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Young Bastian again seeks refuge from the problems of the real world in the mystical land of Fantasia in this second, inferior sequel to the sleeper 1984 hit The Neverending Story. The set-up is familiar, as Bastian Bux (here played by Jason James Richter), who has moved to a new town, again rediscovers the magical book that serves as the portal to Fantasia and finds solace in the power of imagination. Unfortunately, Bastian is having problems with a group of bullies known as the Nasties, who discover the boy's secret and steal the book. Their meddling wreaks havoc, ultimately releasing Fantasia's bizarre creatures into Earth's dimension. Naturally, it's up to Bastian to retrieve the book and return the Luck Dragon, Rock Eater, talking tree, gnomes, and other assorted creatures to their rightful home. Visually less impressive than its predecessors, and extremely distant from the Michael Ende book that was the series' original inspiration, The Neverending Story 3 made little impression on audiences or critics, who generally agreed that the film was the weakest of the series.

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Melody Kay
as Nicole
Freddie Jones
as Mr. Coreander/Old Man of Wandering Mountain
Tracey Ellis
as Jane Bux
Carole Finn
as Mookie [The Nasties]
Julie Cox
as The Empress [Die Kindliche Kaiserin]
Moya Brady
as Urgl, female gnome
Tony Robinson
as Engywook, male gnome
Nicole N. Parker
as Coil (The Nasties)
Kaefan Shaw
as Bark Troll (Borkentroll)
Frederick Warder
as Mr. Rock Chewer (Felsenbeisser)
Mark Acheson
as Janitor
John Bear Curtis
as Lumberjack
Richard Newman
as Photographer
Veena Sood
as Sales Woman
David Longworth
as Log Dispatcher
William Hootkins
as Bark Troll
Marilyn Norry
as Mrs. Crackerby
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Critic Reviews for The NeverEnding Story III

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Audience Reviews for The NeverEnding Story III

  • Dec 12, 2013
    Oh dear God, The Neverending Story III is terrible! It starts out awful and doesn't lets up. Once again the series characters are reworked to be more cartoonish and silly. Nothing works and all continuity with the previous films is forgotten. The Neverending Story started out as a fantasy epic, but this installment is a ridiculous farce.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Nov 05, 2012
    I'm just trying to understand why this movie was made with so little effort. The plot could have worked but these filmmakers totally trashed the lovable concept of the magical Neverending story. The magic that captured me in the first two movies is non existant in this one. I cherished The Neverending Story 1 and 2 when I was a child, and I remember these stories being much more tragic and more magical. In this movie they made the characters a whole lot more silly than they had to be, and they have totally changed the looks of the characters. For instance the stone people were ridiculus and reminded me about Henson's tv-series 'Dinosaurs'. Falcor's looks have totally changed, I'm wondering if they did burn the Falcor puppet from the other movies? The only thing I loved about this movie, was Jack Black's performance. If it wasn't for him I would rate this movie with 0%.
    Naughtia N Super Reviewer
  • Jul 17, 2011
    The original was pretty good but by the time they got to this one they weren't just scraping the bottom of the barrel they had scraped right through it into the dirt underneath and were heading straight for New Zealand. The main problem is that the vast bulk of the film is set in present day USA with a gang of high school bullies headed by snarling pantomime baddie, Jack Black, chasing Bastian and the cast of H.R. Puffnstuf around a shiny new shopping mall. So- if it's that bad why did I give it even 10% ? Well - the boy who plays Bastain is alright and Melody Kay puts in a good turn as his "evil" step-sister. Also, watch out for Julie Cox (Dune Mini-Series) as the Empress - on second thoughts - don't do that, just don't watch it.
    The S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 29, 2010
    The first Neverending Story was compelling, the second Neverending Story suffered from a derivative plot, but at least it had decent acting, and then we got yet another sequel known as The Neverending Story III. This movie continues the adventures of Bastian Bux. Now a teenager, he goes to high school only to meet a bunch of bullies known as the Nasties. He hides in the school library and opens the Neverending Story to transport himself back to Fantasia, unaware that the Nasties has found the book and now have control over his story. With a lot of help from his friends from the first two movies, Bastian must find a way to stop the Nasties from causing havoc and chaos in their own worlds. What's my opinion for this movie? Well, unlike the first two movies, this one doesn't even hold the candle to the first. Aside from the plot holes, clichés and weak storytelling, I think that the characters were very likable. Jason James Richter (Free Willy) was very decent as Bastian just like Jonathan Brandis from the second movie. Melody Kay did OK as Bastian's stepsister. Jack Black (School of Rock, Shark Tale, and Kung Fu Panda) as the leader of the Nasties, on the other hand, was I think considered to be one of the best performances in this movie. Don't get me wrong. It's still written terribly, but I think he had a lot of fun with this role. The music score by Peter Folk was the best moment in this movie along with the pop songs in the ending credits. Long story short, it wasn't good nor bad either. It was just very mediocre for a friendly family sequel to a great movie, but at least it had character development. 5/10
    Gavin C Super Reviewer

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