The Heiresses (Las Herederas) Reviews

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March 11, 2020
[A] crafty debut feature.
February 3, 2020
With so many delicate moments, the women's performances, from theater actors and many non actors too, all had time to craft their characters.
October 17, 2019
Directed with subtlety and a genuine affection for its protagonist, the film unfolds like a gentle dance, hitting notes of joy and regret without heavy-handed dramatics.
October 1, 2019
Marcelo Martinessi's The Heiresses is a quietly powerful fable of hidden desires, long-lost escapades and a really deceptive look into how gender roles are devised in traditional films about older people.
September 24, 2019
In telling a personal story The Heiresses, then, is also very much a political tale. It's a terrifically accomplished debut full of humour and deep tenderness...
September 20, 2019
A really well-acted character study.
August 24, 2019
Slow and quiet throughout, like the two lead ladies, there is a kind of fading elegance to it. Rough around the edges, wrinkled, but totally involving.
August 20, 2019
The Heiresses is a quiet and spare lesbian drama. It will resonate with anyone who has settled into their ways and suddenly finds themselves having to reinvent their life.
August 14, 2019
Arun gives a wonderful arc to her character as we watch her grow and change in her amazing debut.
August 13, 2019
As Chela blossoms, her look changes, the character taking more care, her clothing becoming more youthful. Martinessi's film which began shrouded in shadows, interiors like old museums, suddenly brightens...
August 9, 2019
A tad too subdued for its own good.
July 17, 2019
A fantastic view into fear of society. This is a humanity filled punch that just fulfills its goal. [Full review in Spanish].
June 21, 2019
After 30-some years together, Paraguayan grandes dames Chela and Chiquita have fallen on hard times, a contingency Chela bitterly resents.
June 18, 2019
This unshowy camerawork and natural performances make The Heiresses feel realistic.
June 4, 2019
A powerful study of identity and finding yourself in a world turned upside down.
May 24, 2019
This subtle, beautifully acted and in many ways remarkable debut is an exciting discovery from an unexpected source.
May 24, 2019
Martinessi presents Chela with a naturalness that is even more evident in long takes, silent scenes, and brief daily instants. [Full Review in Spanish]
May 24, 2019
The results achieved here are all the more remarkable when you learn it is the work of a first-time filmmaker, coaching actors who have spent most of their careers in live theatre.
May 24, 2019
A story about losing and finding romance but choosing independence instead, this deeply felt Paraguayan drama shines a light on the nation's fractured identity by crossing numerous generational and class divides.
May 23, 2019
It's a small story, but the points it makes about the corrosion wrought by class distinctions and the prejudices attached to them give it a dimension that will resonate wherever you happen to live.
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