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August 31, 2012
Didn't have the effect that I thought it would have... Worth seeing, to be sure, though.
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August 19, 2012
As an examination into the events leading up to and following the 2009 Iranian national elections, "The Green Wave" takes a more emtional route than an informational one. Overall, it is not as insightful as it could have been, although it does a good job of bringing up some of the political shenanigans of the ruling party. Along these same lines, more could have been done here to probe the country's arcane political structure of a usually passively repressive regime that holds elections as a form of show for critics, both internally and internationally.(All of which makes the political organizing that much more brave.) Some of that probably has to do with relying so much on anonymous blog posts and twitter feeds and I am not sure we are at a point where we can rely on them as a source material for a documentary. What speaks to me more than anything else here is the invaluable cell phone footage, capturing everything from the rallies to post election brutality. Of the animated footage, it is mostly neither here nor there, but there are some images of torture that I will be unable to shake off for a long while that just as much reminds me of the work of Frank Miller.
August 9, 2012
Another piece of Washington propaganda ? Boring. Where is real cinematography ?
½ August 8, 2012
A Truth that comes surfaces
½ February 8, 2012
A pretty creative look at the 2009 election in Iran and the violence that insued afterwards. The movie mixes several ways to get this across: cell phone and camcorder images provided by protestors, interviews and animated sequences designed to show the experiences of several people. The movie is absolutely brutal at times and depicts how hard it was for the protestors. The movie definitely is showing that there is injustice and that the people are not free in Iran, but the animated sequences run just a tad bit too long and start popping up for what I have to assume is because of the budget and no other "actual" footage was available. I overall enjoyed the film and found it was an eye opener on a key issue!
December 3, 2011
Very moving... Very depressing... Very much worth watching.
October 4, 2011
A demonstration of the art of the modern documentarist, having to piece together a variety of different media (mobile-phone footage, Tweets, podcasts, news archive) into a coherent whole. The problem the 21st century documentarist faces is not a dearth of material, but an excess (in this instance, everything the bloggers made available online, just for starters), posing the additional problem of having to make the right choices. Ahadi makes a good deal of these, although the animation remains his film's weakest aspect: falling some way short of the artistry of a "Persepolis" or the emotional depth of "Waltz with Bashir", it seems to be there merely to give us something to look at while the bloggers' words are read out - to distinguish "The Green Wave" from that wave of transcript-based theatrical experiences seeking to make compelling drama from everyday Iranians' Blogger accounts.
May 7, 2011
green wave can just change color and country. revolution never stops!
May 4, 2011
My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.
Thomas Paine (1737 - 1809)
½ March 5, 2011
Eine Frechheit von einem Betroffenheitsfilm! 80 Minuten Einzelschicksale, boese Mullas, mordende Schlaegertrupps. Alles schlimm, alles furchtbar. Ja, wir sind auf eurer Seite und kennen die Unterdrueckung durch das System. Aber, ein Dokumentarfilm sollte dann doch eine Analyse der Probleme bieten. Lauter Fragen, aber keine einzige Antwort. Dabei wird das ein oder andere Thema angeschnitten: "Seit dem Amtsantritt von Ahmadinedschad regiert das Lumpenproletariat das Land." Starke These. Oder: "Wir Milizionäre sind nicht besser als die Soldten des Schahs." Und was ist mit den Oppositionsfuehrern? Ab Minute 10 hoert man nichts mehr von ihnen.
January 21, 2011
First-hand accounts of the 2009 Iranian election and it's aftermath. frustratingly unfinished story.
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