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September 26, 2017
The best parts of The Lobster made me laugh more than any movie in recent memory.
June 1, 2016
The Lobster argues that the kind of pressure society places on us to find a soulmate can lead to reckless choices. But the movie gives the alternative - people who are happy being single - the same radical treatment.
May 27, 2016
Lanthimos doesn't deliver all the way, but he sticks his landing mightily and whets appetites for whatever he decides to do next.
May 27, 2016
If you're open to embracing a film that declines to pander to expectations, you should definitely make a date with "The Lobster."
May 26, 2016
Lanthimos forgoes easy sentiments about the transformative power of love; this may turn off some viewers, but there's a certain liberation and even some relief in knowing that societal pressure to settle down can be just as cruel as loneliness.
May 26, 2016
Highly original and mordantly funny. Perfect for fans of Franz Kafka, Charlie Kaufman and other bleak surrealists.
July 17, 2019
While it's a real blast to watch Lanthimos cleave the head from the romcom genre and roast it on a spit, the more The Lobster dwells on the harsh truths behind the struggle for companionship, the harder it becomes to watch.
May 4, 2019
The Lobster could have come off as hammy and forced, but its humour, consistent style, and subtle exposition round the film to a palatable whole.
April 11, 2019
Clever premise but frustrating execution.
April 5, 2019
The claustrophobia of these airless worlds has been at times amusing but often stifling. However, with The Lobster Lanthimos has broadened his scope and has created a marvellously bleak, bizarre comedy.
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