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A reflective look at our own mortality through the experience of a middle-aged French man, Time To Leave manages to pull at our heart strings without resorting to cliches, and leaves a lasting impression.



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A handsome, successful fashion photographer learns that he has a malignant brain tumor that will soon kill him. Hiding his diagnosis, he alienates his family and his young boyfriend, but during a short stay with his grandmother, his vulnerability is met with a big heart and sound advice. A chance encounter with a roadside café waitress results in an unusual bargain that provides a happy, playful dimension to the proceedings.


Ugo Soussan Trabelsi
as Romain as a Child
Alba Gaïa Kradhege Bellugi
as Sophie as a Child
Thomas Gizolme
as Assistant Photographer
Hisano Komine
as Make-Up Girl
Amanda Ericsson
as Mannequin 1
Anna Sherbimima
as Mannequin 2
Yvette Maillard
as Woman at Font
Jemmy Walker
as Praying Woman
Rebecca Convenant
as Woman on the Train
Noan Labrousse
as Child of the Woman on the Train
Noé Chadaigne
as Sophie's Child
Tobias Brahmst
as Young Man in the Backroom
Patrick Perrier
as Man in the Backroom
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  • Jun 07, 2012
    A perfunctory, soulless drama about a selfish man who finds out that he is terminally ill and becomes completely distasteful, impossible to relate to in any level. Even worse, most of the actors are bad and the end only shows that the director didn't really have anything to say.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 10, 2012
    A very moving French film. There wasn't any hollywood type spin to make it extra dramatic, or extra sad...and because of that, the sincerity of the interactions were much more powerful, in my opinion. Quiet, slow, yet not boring. Touching...
    Cynthia S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 06, 2009
    This may lack originality & it has a few ridiculous moments here & there but in my opinion this is how this kind of movies should be, It doesn't feel forced & also successfully avoid cheap sentimentalism & on the other hand it's not one of those vacuous dull films for the sake of forced realism or being artsy
    Arash X Super Reviewer
  • Nov 12, 2007
    <DIV ALIGN=center><B>LE TEMPS QUI RESTE (2005) directed by François Ozon starring Melvil Poupaud, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Jeanne Moreau</B></DIV><P><DIV ALIGN=justify>François Ozon is gay. He says it openely. Like Pedro Almodovar he loves women. He made many films about them but this one isnt. Maybe it should have been.<P>A successful selfish fashion photographer learns that he has a brain tumor. He is going to die. He doesnt tell anyone though, but he becomes cruel towars his boyfriend - yes, he is gay but I'll comment that later - his pregnant sister and basically everyone. Off course, he is pissed off cause he was in control of his life, happy and had everything he ever wanted but he is going to die and cant do anything about it, except maybe pity himself. On a trip to visit his grandmother he meets a waitress who will offer him something that might change his perspective on death.<P>Well, <I>Le temps qui reste</I> tells a story that isnt very original, we've seen that film before and we'll see it again in the future. That doesnt mean its a bad film cause that premise brings a lot of potential. You can either go on the emotional manipulation like <I>Life As a House</I> with Kevin Kline or try to be honest. This film is at least honest, but its still not great.<P>As I mentionned before, the main character is gay. I got nothing against that, its actually refreshing to see this story told and its not about a family man or an estranged dad. My problem with it though, is that the director didnt take advantage of that opportunity to make it special. I'll be honest, I dont know what he could have done but I wish he had try something more than just making his character gay. Also, I need to warn you, there is a graphic sex scene. Not saying its explicit but you see, what we could call, hard members, to be polite. I was just not expecting those.<P>All of that being said, I have mixed feeling about this film. Its not too bad but I was hoping it would be better. Ozon made some weird film before and it seems as he is becoming a bit more mainstream. Enough complaining about the film.<P>The actors are all pretty good, which made the film a bit more engrossing. No exceptional performances though, simply in the right tone with not false move. In the end, all I would need to see its refreshing in its way to lack originality, but it doesnt have enough balls. I think thats could be called irony considering the ... well you know what I mean. Its a French film, that should say it all.</DIV>
    Hugo S Super Reviewer

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