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      Ted Reviews

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      Mar 1, 2023

      This movie had me rolling.

      Feb 25, 2023

      01 hour: and 46 minutes of LOLing for R and unrated action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Feb 24, 2023

      Hilarious. ‘Nuff said.

      Jan 30, 2023

      Perfect movie if this is your type of comedy. Seth Mcfarlane did a good job.

      Jan 22, 2023

      This movie is just beautiful. From the laughter to the emotional scenes its the definition of a jackpot.

      Jan 16, 2023

      É um filme engraçado porém cansativo! Eles tem tanto boas piadas quantos piadas que te fazem ficar com vergonha! Mas acaba sendo um bom filme com cenas de humor negro, que eu particularmente adoro quando colocam em pelo menos alguma cena dos filmes. Enfim, recomendo!

      Jan 15, 2023

      Im not an experienced critic but all I can say that I Absolutely enjoyed the movie if that's what movies are made for than I would rate it 10/10

      Dec 13, 2022

      Sure, Ted's premise of a beer-guzzling, coke-snorting, bong-hitting stuffed teddy bear with an out-of- control libido sounds ridiculous (and it is), but Seth MacFarlane makes it work. Ted (the voice of MacFarlane) and John (Mark Wahlberg) have been friends since childhood, but things start to get complicated when the profane bear begins to interfere in John's relationship with Lori (Mila Kunis). While there's not really much in the way of a plot, the movie succeeds on the likability of its characters and the outstanding comedic elements, most of which are very low-brow but also very funny, including a large number of hilarious and memorable set pieces. Things feel as though they bog down a bit over the final thirty minutes, in part due to the novelty of a talking bear wearing off but primarily due to the kidnapping element of the story, which manages to suck the comedy juice right out of the movie.

      Dec 9, 2022

      Not bad. Very funny at times but mostly over the top. Worth a one time watch

      Nov 26, 2022

      The best voice-over performance from Seth MacFarlane!

      Nov 5, 2022

      Nonsensical but still funny and entertaining 8/10

      Oct 6, 2022

      Really funny at at times really stupid, Ted is not only extremely well performed by its all-star cast and an extremely satirical and stupidly funny film, its script and direction is also impressive, the music and touch is perfect which all makes for a very watchable and humorous comedy, the movie does still repeat itself and does feel tiring and slow-moving at times.

      Sep 29, 2022

      One of the funniest films I've watched

      Aug 4, 2022

      In My opinión ted is a good movie, but they show us how a teddy bear is alive, it can have sexual intercourse without having a reproductive system, therefore it can't have children, they also show us how at a party they consume a lot of alcohol and take different types of drugs, but without us what the consequences are that could lead problem in the future. we can also see prostitution in the form of a joke in which ted is sold in order to get money to live alone.

      Jun 12, 2022

      it's a talking bear. There's not a lot to it. it's a movie you put on when your brain is off.

      Jun 11, 2022

      Muy buena película entretenida divertida y llena de chistes

      Apr 28, 2022

      Sonic is lord king lord lord of king lord evil evil lord

      Apr 17, 2022

      Lo que hace especial a Ted, esta en esa libertad creativa que se le dio al director y guionistas; con bromas tan locales que te puedes dar cuenta que tienen un trasfondo en la película. Hasta pequeñas referencias a películas que marcaron a los directores; donde se puede ver más claro en la participación de Sam J. Jones, referencias totalmente internas que le dan esa frescura a la película; el humor se siente particular a pesar de tener chistes simples, la misma trama los empuja a ser más entretenidos. Una de las cosas que más me gustaron de la película fueron las alegorías que le dan a la personalidad de Ted con John Bennett; como si Ted representara ese miedo a crecer y a dejar de ser adolescente una evolución que se ve marcada de diferentes formas en la película, como en el egoísmo del personaje y hasta en excusarte con los demás en vez de asumir tus propias responsabilidades como vemos en la escena del Hotel; una escena climática que refuerza el mensaje de la película. Aún con todo eso la película no deja de ser simple, con una estructura muy ordinaria y sin algo realmente nuevo que presentar. Tarándote el mensaje en la cara en vez de buscar estructurarlo en la trama de la película. Es una típica película de Comedia si con ese toque diferente pero sigue siendo igual de plana en la ejecución de la misma. Ted es una "Feel Good Movie" una película que sin ser espectacular es muy disfrutable.

      Apr 13, 2022

      When a young John Bennet receives a teddy bear for Christmas he instantly becomes attached to it. Never did he imagine that if he wished for it, his teddy bear would come alive. Many years later Ted and John live together with Johns girlfriend Lori. Ted is holding John back from being a more mature person and Lori is becoming impatient with Johns behaviour. This film is hilarious. When you take the comedic mind of Seth Macfarlane and pair him with a great comedic actor in Mark Wahlberg the result is a hilarious film. Not only is this film extremely funny it also has a lot of heart to it. The movie does a good job of showing the friendship that John and Ted have and when they have to compromise so that John doesn't lose his girlfriend its really emotional. Across the board the acting is great. Mark Wahlberg is extremely funny, Seth MacFarlane does an amazing job as Ted, and Mila Kunis is really cool as Lori. This film does have an issue of feeling the need to make an action packed ending. This to me is really unnecessary, if they would've continued the raunchy comedy while finding a different way to resolve Lori and Johns relationship I think the film would've been better all around. Overall this film is hilarious, with great comedic acting and a great heartwarming story Ted is a great film. 8/10

      Mar 9, 2022

      A stuffed toy isn't going to have mobility, speech, etc, so the premise didn't work for me.

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