Trouble Every Day (Gargoyle)

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An erotic thriller dulled by a messy narrative.



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Two strangers share a strange and terrible bond in this stylish horror tale that juggles sex and graphic bloodshed. Shane Brown (Vincent Gallo) is a strange man with a forbidding nature who has just married lovely but nervous June (Tricia Vessey), and they've decided to go to Paris for their honeymoon. In the City of Lights, a beautiful but dangerous woman named Core (Beatrice Dalle) has been leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake when she's captured by Leo Semeneau (Alex Descas), a mysterious scientist who spirits her away to his estate. As Core is placed under guard, Semeneau leaves to return to the city for an unnamed assignment; we soon learn that one of Shane's reasons for coming to Paris was to find him and retrieve some important information. In time, we also discover that Shane and Core have something rather unusual in common -- both are murderous cannibals who regularly feast on the flesh of their victims, and Semeneau's information may hold the key to the secret behind their deadly appetite. Trouble Every Day generated a certain amount of controversy in its screenings at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival, where a number of patrons walked out in disgust at the film's intense blend of sensuality and cannibalism.

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Bakary Sangaré
as Night Guard
Lionel Goldstein
as Receptionist
Celine Samie
as Woman in Bra
Arnaud Churin
as Friend of Christelle's
Slimane Brahimi
as Young Girl on Train
Véra Chidyvar
as Woman on Train
Csilla Lukacs-Molnar
as Chambermaid #1
Nelly Zargarian
as Chambermaid #2
Rosa Nikolie
as Chambermaid #3
Lacrita Massix
as Stewardess
Myriam Theodoresco
as One of the Lovers
Laure Guérard
as Woman in High Heels
Albert Szpiro
as Community Clinic Boss
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Audience Reviews for Trouble Every Day (Gargoyle)

  • Sep 19, 2018
    It's all about creating a haunting, unsettling mood (and this is clearly reflected in the vague title), but the problem here is that this arthouse cannibal film starts from nowhere and goes nowhere, failing to engage us in its weird plot and not amounting to anything in the end.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Nov 25, 2012
    I... don't know what to say, it sickens me but yet at the same time I am intrigued. The films deals with cannibalism scientifically, which is really disgusting. But the amount of expressionism in the story and set left me in awe; I love the use of close ups and long shots, they made the film extra eerie. Not really my kind of film, but I do appreciate the artistry.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Mar 10, 2012
    Haunting, Sexy and Terrifying with great reserved art direction and a shivering soundtrack by Tindersticks.
    Hassan V Super Reviewer
  • Jan 07, 2010
    Minimal dialogue, a film that tells its story with images instead. At first the pacing and cinematography were hypnotizing, but an hour in, the slowness was effecting my viewing experience. It's clearly a very visually calculated movie, and obviously wants to be considered art house. Due to the minimal dialogue and articulate angles, this movie causes some plot ambiguity that I hoped would not be frustrating, that it would all sort of come together in the end and that acute observation could carry the bulk of the film. It does to an extent, but still too many relationships are left unexplained and there are some disposable characters that simply muddle the story. The main thing I longed for was some more revelation about the dynamic between Dr. Leo and Dr. Brown. The Coré character is chilling, and she certainly makes this fit in a "horror" mode, though it is primarily an art house mystery that emphasizes sex and sensuality with its many flesh-on-flesh closeups. "Most Fucked Up" highlight: Coré at work on the "boy next door", Gallo's character (Dr.Brown) literally eats pussy "New Wave French Horror": this is more an extreme cinema/art house film than horror, but the gory scenes and cannibalistic subject qualify it
    _kelly . Super Reviewer

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