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It's back to Perfection, NV, for munitions-crazed Graboid hunter Burt Gummer (Michael Gross), who has made a career out of chasing and slaying the burrowing "sub-terrestrial" creatures that pop out of the ground and eat whomever happens to be standing there. This time Gummer is assisted by wisecracking cowboy Jack Sawyer (Shawn Christian), who runs a shabby theme park based on the critters, and Jodi Chang (Susan Chuang), whose convenience store is unfortunately at Graboid Ground Zero. Gummer and company have their hands full this time, when the oversized worms have mutated to a new state -- not only do they burrow, but they have wings and can fly like carnivorous dragons. Does Gummer have enough shells in his artillery cannons to knock them all from the sky? ~ Buzz McClain, Rovi

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Michael Gross
as Burt Gummer
Bobby Jacoby
as Melvin Plug
Charlotte Stewart
as Nancy Sterngood
Ariana Richards
as Mindy Sterngood
Shawn Christian
as Jack Sawyer
Mathew Seth Wilson
as Tourist Kid
Susan Chuang
as Jodi Chang
Barry Livingston
as Dr. Andrew Merliss
Jason Hopkins
as Tourist Kid
Robert Jayne
as Melvin Plug
Mary Gross
as Tourist Mom
Lorna Scott
as Tourist Lady
Elena Sahagun
as Reporter
Jayi Mulero
as TV Producer
Diego Galante
as TV Cameraman
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Audience Reviews for Tremors 3 - Back to Perfection

  • Jun 03, 2016
    The first Tremors film to go Straight-to-Video, and that video features one of the *worst* covers I've ever seen. Seriously, do yourself a favour and google that shit, it's amazing. Back to Perfection really ups the CGI quotient. Not always a bad thing but it is when the quality is as poor as this. I understand it though, home media releases don't typically get the biggest budgets. Again, Tremors 3 is nowhere near as good as the original, but it's probably only a single step (or maybe two) below Tremors 2. And so far all three of them have proven entertaining.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 23, 2012
    We're heading back to Perfection, Nevada. That's right another Tremors movie....and it's the weakest in the series. The opening scene with Burt Gummer (Badass of the day, just saying) was promising enough, but the rest of the movie just goes downhill. Since it's back to Perfection in this one it means some characters/actors from the first Tremors movie. Ariana Richards returns as a now teenage Mindy and Tony Genaro reprises his role as Miguel. (Ironically, he looks as if he hasn't aged a day.) Shawn Christian plays a complete douchebag con artist trying to make money off the sudden popularity of the Graboids and Susan Chuang asian lady with almost no personality. So the Graboids are back in Perfection and Burt and his friends are trying to track down the already evolved ones. However, they evolve into another creature and it's made of CGI. Why? Puppetry worked just fine in the first two movies, so why resort to an unnecessary usage of CGI? I just prefer animatronics because when you're actually filming something that's physically in front of the camera, it makes for more charm to the creative process. The script for this film seemed kind of weak too. Something about it felt lazy. In the end, the characters weren't as fun to watch, the CGI bugged me, the writing felt choppy and while it had some laughs and creatvity, it didn't even hold a candle to Tremors.
    Tyler R Super Reviewer
  • Jun 09, 2010
    Even though this is the weakest entry in the series, It's still in it's on way, a decent film. However It seemed that by this point, the Film makers ran out of ideas, and tried to hard to make an new idea work. I found myself not liking this film as much as the first 2. When I finished watching the film, I had mixed feelings about it. I thought they could have done a better job. Michael Gross was in a lack of a better word, Irritating by this point in the series, I sometimes cringed when he would say something on screen. If your looking for the weakest Link in the food chain, this film is it. But for all it's flaws, Tremors 3: Back To perfection is decent enough for the viewer to be entertained.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Mar 19, 2010
    The third in the series of "Tremors" movies, this one official flips ontop of itself and turns into a rotting carcass. In the first "Tremors", we follow Bassett (Fred Ward) and McKee (Kevin Bacon), two loners who discover a species of killer worms that are destroying the desert town that is ironically named Perfection. Bassett and McKee kill the worms and collect a large sum of money as a reward for their discovery. In "Tremors 2", McKee has moved away and used his fortune to get famous, while Bassett stays behind in Perfection slowly wasting away what he's got left of his fortune. Bassett, along with an enthusiastic sidekick, get called upon by the Mexican Government to help get rid of an infestation of these killer worms. Bassett calls upon the help of his trigger-happy neighbor, Burt Gummer (Michael Gross), to help him solve the problem when the killer worms evolve into two legged heat sensoring beetle things, and they end up killing most of them, but unfortunatelly they reproduce rapidly. Finally, in "Tremors 3", Burt Gummer has started a hobby of using elaborately violent bombs and guns to kill these new beetle things, which now number in the thousands. A few killer worms show up again in Perfection, which Gummer and co. think will be easy to get rid of, but the Government sends in enviormentalists to stop them from harming any of the creatures. The enviormentalists soon get eaten, and the beetle things evolve into pterodactyl fire-breathing things, then all hell breaks loose. This film, unlike the previous films in the series, is laughably bad and lacks likeable characters. The majority of the supporting cast, or just pretty much everyone except Michael Gross, are horrible at acting and the devastating script doesn't help in the least. Also unlike the previous films in the series, this is the first to feature actual visual special effects, and it's not only bad, it's worse than the completelly fake handpuppets used as the worm's heads. The only reason I would ever recommend watching this movie would be if you could accept that this is a horrible film and could convert it's absurdity and lack of common sense into comedy gold.
    Simeon D Super Reviewer

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