The Irishman Reviews

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February 14, 2020
One of Scorsese's masterworks.
February 11, 2020
This is a magnificently wise, majestic, top-shelf work about the relentless passage of time and the fate awaiting us all, connected or not.
February 7, 2020
"The Irishman" is to Martin Scorsese what "Sandinista" was to The Clash, a generous gift of art meant to entertain, inspire, and inform.
February 7, 2020
Zaillian (and most likely Scorsese, in concert with his abiding editor Thelma Schoonmaker) structures The Irishman along three tracks of time that wind in and out of each other.
February 4, 2020
Epic crime movie filmmaking filled with a surprising reservoir of emotion, and a masterclass of practical and visual craftsmanship.
January 30, 2020
Stephen Zaillian's script tells a mob story we've seen many times before.
January 29, 2020
It didn't take a genius to see that television was finally poised to win the war against movies. I just didn't expect my teacher to be leading the charge against theatrical exhibition.
January 24, 2020
Maybe somewhere along the way, over the course of careers as long as Frank Sheeran's and longer than I've been alive, these guys have earned their self-indulgence
January 21, 2020
Every act of violence in The Irishman is mournful, loaded with pathos.
January 17, 2020
...This is a gargantuan piece of cinema that would be a fitting conclusion to the master filmmaker's career if he was ready to stop here.
January 16, 2020
This movie gave me my most enjoyable three and a half hours by far.
January 15, 2020
This is a well-made movie by a truly great director and the acting is fine, but the story seems kind of pointless. There is a lot of killing, a lot of suffering, and for what? On the other hand, maybe that is the point of it after all.
January 13, 2020
Joe Pesci, Robert de Niro and Al Pacino... manage to create well-differentiated, memorable characterizations. [Full review in Spanish]
January 6, 2020
At its heart, it's a unique account of friendship, trust and betrayal between three men. But Scorsese, chasing his mob mania, can't resist involving more characters and vignettes than he can handle.
January 5, 2020
Scorsese's return is nostalgic and full of special effects. Its story remains comfortably humble in the face of typical scrutiny by today's audiences. [Full review in Spanish].
January 4, 2020
Everyone involved in is working at the top of their craft.
January 3, 2020
Features several stretches of brilliance but rarely focuses on the storylines and plot points I found the most interesting. I'm all for a slow burn and a long runtime but The Irishman puts that to the test in its final act.
January 2, 2020
A very well done film. A film which allows you to witness Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci chew up scenery together.
December 31, 2019
With a script that is nothing short of a master work, coupled with an intricate sense of production design and cinematography style, there is a filmmaking language here that is unmistakably deliberate.
December 30, 2019
One can't help luxuriate in the sordid Scorsesean splendour of it all. He's a masterful filmmaker, the poet laureate of the devil's bargain.
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