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      Tick, Tick... Boom! Reviews

      Thanks to Garfield’s eccentric performance, tick, tick… BOOM is a film worth remembering. It may feel like doomsday, but that’s when you need to soldier on. It’s on Netflix and is worth a watch.

      Full Review | Feb 10, 2023

      tick, tick…BOOM! is imbued with the dreary haze of 1990s malaise with bits of musical inspiration punctuating its at-times-joyous and at-times-heartrending nearly two-hour production

      Full Review | Original Score: 4/4 | Nov 26, 2022

      "The film is beautifully rendered and expertly crafted. The immense research effort involved in this endeavor is readily apparent, and Miranda shows his work at every step of the way."

      Full Review | Nov 19, 2022

      Andrew Garfield’s poignant exploration of Jonathan Larson’s persona and professional struggles is remarkable.

      Full Review | Original Score: 4/5 | Oct 21, 2022

      Andrew Garfield is glorious in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tick, tick… BOOM!, an arresting adaptation of its soulful source material that should satisfy fans and mesmerize even more with the music of Jonathan Larson.

      Full Review | Original Score: 4/5 | Sep 1, 2022

      Tick, Tick...boom! pays homage to the life and anxiety of Rent composer Jonathan Larson.

      Full Review | Original Score: 3/5 | Aug 17, 2022

      Plays like something that desperately had to come to fruition, both in Miranda's quest to pay tribute, and in Larson's initial efforts to turn his Superbia experience into something creatively meaningful.

      Full Review | Aug 13, 2022

      A perfect film for fans of musical theater.

      Full Review | May 19, 2022

      A riveting tribute to Jonathan Larson that's difficult to believe this is a directorial debut. A magnetic performance from Garfield as Larson.

      Full Review | Original Score: 4/5 | Apr 4, 2022

      In the hands of Miranda and Garfield, this becomes a form of desperation in which every song is forced out as a last-ditch effort.

      Full Review | Mar 28, 2022

      Much to our delight, in the hands of Miranda and Levenson, ticktickBOOM! works even better as a movie, told in a mix of style that includes both full-on, old-school production numbers and diegetic songs.

      Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4 | Mar 13, 2022

      Everything clicked. The performances are great, the music is excellent, I think its directed superbly and the editing is incredibly slick.

      Full Review | Original Score: 4/5 | Mar 13, 2022

      tick, tick...BOOM! showcases the story of Jonathan Larson's life with memorable performances and an interesting visual style connecting organic and stylized performances. Garfields charm and energy were a perfect match for representing Larson

      Full Review | Mar 8, 2022

      Andrew Garfield delivers what may be the defining performance of his career as the man who would go on to create Rent in this fraught but hopeful musical drama directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

      Full Review | Original Score: 8.5/10 | Feb 28, 2022

      Here is a biopic musical about procrastination. It can wait.

      Full Review | Original Score: C- | Feb 15, 2022

      What do you do after youve written two Tony-award winning musicals, including the brilliant Hamilton? If youre Lin-Manuel Miranda you make your feature film directing debut with a musical about one of your peers.

      Full Review | Original Score: 5/5 | Feb 14, 2022

      Andrew Garfield puts forth all kind of energy in an impressive performance. Man, this is his year!

      Full Review | Feb 12, 2022

      Its a beautiful portrait only elevated with a career-best performance from Garfield and a tender portrayal from de Jesus. However, Tick Tick Boom keeps up Hollywoods frequent use of dipping into gay trauma porn as LGBTQ story representation.

      Full Review | Feb 12, 2022

      It features a more or less charismatic performance by Andrew Garfield, but its lights never quite illuminate a theatrical stage that regularly repeats the same indulgent and boring numbers about a playwright's creative crisis. [Full review in Spanish]

      Full Review | Original Score: 5/10 | Jan 27, 2022

      tick, tick... Boom! never quite transcends its stage roots... Even so, it's a remarkable showcase for its director, who looks set to helm better stuff in the future, and for its male lead, who looks to be another luminary in Hollywood's musical ranks.

      Full Review | Jan 21, 2022

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