    It was ok, but not Amanda Bynes at her best.
    Bethany M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 28, 2010
    The story line is similar to "Snow White and the seven dwarfs". What irritates me is when people watch a girl like she's goddess or something but this girl is no near that kinda part. They should have picked someone more beautiful similar to Snow White. The story was okay. You can watch it if you want. It's not in my recommendation.
    Dead A Super Reviewer
  • Oct 22, 2009
    Lame & NOT funny at all
    Brody M Super Reviewer

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