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½ November 10, 2017
Slavoj es una persona inteligente, de la que se puede aprender. Este film me hizo pensar sobre varios aspectos de nuestra sociedad, vale la pena verlo!
July 21, 2017

The intrusion of psychoanalysis is thankfully not as present as it was in his previous film, making for a significantly more applicable and understandable look at the concept of ideology with the help of film and audiovisual material that connects fiction with reality beautifully.
April 10, 2017
Good thoughts, great visual effects.
Super Reviewer
March 8, 2016
While I cannot understand why Slavoj is considered a pervert, this is a fun look at different takes on film and how ideology of a society can change the meaning of how we look at iconic movies. While a tad bit of an overthinker, this is nonetheless amusing and well filmed.
February 10, 2016
Excellent lecture, chopped down to digestible chunks thanks to crafty editing and use of film footage. Fiennes does a great job of adding deadpan humor that seems to fit Zizek's journeys into ideology perfectly.
½ January 14, 2016
Easier to understand the second time around.
November 28, 2015
¡Excelente! Una película profunda pero al mismo tiempo muy llevadera, para pensar sobre el mundo en el que vivimos.
November 24, 2015
While watching this, I was saying too myself "This is fascinating!" But when it was over it was more "Hold on a second, I don't think I learned anything." Zizek reminds me of Foucault, always teetering on the border between profundity and nonsense. His passionate slobbering is totally engrossing. And the comic relief of the sets keeps it from getting too heavy.
November 7, 2015
lost review-already!!!! gets a star 4 using one of my fave pix 'they live"
April 26, 2015
Started a big argument at our house.
February 23, 2015
A cerebral and trippy essay on the philosophical worth of cinema, and if it falls a bit short of Sophie Fiennes and Slavoj Zizek last documentery it's only because it's not as fresh.
December 17, 2014
a pretty darn good introduction to all that is worthy and unworthy in the thought of endlessly provocating Nietzchean collectivist. follow those dreams, because they are what is real. except beware! for they are just as illusory add the cloth from which they are cut! lo! so many paradoxes! i suppose we may as well enjoy. but always with a higher purpose in mind.

The buddhists seem to have a better prescription in mind, ultimately: after all this thinking, what left to accomplish but to lay the mind to rest...
November 27, 2014
Insightful, fun and utterly annoying -- if you like movies and/or critical theory, a must see.
November 22, 2014
It is what it is. Either you like Zizek and his brand of philosophy or you don't. find his voice grating, which is completely understandable. I find him at least very interesting and I like the connections between popular culture and ideology, being somewhat of a Gramsci-fan myself. He looks at how films reinforce and sometimes undermine the dominant ideology of the Western world, which he identifies as capitalism. In Zizek's mind (I'm ascertaining), capitalism is the "ideology supreme" of our social, political, legal and cultural order. It defines our relationship to everything and everything is subservient: be it mundane social interactions, our conception of God and how we politically organize ourselves. He even looks at how films created in the Stalin-era Soviet Union reinforce worshiping Stalin and draws somewhat of a parallel.

Thought provoking, interesting and a good conversation starter. If you like documentaries, political science and philosophy, I'd recommend it.
October 27, 2014
This is an extremely fun movie. This movie will show you why all your own movie recommendations are wrong. My favorite movie since Idiocracy.
September 20, 2014
Provocative review of ideology in film.

One interesting point made:: With a belief in God, everything is allowed -- as long as you're fighting for the Faith.
½ September 15, 2014
Slavoj Zizek de forma magnífica nos lleva más allá de la comprensión de algunas de las películas más grandiosas de todos los tiempos y nos ayuda a entender la percepción psicológica freudiana en dichas historias que sorprenden hasta la fecha y aún más si nos lleva a recorrer el pensamiento y poder del séptimo arte.
August 27, 2014
The movie does not live up to its promising title.
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