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Buffalo '66

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Self-indulgent yet intriguing, Buffalo '66 marks an auspicious feature debut for writer-director-star Vincent Gallo while showcasing a terrific performance from Christina Ricci.



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First-time director Vincent Gallo stars in this self-consciously stylized story of a social misfit who's rescued from emotional annihilation by the girl he kidnaps.

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Vincent Gallo
as Billy Brown
Ben Gazzara
as Jimmy Brown
Anjelica Huston
as Janet Brown
Kevin Pollak
as TV Sportscaster
Alex Karras
as TV Sportscaster
John Sansone
as Little Billy Brown
Manny Fried
as The Donut Clerk
John Rummel
as Don Shanks
Bob Wahl
as Scott Woods
Penny Wolfgang
as Judge Penny M. Wolfgang
Anthony Mydcarz
as The Motel Clerk
Michael Maciejewski
as The Guy in the Bathroom
Jack Claxton
as The Denny's Host
Dominic Telesco
as The Prison Guard
Carl Marchi
as The Cafe Owner
Kim Krah
as The Denny's Waitress
Julius DiGennaro
as The Info Booth Clerk
Terry Braunstein
as The Tap Dance Teacher
Jack Hunter
as The Gas Station Clerk
Norma Gelose
as The Bus Station Woman
Jamie King
as The Tap Dance Kids
Janel King
as The Tap Dance Kids
Ghennifer Dennis
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Erin Markle
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Valeria Hildebrandt
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Michelle McCluskey
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Terese Lenandowski
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Kim Bradway
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Dana Thompson
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Karen Sitter
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Michelle Koninick
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Amy Jakabowski
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
Tara Thompson
as Scott Woods Sexxotic Dancer
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  • Jul 05, 2018
    It doesn't care at all if we are going to hate his character, and despite being a bit uneven, especially close to the end when its protagonist's motivations feel weirdly out of character, this is an always absorbing film that manages to make us empathize with such a detestable person.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 28, 2015
    Buffalo '66 is an easy film to dislike, especially in the opening minutes. The way the female lead is mistreated arouses anger. But a few more minutes in and the film begins to reveal an edgy, dark humor and bitter honesty that is somewhat reminiscent of Coen Brothers and Jarmusch films. I expected to be shutting the movie off and instead found myself rating it higher as it progressed. I give it a positive rating on account of the talent displayed in the acting and the directing and also on account of the risks it took.
    Robert B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 04, 2013
    Ill openly admit on here to having an unhealthy fixation with Christina Ricci (something that ill deny in a court of law though) and this is probably responsible for the problem that I had with this film. I understand that there was an element of Stockholm Syndrome going on here and I that you have to detach from reality in some ways when watching a film but throughout the entire story I found myself saying (and at times out loud) Why would someone like her ever be interested in this dude (also see Lost In Translation)? Billy Brown has just been released from prison and he arranges to visit his parents who he hasnt told of his stint at the pleasure of the state. He has also told them that he is married and very successful. Upon which he kidnaps literaly the first woman to walk by in Layla (played by Ricci)) and orders her to drive to his parents and that she must pose as his wife, or else. There are multiple opportunities throughout for her to escape but for some unfathomable reason she doesnt? When they meet the parents there are glaringly obvious issues. The parents are just not interested in him and Mum is more interested in the Buffalo Bills footie team (hence the title) and the Dad is more interested in Laylas breasts and spends the entire drooling over them and using every opportunity to touch her in an entirely inappropriate way. He is only human after all and I understand these feelings entirely and this is possibly influenced the fact that Layla wears a dress throughout with (very obviously) no underwear that leaves very little to the imagination? It transpires that Billy is a very mixed up individual in all likelihood due to a combination of deeply unsuitable parents and severe emotional issues with the opposite sex that goes back to school and a disturbing crush on a classmate at school (see my earlier references to Ricci). He has also been doing time as a result of a gambling debt for a game in which the Bills kicker missed a field goal in the final moments and Billy is convinced this was a fix and is hellbent on revenge. My problem throughout was that whilst I understood Billys issues, other than an arguably a nice bum he had no redeeming features whatsoever. He was mean and self centered yet somehow Layla warms to this and I couldnt understand why? However, not enough is known or ever learnt about Layla and had we known this it may had been easier to understand her train of thought? Maybe thats the point, in that process of love is not rational and we are destined to fall for the first mentalist that kidnaps us and takes us against our will? In the films defence, towards the end the film does take a turn for the better and you do end up caring a little more for the both of them but not enough to rescue it from its muddled beginnings. Im now off to a padded cell and yet another night of heavy sedation whilst I contemplate Ricci in that dress and reflect on my wrongdoings and the injustice of that restraining order!!
    Justin F Super Reviewer
  • Feb 07, 2012
    Vincent Gallow directs, writes and stars. Without him, there is no Buffalo '66. I thought Gallow's acting was perfect for the role, and the role is quite an interesting one. He has a very specific personality. I guess you could call him a narcissist. While it's an excellent movie, it's not perfect. His acting companion in the film, Christina Ricci, has some odd lines. I thought it was weird how she fell so quickly for a guy who kidnapped her. I also thought there were some really funny parts. Gallo asks Ricci to hold him, and when she does, he yells "Don't touch me!" I loved the ending too. It teaches you to always appreciate and take an opportunity that could lead to happiness. The ending reminded me of Garden State, one of my favorite movies. Buffalo '66 is a fascinating character study with great acting, directing, and writing.
    Kevin M Super Reviewer

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