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February 10, 2020
A thought-provoking examination of the emotional fallout of a natural disaster, The Changeover has a number of narrative issues, but some fine performances elevate this one.
February 3, 2020
There seems to be much promise attached the story but the film doesn't quite deliver what's expected.
July 31, 2019
The Changeover is refreshingly a young adult adaptation that doesn't have aspirations for a franchise.
May 15, 2019
Great style and performances are not enough to make The Changeover any different from a teen fantasy franchise launch. [Full review in Spanish].
March 8, 2019
An easy going production with time-honored tropes fails to raise a ruckus.
March 5, 2019
This film might take place in a world lousy with witches and warlocks, but it is desperately short of the magic needed to overcome its flaws.
March 4, 2019
The film is a bit of an odd duck in that it is neither fish nor fowl, audience-wise: perhaps too scary for the Goosebumps crowd but far too tame for the horror crowd.
February 28, 2019
This quaint and unassuming sleeper-of-a-creeper is magical and mystical in its curious presentation. New Zealand's 'The Changeover' is a character-driven frightfest at its small-scare creative core.
February 26, 2019
This horror-tinged coming-of-age tale takes a refreshingly restrained approach to its witchy world-building.
February 25, 2019
At its core, there's a tale as old as time itself, and, what's more, one that equates adolescent turbulence to something that can be both deeply unsettling and reassuringly magical.
February 23, 2019
The Changeover is a definite standout when it comes to young adult films. It is a mature, eerie, and effective coming-of-age story that just so happens to also include the supernatural.
February 22, 2019
The Changeover might have an unnerving and memorable performance by English actor Timothy Spall, but it lacks the narrative horror chops to push the storytelling into a dimension that is truly compelling.
February 22, 2019
Beneath its familiar genre trappings, this fantasy succeeds mostly because it takes a character-driven approach rather than relying solely on teenage angst or supernatural mumbo-jumbo.
February 22, 2019
Subtle enough to draw in adult fans of dark fantasy, but relatable enough to appeal to young adult audiences, The Changeover is another in a long line of quality genre films from New Zealand.
February 22, 2019
Unfortunately, the story, which involves all sorts of distracting schemes and spells and even time travel, gets in the way of the movie actually being about [the main character]...
February 22, 2019
Other films have demonstrated [Spall's] ability to exude malice, but none has put his smarmy, sinister side to better, more unsettling use.
Top Critic
February 21, 2019
The Changeover is one of those supernatural thrillers where the rules are both abstract and arbitrary, rendering Laura's internal struggle as dull predestination rather than an act of intention and will.
February 21, 2019
[A]n astute adaptation, balancing magical arcana with everyday adolescent turmoil.
February 21, 2019
Uniformly solid performances and artful camera/sound work make the film hard to dismiss out of hand, but the script doesn't sell its hokum as effectively as more mainstream supernatural soap operas.
February 21, 2019
In its own modest way, this is a perfect genre film.
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