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When two young filmmakers select a crazed conspiracy theorist as the subject of their new movie, they have no idea the terrifying peril they will put themselves in. When the man disappears without a trace, the filmmakers begin an obsessive quest to uncover the truth that will lead them to an ancient and dangerous secret society. A meticulously researched thriller based on real conspiracy theories, THE CONSPIRACY blurs the line between fact and fiction, news and propaganda. (c) Xlrator
Horror , Mystery & Suspense
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Critic Reviews for The Conspiracy

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The Conspiracy does more with a found-footage conceit than any horror movie since The Blair Witch Project.

Full Review… | July 19, 2013
Globe and Mail
Top Critic

Why do so many contemporary filmmakers use the well-worn device of found footage and documentary shooting style to make thrillers? Does The Blair Witch Project have a mysterious power over all of them?

Full Review… | July 18, 2013
Toronto Star
Top Critic

Continually surprises and engages the viewer even when it's falling apart.

Full Review… | February 20, 2014
Movie Mezzanine

A satisfying found-footage spooker.

Full Review… | October 6, 2013
Empire Magazine

As both a compelling examination of conspiracy theorists and a unique found footage film, The Conspiracy lays firm groundwork before delivering a tense, dynamic third act.

Full Review… | August 28, 2013
What Culture

Like any good conspiracy theorist (or perhaps Grand Master of the Universe), MacBride rewrites the cosmos, forcing us either to buy the particular reality that he's peddling, or to risk being cast as collusive shills or sacrificial 'sheeples'.

Full Review… | August 27, 2013
Grolsch Film Works

Audience Reviews for The Conspiracy


"The Conspiracy" is an interesting addition to the found footage genre. It is the latest in a series of Paranormal-Activity-With-A-Different-Subject-Matter films ("The Fourth Kind," "Apollo 18") that relies on the audience believing that what they are seeing is nonfiction. Even if you figure out that the story is not legit, the film effectively builds suspense through its documentary-style footage. Unfortunately, the ending does not live up to the expectation built throughout the first hour of the film. The first problem is that it is basically like watching "Eyes Wide Shut" from a first-person perspective. The cult meeting sequence is interesting and seeing it from a first-person perspective creates some chilling imagery, but it doesn't deserve any awards for originality. A lot of the best moments of the film are a result of acting that feels natural and subtle. As the movie progresses, you can't help but wonder how the story can possibly be resolved in a way that would allow the audience to see this censored footage of a secret society. This is where the execution falls short of the concept. Rather than a the entire film building to a climactic ending ala "The Blair Witch Project," the writers kill the momentum with about five minutes remaining in order to explain the finding of the footage. I did appreciate a little bit of ambiguity that keeps us thinking as the credits roll but it still felt terribly anticlimactic and a bit over-explained. It is a shame because the rest of the film does a great job of not over-explaining and allowing you to put the pieces together yourself. Even without a great conclusion, it is an interesting mindbender that delivers its story with a sense of authenticity. "The Conspiracy" is worth watching for its unique story, memorable imagery, and that shocking moment in the shed. Honestly, I just don't think that there was a good ending for this story.

Jonny Priano
Jonny Priano

I enjoyed the Conspiracy. It's filmed beautifully, thrilling and ambitious. It falls flat at some points, but it still kept me guessing until the last second. One thing that I kept noticing was how the hidden cameras inside of their tie clips were panning and moving around like the camera was attached to somewhere on their face and not their ties. One scene where one of the main characters was looking in the mirror, he turns his head to look to his side, turns his head back to the mirror, and then to the side once more. The camera moves the way his head was moving, but since he was only turning his head and the camera was attached to his tie, his body was stationary meaning that it would be looking into the mirror the entire time. The camera would not be moving with the turn of his head. Those moments took me out of the film from time to time but it is nonetheless an enjoyable film that I think most will enjoy

Mike Leddy
Mike Leddy

A childish film that mocks the intelligence of "conspiracy theorists" that can see the "writing on the wall." Of course, everything that Terrence says is true, but Americans are too easily distracted in the quagmire of propaganda. Gotta love Jack Kennedy though, he had some real guts. We don't need a "cult" to tell us there are some megalomaniacs controlling the people. This film turns out to be a promotional film for the New World Order! Jokes on you! Oh yes, let's unite the world through the egalitarian majesty of CAPITALISM. Sounds like a lot of fun! Looks like a barrel of laughs, the way things are going.

Mick Finn
Mick Finn

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