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The family camping trip was meant to reunite the Sidwell family. It's not. After being imprisoned for tax evasion, Nate Sidwell has lost the respect of his wife and his children. Then when he suspects their truck is being followed, he gets arrested for aggressive driving and has to spend a night in jail. Just when it seems the trip cannot get any worse, the Sidwells discover $4,000,000 cash in their luggage rack, and that Nate was wrong. They aren't being followed. They're being hunted - by four ruthless killers, who will stop at nothing to retrieve their millions. -- (C) After Dark Films


Critic Reviews for Transit

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  • It's no Cape Fear, but it gets the job done with a certain bloody efficiency.

    May 8, 2012

    Dennis Harvey

    Top Critic
  • Not particularly original but efficient.

    Apr 20, 2012 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
  • Transit delivers little of value, and never with a smile.

    Apr 19, 2012 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
  • When it goes off-road, it skids out of control, but Negret never takes his foot off the accelerator -- the 84 minutes are over before you know it.

    Jan 7, 2019 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…
  • A ridiculous movie, abandoning logic immediately upon commencement, yet its dedication to pace and intensity is charming and frequently effective.

    May 10, 2012 | Rating: B- | Full Review…
  • Director Antonio Negret apparently strove to ensure that his film looks cheap, but that would be forgivable if Michael Gilvary's script wasn't so desperately stupid when it isn't psychologically risible.

    Apr 23, 2012 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Transit

  • Aug 02, 2015
    After a successful bank heist, four criminals are trapped in a rest stop. Surrounded by road blocks, all they can do is stash the loot, and what better place than on top of a family mini-van, on it's way to a camping trip. With the police behind them, the race is on to get their money, before the family discovers what's on top of their car. Jim Caviezel stars, and while he will always be remembered for his role in The Passion, he is actually a pretty successful actor. He's terrific in his hit TV show, Person of Interest, and has done a ton of independent films like this one. As the father, trying to escape a dark past, Caviezel is amazing as the simple father, turned action star, once his family is threatened. Also of note is his older son, played by Sterling Knight. Knight is a blond haired, blue eyed, Disney star known best for his role in 17 Again. To see this tween idol playing a angst filled teen, smoking pot, dropping F bombs, and shooting shot guns, really did give me quite a good laugh. Transit is your typical action chase film, with two exceptions, one, a very interesting back story, and two a top star, who seems to enjoy staying below the grid in Hollywood. It's not much different from all the other Action films you've seen, but it has it's moments, and it was definitely fun to watch.
    Todd S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 13, 2013
    What a way for a man Nate Sidwell (James Cavaziel) to show his wife, Robyn (Elisabeth Rohm) and two sons: Shane (Sterling Knight) and Kenny (Jake Cherry) that he is has reformed and has to earn their respect after his incarceration for tax evasion. In his quest to prove himself he takes his family on a cross country road trip. Eventually he is framed and set up coincidentally by four brutally and ruthless thieves that will stop at nothing to retrieve what they planted in the unsuspecting family's baggage rack. Gritty nail biting suspense is guaranteed in watching this movie. Please see this!
    Fascade F Super Reviewer
  • Dec 08, 2012
    Jim Caviezel is the best reason to watch the film. The film, itself, felt like a copy of movies like Breakdown, Joyride, Vacancy, The Contract, Incident at Deception Ridge, just to name a few. It was very predictable. I wasn't surprised at all. Also the action scenes weren't filmed good. The action happens too fast at times, that it is hard to tell what is happening. Caviezel shines here. James Frain is also very good as the villain. Elizabeth Rohm and Harold Perineau provide some good supporting work here.
    Sol C Super Reviewer
  • Oct 28, 2012
    Transit at first sight looks like just another dumb action movie which is it. Though Transit makes up for it dumb elements in excitement despite it's low budget. Transit follows a family on a road trip is stalked by criminals who stashed stolen money in their car. The plot itself is not all that bad and is surprisingly strong enough to maintain your interest throughout it duration. Unfortunately the plot is plague by dumb characters who are do idiotic things. I hated the father most of all who kept putting his family in constant danger. You'll wonder why the father would continue with his plans to go camping after his wife was attacked by a gang of criminals in her hotel room. The criminals themselves are no better, I find it hard to believe these criminals can still four million from a armored car yet can't retrieve their cash they stashed in a family bag. The characters are mostly one dimensional. You have criminals who want their money and a criminal who is trying to reconnect with his family that's it. Plus it ends abruptly which means you will either satisfy or empty with the whole film. The film strongest points is excitement which this does deliver on. It has some great car chases and some solid action scenes which are filmed terrifically. The film never lets down in building momentum in every scene possible keeping you anxious to see what happens next. The director here clearly was trying to be artistic which is why you'll have to prepare yourself for the many close up this film which will make you want to push the screen back. The acting is solid it cast members. Jim Caviezel was solid in the lead and it goes without saying James Frain stole the show here as an insane criminal. One cast member who did feel out of place was Sterling Knight. I never once felt convince by his performance and looks fitting for a sitcom than a low budget action movie. Transit is a dumb action that delivers on thrills despite it characters lack of intelligence. It is overall a brainless film, but is an enjoyable thrill ride through out.
    Caesar M Super Reviewer

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