Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo

Highest Rated: 96% GoodFellas (1990)

Lowest Rated: 22% Loosies (2012)

Birthday: Apr 11, 1962

Birthplace: Buffalo, New York

Steely-eyed and greasy-haired with an adventurous taste in fashion, Vincent Gallo has certainly achieved some level of name recognition for his arrogant eccentricity. Notorious for talking about himself at great length without ever really saying anything of consequence, he's become something of a hipster icon to legions of fans. Though claims about his home life are dubious, he was born in Buffalo, NY, as the middle child of Sicilian immigrants. Playing in garage bands at an early age, he ran away to New York City at 16 and proceeded to seek fame and fortune by hanging out with the right people. Working as a musician under various names and in numerous bands, he showed his paintings in trendy N.Y.C. galleries and made the short film If You Feel Froggy, Jump. Appropriately, his first film appearance was as himself for the New York Beat Movie (1981), starring painter Jean Michel Basquiat and other big-name art scenesters. This was followed by an appearance in the New York underground film The Way It Is (1984), starring a young Steve Buscemi and Rockets Redglare. Gallo started acting as a TV guest star to make money and also fell into modeling for the same reason, becoming a fixture in Calvin Klein advertisements for clothes and fragrances. After playing the lead in the little-seen Doc's Kingdom, he made brief appearances in the films Goodfellas, The House of the Spirits, and The Perez Family. During this time he also started working with French director Claire Denis, who cast him in the short film Keep It for Yourself, the made-for-TV U.S. Go Home, and its follow-up feature Nénette et Boni (1996).Back in the States, he played more significant roles in Arizona Dream, with Johnny Depp, the crime comedy Palookaville, and Abel Ferrara's The Funeral. After starring in Kiefer Sutherland's directorial debut Truth or Consequences, N.M., he released his own independent debut, Buffalo '66. Made with a budget of 1.5 million dollars, Gallo wrote, directed, starred in, and composed the music for this largely autobiographic comedy drama. Certainly not ignored by critics or festivals, Buffalo '66 gained him a solid fan base as well as a boost to his music career. He then formed the short-lived band Bunny with Lukas Haas and released two solo albums on Warp records. Continuing his acting career opposite young attractive actresses, he starred in the crime drama Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby, with Natasha Lyonne; the Spanish drama Stranded: Náufragos, with Maria de Medeiros; the thriller Hide and Seek, with Jennifer Tilly; and the romantic comedy Get Well Soon, with Courteney Cox. He also reunited with director Denis for a lead role in the strange sex horror film Trouble Every Day, opposite Tricia Vessey. In 2003, he made his second effort as writer/director/star for The Brown Bunny with Chloë Sevigny, which premiered to much derision at the Cannes Film Festival.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet 1989 Actor 2014
No Score Yet La leggenda di Kaspar Hauser Lo Sceriffo e il Pusher 2013
22% Loosies Jax $3.8K 2012
50% Metropia Roger 2010
84% Essential Killing Mohammed 2010
No Score Yet Promises Written in Water Producer Actor Director Screenwriter 2010
No Score Yet The Agent Director Actor 2010
70% Tetro Tetro $0.3M 2009
No Score Yet Johnny 316 Actor 2007
No Score Yet Moscow Zero Owen 2006
No Score Yet Rated R: Republicans in Hollywood Actor 2004
46% The Brown Bunny Producer Bud Clay Director Screenwriter 2004
No Score Yet Get Well Soon Bobby Bishop 2002
No Score Yet Stranded: Náufragos (The Shelter) Baglioni 2002
49% Trouble Every Day (Gargoyle) Shane $9.7K 2001
No Score Yet Hide and Seek Frank 2000
30% Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trickbaby (Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby) Sister Gomez 1999
76% Buffalo '66 Billy Brown Director Screenwriter $2.4M 1998
29% Goodbye Lover Actor 1998
No Score Yet Hollywood Salome (Johnny 316) Actor 1998
No Score Yet L.A. Without a Map Moss 1998
38% Truth or Consequences, N.M. Raymond Lembecke 1997
79% The Funeral Johnny 1996
85% Nenette and Boni (Nénette et Boni) Baker 1996
No Score Yet Angela Preacher 1996
64% Palookaville Russ 1995
65% The Perez Family Orlando 1995
30% The House of the Spirits Esteban Garcia 1994
87% Arizona Dream Paul 1993
96% GoodFellas Henry's 70's Crew 1990
No Score Yet Doc's Kingdom Actor 1987
No Score Yet The Way It Is Vic 1984


37% Dirt
Guest Sammy Winter 2007


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Billy Brown says: Making good, making good, good one!

Layla says: Can I have a hug then?

Billy Brown says: Oh man. Come on. Can we just shake hands?

Layla says: I really like you. I'm gonna be really sad if you don't come back, unless you tell me. If you're not gonna come back, just tell me. Don't lie to me. Are you gonna come back or not?

Billy Brown says: If you don't want me to go, I won't go, all right? I won't get a hot chocolate. We can just...

Layla says: If you want a coffee, go get a coffee. Just come back.

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