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May 20, 2018
Not much of a story here. A better subject would have been the story of Vidkun Quisling.
April 8, 2018
A typically false Norwegian take on their miserable national behavior in WW2. Their country was invaded by Nazi Germany in April 1940, to which they offered almost no resistance. They remained occupied until the end of WW2 in Europe in May 1945 - a happy conclusion that Norway did nothing to help bring about. Easy for their King to say "no surrender" when safely esconsced in London with his family. But he, and every Norwegian (except Quisling) is subsequently endowed with great heroism during this shameful period.This movie jointly produced with Ireland - another impotent place that could only remain "neutral" in WW2 because the Germans were kept at bay by British, American and Russian people, made of sterner stuff.
January 23, 2018
interesting historically, some action and suspense
½ January 2, 2018
This is a Norwegian's vignette of Hitler's war on Europe unknown to most of us. I loved the humanity of the characters from the Norwegian Royal family, the young boy soldier, to the compassionate German envoy. Their true stories and the plight of the Norwegians is heartfelt knowledge of this region we seldom hear about.
½ August 18, 2017
First class movie. Highly recommend.
½ July 30, 2017
Very dramatic story of the inside decision making process of the King of Norway in response to Hitler's demand for surrender. Quite interesting and well executed .
½ April 14, 2017
All for Norway.

It is from the director of 'A Thousand Times Good Night'. This movie is like the Norwegian version of the Academy Awards winner 'The King's Speech'. Likewise, it was based on the real, that happened around the same timeline of the history, id est, the World War II. Except matching title, it was totally a different narrative. When the Germany was expecting a response to their demand, the Norway cabinet made most of the decisions and turned it down to remain independent country. But from all, a decision that made by the king is what this film was based on and how it changed the Norway's fate was depicted.

This film was sent to the 2017 Oscars, unfortunately it did not advance to the main event. They might have expected recognition similar to the British film. But I think both the films were good in their own way with the kind of story they told us that took place in the backdrop of the most terrible time of the recent human history. So having a similar title name justifies. It is a biopic, but the story was covered from different angles to reveal us what happened on the other side, including one of the young soldiers who fought in that war.

The story begins with the April 1940, while the Nazi army sailing towards Norway and after losing most of the cities to them, the people fled to safer places. That did not spare the Norwegian cabinet members, as well as the king Haakon VII and his family. In those hard times, he kept the nation united by respecting to how the government decided to deal with the situation.

But on one occasion, through a German diplomat with a one-time offer directly from Adolf Hitler leave the king to make the crucial decision for his nation and its people. That's the part of the film to define its title. So everything leads to that moment, how he reacts and what follows decides the Norway's fate to stand on what side of the ongoing war.

"If I am the last card in the deck, so be it."

It's a well made film. Neither too violent nor avoided the war depictions to turn it more drama type. Everything had its share, including those war atmosphere for such budget was impressive. More like it was a running and chasing theme. But in the initial parts, there were too many timelines mentioned about what happened on when. Details like that are really good, though I felt it was too much to take on, especially for a foreign film.

Once the tale enters the mid section, looked all were in order and also got very interesting than before. In a cold country like Norway, in those situations you are like in a multifold trouble. I mean from the common man's perspective. An army is chasing you and harsh winter, surviving that is very challenging.

All the actors were great, but the king steals the show. If this was an American film that had taken place in America, then he would have won the Oscars. The fresh undertaking films on the World War II themes would never go fade away. So this is one of the best in that kind in the recent time. Except the opening, I did not have any trouble following it. Even the 130 minutes looked shortened. But I won't think everybody would feel the same way as I did. Like any WWII films, it is a must see, particularly to learn from the Norway's perspective of the war.

But this was depicted from the early stage of the war. And since it was majorly focused from the king's perspective, being a first king elected by his people, how he had faced it, following his crucial decision leads the way to the film's conclusion. If you are as war film fan, particularly the WWII, the actual best part begins henceforth which I'm hoping for a sequel to focus on. If you are not anticipating like the top WWII films you have seen, it can be picked for a watch. But anyway, I would recommend it.

April 8, 2017
One of the biggest film to come out of Norway for a long time. Sure, we have done some big films the recent years - "Kon-Tiki" and "Max Manus" are among the latest big ones, along with some snappy horror-ish films. This is like "Max Manus" war-related and therefor everyone knows the story, and the nationalism stands strong within this one. While MM was pretty medocre I found this one brilliant.

While the story is strong, the message is also something to be very proud of. The idea of surrenderism or giving away our strong togetherness was (and is) not OK. Especially if decided by one man, not a democracy. Poppe has done very solid films - I think I have seen them all. This is a film "everyone" has wanted and now the time was right. Not focusing on action, but on actions. It's well acted, and even of there are two frequently used actors here, Baasmo Christiansen and Novotny, the rest of the cast is quite fresh. The classic problem with Norwegian cinema is therefore eliminated.

Well told, well produced. Great music and lovely shots. I like the idea that it's rated nine years or older so yhe younger audiences can watch it too - this is important piece of history. Sure, things has probably been added, but I've seen far, far worse add-ons to please viewers. This stay nearly clear of it. Well, "The Wilhelm Scream" is here though - not the best choice or work from the sound guys.

A big, important film that probably will stand as one of the biggest Norwegian films for ages. Maybe is the nationalistic in me talking, but this was a great film - way better than expected. Not worthy an Oscar, but per now it's among the last nine participants for the Foreign movie category.

8.5 out of 10 kings.
March 5, 2017
A film about a critical moment in Scandinavian history where Norway and Denmark based on very different situations made very different choices.
But sadly enough also a film that has it's relevance in 2017 when the world situation again is very threatening and many will be faced with difficult choices and their consequences.
And ...not to forget a splendid film which should be able to gather interest not only in Scandinavia but also abroad.
February 25, 2017
A surprisingly exciting and engaging storytelling about the Nazi invasion of Norway, where a coup de etat is happening timed with the invasion, and the King is set upon his biggest choice - go to war against a wast war machinery or cooperate peacefully with the invaders.
Exciting, true to history and a great period film making every thing sum up for this Oscar contender by Erik Poppe.
½ January 14, 2017
The democratic King.
January 2, 2017
Best Norwegian movie of the year, but dont expect a traditional war movie, its more of a personal drama of some of the more important people in the political situation in the start of World War 2 in Norway.
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