Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo

Highest Rated: 87% Arizona Dream (1992)

Lowest Rated: 22% Loosies (2011)

Birthday: Apr 11, 1961

Birthplace: Buffalo, New York, USA

Despite the many controversies throughout his career, Vincent Gallo was something of a modern-day Renaissance man, simultaneously pursuing art, music, directing and acting. As a self-proclaimed hustler and hobbyist, Gallo claimed to act more for its tangible rewards than to fulfill any creative urges, though the off-beat choices he made seemed to belie the idea. Regardless, Gallo was a gifted actor able to pull out quality performances in a variety of projects, including "Arizona Dream" (1993), "Palookaville" (1995) and his feature directing debut, "Buffalo '66" (1998), which helped bring Gallo into the mainstream. Despite a strong body of work, Gallo became something of a pariah in Hollywood. He openly and contemptuously expressed his hatred for a variety of big name actors - Tim Roth, Kiefer Sutherland, Anjelica Huston - while proving to be a difficult personality to work with. Meanwhile, Gallo created quite the stir with his second directing effort, "The Brown Bunny" (2004), a widely-panned film in which his then-girlfriend gave him oral sex on camera. Regardless of the many dramas swirling about Gallo, he proved that his gifts were a multi-faceted force to be reckoned with.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet No Score Yet La leggenda di Kaspar Hauser Unknown (Character) - 2013
66% 42% 2 Days in New York HImself (Character) $615.5K 2012
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Legend of Kaspar Hauser The Pusher/The Sheriff (Character) - 2012
22% 34% Loosies Jax (Character) $3.3K 2011
77% 46% Essential Killing Mohammed (Character) - 2010
No Score Yet No Score Yet Promises Written in Water Kevin (Character),
- 2010
50% 56% Metropia Roger (Voice) - 2009
71% 70% Tetro Tetro (Character) $438.4K 2009
No Score Yet No Score Yet Oliviero Rising Oliviero (Character) - 2007
No Score Yet 6% Moscow Zero Owen (Character) - 2006
47% 46% The Brown Bunny Bud Clay (Character),
Original Music,
Film Editor,
Production Design,
Art Direction,
Set Decoration,
Costume Designer
$365.7K 2003
50% 55% Trouble Every Day Shane Brown (Character) $9.2K 2001
No Score Yet 51% Get Well Soon Bobby Bishop/Kevin Moss (Character) - 2001
No Score Yet 24% Stranded Luca Baglioni (Character) - 2001
No Score Yet 39% Hide and Seek Frank (Character) - 2000
30% 64% Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby Sister Gomez (Character) - 1999
No Score Yet 62% L.A. Without a Map Moss (Character) - 1998
76% 88% Buffalo 66 Billy (Character),
Original Music
$2.4M 1998
38% 46% Truth or Consequences, N.M. Raymond Lembecke (Character) $54.2K 1997
79% 67% The Funeral Johnny (Character) $1.2M 1996
85% 80% Nenette and Boni Vincenzo Brown (Character) $61.9K 1996
No Score Yet 74% Angela Preacher (Character) - 1995
64% 63% Palookaville Russell Pataki (Character) $342.4K 1995
30% 72% The House of the Spirits Esteban García (Character) - 1993
87% 86% Arizona Dream Paul Leger (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet No Score Yet Alex Mario (Character) - 1990
No Score Yet No Score Yet Doc's Kingdom Jimmy (Character) - 1988
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Way It Is Unknown (Character) - 1984


No Score Yet No Score Yet The Equalizer Unknown (Guest Star) 1989


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