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Critic Consensus: The Devil Inside is a cheap, choppy unscary mess, featuring one of the worst endings in recent memory.

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In 1989, emergency responders received a 9-1-1 call from Maria Rossi (Suzan Crowley) confessing that she had brutally killed three people. 20 years later, her daughter Isabella (Fernanda Andrade) seeks to understand the truth about what happened that night. She travels to the Centrino Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Italy where her mother has been locked away to determine if her mother is mentally ill or demonically possessed. When she recruits two young exorcists (Simon Quarterman and Evan Helmuth) to cure her mom using unconventional methods combining both science and religion, they come face-to-face with pure evil in the form of four powerful demons possessing Maria. Many have been possessed by one; only one has been possessed by many. -- (C) Paramount Insurge

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Fernanda Andrade
as Isabella Rossi
Suzan Crowley
as Maria Rossi
Ionut Grama
as Michael
Brian D. Johnson
as Lt. Dreyfus
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From the amateur acting, writing and directing to an ending that is shocking only in its stupidity, The Devil Inside will make you puke for all the wrong reasons.

January 13, 2012 | Rating: 0/4 | Full Review…

It stumbles along to what may arguably be the most abrupt, nonsensical ending since Luis Bunuel stopped slicing cows' eyes for the sake of surrealism.

January 10, 2012 | Full Review…

"The Devil Inside'' usefully reminds us how little it takes to make some people scream in a crowded movie theater.

January 7, 2012 | Rating: 0/4

People of the world: If you find some footage, leave it be. You will likely be doing the rest of us a huge favor.

January 7, 2012 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

The Devil Inside's biggest shock arrives when it abruptly ends - just as it hits its stride.

January 7, 2012 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…

Whatever possessed Bell & Co. to turn a slow-burning creepfest into a frenzied freak show of multiple exorcisms (including one in a moving car), the devil only knows.

January 6, 2012 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
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What a God-awful pile of crap this was. And that's coming from a huge fan of mockumentary/found footage films. The Devil Inside follows a a young woman trying to discover why her mum killed three people during an exorcism. She teams up with two rogue priests that perform exorcisms outside of the church's jurisdiction. What makes this film so bad? Mostly it's how unconvincing it is as a documentary. Why bother with this facade if you are completely moronic when it comes to documentaries? WIthin the first 20 minutes we see a number of instances that break the film's own rules. First of all the girl starts asking about the cameras in the car. No documentary would include this moment, it's just an example of a fake documentary reminding you of what it's supposed to be. Next, a doctor walks down a doctor sneaks up on the protagonist with no sounds of footsteps, a second later he starts walking and yes, we hear footsteps again. Then we have a set-up in a room where we see CCTV and no cameraman, and suddenly footage from the cameraman's perspective. Is he invisible? Does he run in and out of the room? Hell if I know. It gets no better with the awful performances and idiotic characters. They act as though this is a normal scripted narrative, and forget to be real. I'm guessing zero amount of improvisation went into this film. Later we also see blood splat on the camera lens and then it vanishes. It isn't wiped away, it just disappears. Finally we get to the end. Well, actually we don't. There is no end to this film. It just finishes and gives you a website link to "read up on the case". Would you like to do that once you've wasted your money? No, didn't think so. Make sure this film dies a horrible and painful death. It truly is disgusting, and doesn't even bother to try and entertain. When the most enjoyable part of the movie involves the attempted drowning of a baby and the audience wishes they were the baby, then you don't deserve to make films.

Luke Baldock
Luke Baldock

Super Reviewer


I heard all about The Devil Inside earlier this year, when supposedly midnight screening audiences were so incensed that they practically became a riotous mob, throwing items at the screen, loudly booing, some even destroying theater equipment. If that doesn?t sell this movie, then I don?t know what will. I wasn?t expecting much from this faux documentary about one pretty girl?s (Fernanda Andrade) search for her crazy mom who may or may not be possessed by demons. She enlists the help of two exorcists and a camera crew and goes searching for answers. Never mind that the movie is absent any scares outside the sudden jump variety, ignore the empty characters and nonsensical plotting and poor pacing and choppy editing, as well as some bad Italian accents, and let?s get down to what makes this movie so notorious ? the ending. Just when it appears that The Devil Inside is gearing up for a climactic showdown between good and evil, just when it seems like the movie is finally getting somewhere, it ends in the most abrupt, ludicrous fashion (note to self: when transporting possessed people, stow them away in the trunk). You?re left dumbstruck, shocked that the filmmakers cheated you out of an ending. It?s a nonsensical and cheap thing to do, and I can understand why it inflamed audiences (it still made over $50 million, so I think the filmmakers are feeling fine). Only those easily spooked by demonic possession would find this movie scary. Everyone else will just find it upsetting, not because of its content, but because of its lack of a workable conclusion. Nate's Grade: D+

Nate Zoebl
Nate Zoebl

Super Reviewer

The Devil Inside is that film that has the misfortune in being released in the period where Found Footage films are becoming tiresome, uninspired and a waste of time. This isn't the first Found Footage flick to deal with Exorcisms since 2010's The Last Exorcism. This film is one of the worst horror films in recent memory. What it lacks the most is substance. This film had so much potential in being an effective horror film. Unfortunately, it ends up being one of the worst. The film misfires and instead of delivering great chills (except for an exorcism halfway through the film), this film fails. The Devil Inside relies on the usual clichés, and doesn't try anything new, bold or exciting to thrill the viewer. What's really a shame here is that the two actors playing the priests are very good in their roles, unfortunately the film doesn't work. The script is poorly written, and the material is taken from other genre films. This is one of those films that is predictable and really isn't worth your time. I personally feel that Found Footage films are a thing of the past, and aren't great. Apollo 18 was a decent flick, but it should have ended with that one. Guess they're going to keep on making these types of films just for the sake of cashing in on it. As far as I'm concerned, they all follow the same formula, and really don't offer anything new. The Devil Inside might have been a good effort if the script would have been reworked, but it becomes one of the worst horror flocks in recent memory and the ending will surely disappoint.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

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