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February 22, 2018
i'm the backup parent..

The Descendants

Even though the premise floats on intense tone and serious family drama, the quality that attracts the viewers is the hint of a comic personality in each and every character that comes out of them even in such circumstances. The Descendants is one of those rare films that totally resonates with reality and practicality of it and still endures the dramatic side of it with genuine emotions, pragmatic characters and unpredictable script. Alexander Payne is completely aware of the world he is projecting onto the screen and uses it in a perfect way to connect the audience and offer enough content to feed them for around 2 hours. And as far as performance is concerned, George Clooney is at its best, as a disturbed and often surprisingly funny guy in a tragic stage of his life; he is carrying the whole movie on his shoulder. The Descendants is a movie that allows audience to rethink about it and keeps them on hold by unfolding the plot on each phase in a perfect way possible.
January 30, 2018
I have mixed reactions to this movie. An interesting premise with the occasional good scene, but it's not sustained. Too many musical interludes and at times the screenplay didn't seem to flow correctly. AAN GGWD AFI 1001
January 7, 2018
Great drama. Moving, engaging story, with some good comedic moments. Solid direction by Alexander Payne, whose previous works have included great movies like Election, About Schmidt and, best of all, Sideways.

Great performances all round. George Clooney deserves his Oscar nomination. Disappointing that Shailene Woodley was overlooked, as she puts in a great supporting performance.

On the minor-negative side, some events in the plot seem contrived and too convenient. Plus, the movie is not really as profound as I thought it would be. In the end there are no big take-aways. Maybe that is the idea: just sit back and enjoy the human drama.
November 8, 2017
The Descendants is an incredibly moving and touching film. Director Alexander Payne shows us a messy, but real-life situation that hits you hard. The film is also upheld by strong performances from George Clooney and Shailene Woodley.
September 24, 2017
Slow-moving drama with heart. Would have wanted to see more character development and a bigger emotional punch.
September 8, 2017
The Descendants patiently reveals each character with a kaleidoscope of emotion and likability and detachment--and smartly sets their ordinary lives in the extraordinary.
½ June 26, 2017
Very enjoyable, although the comedic element is very low-key. It gives some good insight into the life of affluent Hawaiians, not a subculture that's often featured in movies. And George Clooney is a good actor. A fine tale of betrayal and redemption, exploring family dynamics and without any violence or other aberrant behaviours.
½ May 22, 2017
Very pleasant film. Great characters, good story & wonderfull locations. An exellent surprise.
May 13, 2017
Excellent movie. Although not a big George Clooney fan I decided to watch this movie anyway, mainly for the Hawaiian setting. So I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it very much. George is quite good playing a grieving husband and father. The Hawaiian settings and music were even better than I had hoped for. This could have been a sob story and sappy. Instead it was an interesting character study about family dynamics during a crisis situation. Very well done.
March 17, 2017
A depressing story is given levity by a great script and power from an equally fantastic cast. My favorite film of the year.
February 26, 2017
We'll this got much better reviews than it seems to have deserved. Maybe some movies are just not intended to be edited for TV. It's hard to take anyone's pain or anger seriously when it's expressed with "Muck you!" every 3 minutes. But the critics talk about humor, and I guess all of that got cut out for the commercial breaks because there certainly wasn't any in the two hours I sat through of flat, dull, nothingness. Nothing happened, there was no opportunity for anything to happen, there were no touching moments of real life captured in story. George Clooney's voice over was boring and felt forced and over-acted and was a great reminder that he's less talented actor than good looking guy. Or he was really bored with the script too. Or something in between.
February 16, 2017
Alexander Payne shows us again that he understands the nature of human beings through this very moving and well-acted comedic drama.
February 6, 2017
Remember when Alexander Payne made hilarious black comedies?
January 31, 2017
Definitely worth viewing.
A nice movie about family and the obstacles that life provides for them. Perhaps a little slow in the beginning but well worth relaxing to. George Clooney does his usual fine job. Shailene Woodley is absolutely gorgeous (wow did she beef up for the Divergent series or what?)
Some nice footage of Hawaii for those that haven't visited too.
I could wank on about the director, screenplay and film crew but that's not what your here for is it?
December 31, 2016
It's good movie to watch
November 26, 2016
I usually don't like clooney films but enjoyed this one
November 8, 2016
4/5 Ratings for The Descendants
F :89 %
R :11 %
Drama 80% Comedy 20%
October 22, 2016
Predictable and emotionless, the movie's saving grace is one of my favorite actresses, Shailene Woodley. George Clooney's character, under the most strenuous of circumstances, is almost cold and robotic. The whole subplot about selling the land is boring and unnecessary. Just a deflated movie that made me feel nothing and for a movie about a dying wife and uncovering the secrets of Clooney's own family, I expected to feel something.
½ October 13, 2016
I did not know what to expect before watching this film, & when I did, I was definitely not disappointed! It was so real, heartbreaking, & the story was well-told! The Hawaiian vibe worked really well! Clooney & Woodley both gave brilliant performances as well as the rest of the cast!
½ September 28, 2016
A well acted and directed movie that takes the best from what the talented cast can give.
Helped by a moving script, The Descendants offers some tought-provoking themes while never being heavy going.
Good job from Alexander Payne.
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