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½ January 20, 2018
I think I'm one of a few people who didn't like it this much. Animation is great but I didn't like the characters this much and I have a big problem with ending
½ January 20, 2018
Definitely one of Disney's best with great characters and a interesting story.
½ January 18, 2018
The animation alone is enough to give this a high score. This movie has great animation, story, and voice acting! I recommend!
January 15, 2018
This is movie is great for children who love wild animal living in the Savannah. I really enjoy it so as the kids will do.
January 13, 2018
hakuna matata..

The Lion King

The Lion King uproars family drama into tragic, guilt and revenge with the help of funny and soothing characters that brings out life in a musical act.
½ January 8, 2018
(5.5 out of 6)
When we see the start of a new day, new cycle of life and new beginning for those entering the world and starting out life that we introduce to such place the future king in whom will keep such beginnings continuous and harmonious as others started. When what others see start they see other things end when it's their line in reign of to be king. When what others don't see in their early life is the start of what they will always see when life is taught to them the delicate balance of life and death, boundaries that we belong and don't belong, and what it means to be who we are when it's our future role to protect and serve the vary kingdom we will takeover. When what others wish not to start they wish to end when it's death to heirs. When we see a start of other things when it's enemy's & friends we need to stay away from. When we see the end could be near at any corner we venture we begin to start seeing those that will always be there to protect us.

When we see that we all start and end sometime and where we go we start all over again in another place to know what we see up above will watch over us and the kingdom. When what we don't see the start of are those running out of patience when they need to start ruling and need to end those reign with a evil plan. When what we don't see is the end to our privilege in such places to see a new place that we need to discover and see on our own when such places we start seeing are low places we begin our life running from our problems, enjoying no responsibility, forgetting our past and not seeing the end of what we started. When what others see is not the end to those life, places of reign, and hope for such life to return we see we need to start looking for them. When we see a life so different from other places we meet those who show us a new start to life care free when we put an end to our worries. When we see a life we start in other places we don't see a life end in another when death begins to start to takeover. When we see a new start of an alliance between those that need to end such places and begin a new with their reign.

When what we don't see we see when others show us what is starting to happen. When other things we started with never gave up on us that we see such affections never ended when it's everlasting. When others show up and guide us in what we need to get past when it's the start of a new day when we open our eyes to those we closed and hear their voice to see they never stopped watching over us. When we see what we started we must return when we have a kingdom we need to defend and protect.

When we see that others who we ended up with we continue to see to the end when they are here to fight for us so we could start ruling again. When we see that what we started we didn't start when others tell us they started it all along to make us think we are responsible for those untimely ends. When we see that what threatens our family, kingdom, friends and our rule we end when we need to start ruling again. When we see that it is time for us to take our place in the circle of life, and start filling those roles handed to us so we can start a new circle of life for those next in line when we have an heir. When what we start with and end up with we see that we couldn't have done it without their help when such journeys we don't see what could threaten us and end it all to know we have those watching over us and guiding us to our rightful place so something's could never end when we bring a fresh new start in our kingdom everyday so the circle of life could continue.
January 7, 2018
Among Disney films, this stands as the tallest, even to this day.
January 7, 2018
A beautiful and funny musical story telling for one heck of a classic OUTSTANDING disney animated movie of all time.
½ December 30, 2017
I did not watch this film as a child so it doesn't hold a place i my heart as much as other Disney films, however that does not stop it from being absolutely spectacular!
December 29, 2017
Amazing movie. would recommend to everyone
December 21, 2017
This movie is as old as I am so when reflecting on it I sometimes wonder how much praise is bias. But then when I take away nostalgia I still have a really good animated movie. I used to not like Simba as a protagonist however but on rewatches hes grown on me as the main character. I like his journey and its very much like myth, a hero who experiences a journey and who eventually rises to the occasion. Other characters are awesome too like Nala (underrated character), Rafiki, and surprisingly Timon and Pumba. IDK why I like them more as an adult than I did as a kid but they're alright as sidekicks. Mufasa and Scar are easily the best characters and their rivalry and the almost myth and shakespeare like betrayal and drama from their feud is still awesome. James Earl Jones makes Mufasa the best lion character / dad in movies and you genuinely miss him from the rest of the film. But it shows that good writing, animation, music, and story with characters married together can make you forget that and still deliver a great movie.

Honestly The Lion King is... I'd compare it to Star Wars but also old school film epics like The Ten Commandments, and Cleopatra. But also still for kids yet never dumb or not entertaining for all ages. That's why it earns five stars.
½ December 18, 2017
Puntaje Original: 7.0

The Lion King es tan fantástica y alucinante como el reino animal en la vida real. Seguro que lo disfrutarán grandes y chicos.
December 18, 2017
This is a fantastic story and a all time classic. The songs are great, and the film is emotionally stirring. I also believe James earl jones truly does have a voice of a king.
December 7, 2017
The Lion King is one of the most beloved Disney movies to be created. The lion is seen as the fiercest and most ferocious animals in the animal chain giving in the name "the king of the jungle." This movie portrays that perfectly with a family of lions being seen as the top family in a part of Africa almost like a medieval hierarchy. Mufasa and Sarabi, Simba's parents, are at the top of the Pride Lands chain and overlook the lands the same as a king and queen would.After his father's death, Simba mourns the death of Mufasa. From the standpoint of a family, it is hard for a young child or in this case cub to cope with the death of a parent, especially when he witnesses it. Scar also causes the special bond between a father and son to be broken. With Simba's rage and anger towards his uncle, he ends up growing up to be a strong, determined lion who followed in his father's footsteps. This movie depicts the theme of a family feud. This film is great for children to watch the growth of a lion cub into a strong lion, but it also has the themes manipulative family members, loyalty to one's family name, and that the members of a family do not have to be blood-related to be considered family.
November 21, 2017
Some of Disney's best work!
November 17, 2017
This is one classic I would ever love and always love. The lion king is one of my favourite animated film of all time with lots of laughs, chills, drama and really good songs to sing to and I love that. It's really the best film of all time and I like every bit of it. Well done Walt Disney for bring back a instant animated classic back for the year 2017. Well done I LOVE this film so much.
November 17, 2017
The closest disney will ever get to perfection.
November 14, 2017
Watching it as an adult , I still think it's a masterpiece- music, songs, animation and plot wise. Stand the test of time.
November 5, 2017
My favourite movie across all the genres and of all time.
November 1, 2017
"3 stars!? How could you!?" Okay. Here me out. Instead of the usual review style that I would normally contribute to this website, I am going to m make a list of all of the positive and negative aspects just to give you a better understanding on why this film isn't as high as most people would expect.

Positives - The Animation; It's the Disney Renaissance. So of course it's going to look beautiful. The Plot; Though not an original tale (Instead based on the Shakespeare story Hamlet), it's still a very engaging experience nonetheless. Scar; Probably one of (If not) the best villain's of the Disney Cannon. It's even more awesome knowing that Jeremy Irons played him. Mufasa's Death; I mean, come on. If I cried during it, then I am convinced that you will cry too.

Negatives - The Characters; Oh my god...... These characters are honestly some of the most lame, uninspired, and even unlikable characters that I have ever experienced in a Disney film! Simba is very cocky and brat-like, and Timon $ Pumba are just the cliched comic relief duo. The Comedic Relief; Fart and Burp jokes in a Disney film? SMH! The Ending - The ending is honestly not as engaging as I would have hoped. But then again. I haven't seen a good Disney ending since The Fox And The Hound.

So there you have it. I also want to clarify that when I mentioned the ending. I wasn't implying Scar's death . That sequence was spectacular! I was mainly implying the sequence after Scar's death. But I digress.
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