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Notorious schlock and psychotronic production company Troma hails Tromeo & Juliet -- it's contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's love tragedy -- a "thrill-a-minute, body-piercing, computer sex, sapphic, car-crashing extravaganza." Set in NYC, the tale centers on the romantic travails of Tromeo and Juliet and contains profanity and graphic scenes of considerable gore.

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Will Keenan
as Tromeo Que
Jane Jensen
as Juliet Capulet
Valentine Miele
as Murray Martini
Steve Gibbons
as London Arbuckle
Sean Gunn
as Sammy Capulet
Joe Fleishaker
as 1-900 Hunk
as The Narrator
Flip Brown
as Father Lawrence
Patrick Connor
as Tyrone Capulet
Earl McKoy
as Monty Que
Wendy Adams
as Ingrid Capulet
Tamara Craig Thomas
as Georgie Capulet
Brian Fox
as Bill Shakespeare
Maximillian Shaun
as Cappy Capulet
Gene Terinoni
as Detective Ernie Scalus
Antonia Lurie
as Brittany
Peter James Kelsch
as Bluto Fitzgibbon
Manon Kelley
as CD ROM Woman
Steve Roberts
as Fellow with Disgusting Larva
Liz Ip
as Fluttery Eyelids Girl in Opium Den
James Gunn (II)
as Found a Peanut Father
Kathleen Warner
as Found a Peanut Mother
Brian Stefanovic
as Found a Peanut Kid
Marko Stefanovic
as Found a Peanut Kid
Craig Adams
as Guy Who Says It Will Take Him Only Two Minutes to
Charis Michelson
as Blind Chick
Merle Allin
as Biker Dude
Neal Ruddy
as Nice Man Hit by Car
Ralph Villela
as Guy Who Looks at Camera
Lisbeth Kaufman
as Mutant Kid
Evan Roberts
as Boy Dancing in Field
Wesley Walker
as Dog Wearing Visor
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  • it's crude, it's crass - and it's pretty damn funny. And most surprising of all, the acting isn't too bad. The liberties taken with the story will no doubt be appalling to purists.

    Apr 1, 2003 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…
  • Totally, disgustingly hilarious. Head and shoulders above almost every other Troma movie.

    Nov 7, 2002 | Rating: 5/5

Audience Reviews for Tromeo & Juliet

  • Aug 28, 2015
    It's Shakespeare but not as you know it
    Marcus W Super Reviewer
  • Sep 01, 2013
    One of the most expensive Troma films I think, and one of the better ones. Tromeo and Juliet is a trangressive take on the classic Shakespearean tale. Filled with the usual nudity, violence and sex. The acting was as bad as it could be, the plot was even worse, somehow this film was quite hilarious and made me crack up.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Aug 29, 2009
    For some reason I keep watching utter rubbish films. I know I shouldn't expect much from a "Troma" film but still. I mean it's an interesting take on the Shakespearean classic. The story I guess remains intact, it's just the journey they take to get there is a the original track. It's interesting how they threw in some incestuous feelings even though that belongs in another piece. The way they "tip their hat" at Shakespeare is rather rude, having his image and name used for a "band". I don't know, I guess I grew up past Troma films when I was like 12. I guess I added their films to my list because I was trying to revisit my childhood as they were outrageous and I was young an innocent. Now that I'm older and have more sense I see past the crap that they fill their movies with. This isn't to say it's their worst movie, but it's not really a film for everyone. Pretty well don't think the movie is for anyone. Guess it speaks volumes about my patience to put up with finishing the movie. I think that most directors find Shakespeare easy to emulate or "make their own". The stories lasting all these years and still as popular as ever to remake. Certainly not the best retelling of the story, for the most part I think that all the remakes done are pointless. The originals are classic and works of art. It seems most directors just see it as a way to get their vision on screen. I'm not impressed. After one particular scene I don't think i'll ever be able to eat hot dogs again. Good lord. I'm quite certain most of the stuff in the film is out of place. The violence and other trademark Troma materials to accent their distastefulness. Guess maybe that just has to do with my feeling on their movies and find the whole thing distasteful. you can skip it and not have missed anything. I'm sorry but there are some truly fucked up images in this movie. Popcorn is ruined for me now too. This movie is rather horrible. Doesn't have the same playful tone that is often seen their previous films. It's down right mean and lags incredibly long but adds nothing substantial or interesting to the story. Listen to the "actors" spew forth the classic lines that once held so much feeling and meaning in their poetic mastery just seem out of place.
    Aurelius D Super Reviewer
  • Aug 28, 2009
    Once upon a time, Troma, the company that brought us cinema classics such as: The Toxic Avenger, Rabid Grannies, Poultrygeist, Redneck Zombies and Surf Nazis Must Die, decided long ago to adapt Shakespeare's famous play, 'Romeo and Juliet.' This adaptation decided to spice up the story by adding kinky sex, extreme violence, genital monsters, body piercing and incest and it succeeded in creating a bizarre yet hilarious film. Anyone going into a Troma production should know what to expect, and that is irreverent and perverse comedy with plenty of political incorrectness. Expect plenty of nods to other Troma films and plenty of re-used gags (flipping cars and head squashing). Many may think it sounds like utter crap that only morons would find funny...they may be right, but at the same time they may need to lighten up and enjoy the insanity and mind-numbingness that is Tromeo and Juliet. With a great cast, a funny script (by James Gunn and Lloyd Kaufman), a fitting soundtrack and plenty of great visual gags, Kaufman has yet again succeeded in turning what is right upside down and grossing the hell out of everyone. Get some popcorn, grab a beer, invite your friends over and enjoy Tromeo and Juliet for what it is, a Shakespeare adaptation with plenty of balls. The end.
    Cassandra M Super Reviewer

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