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In his wonderfully inventive and decidedly Australian debut feature, Gregor Jordan returns to Sundance (his short, Swinger, played in 1996) with a film that is fresh, funny, and an unqualified delight. With its sophisticated meshing of gangster, horror, and deadpan comedy genres (in the director's words, "like Goodfellas in shorts and thongs"), Two Hands is giddy with invention, style, and brazen raw talent. Guided by its supernatural narrator, acting as part Greek chorus, part guardian angel, Two Hands unravels the high-speed misadventures of Jimmy, its dim-witted but good-natured protagonist. Staving off homelessness in Sydney's seedy inner city, Jimmy, in the same day, meets two people who will forever change his life: Alex, the poster girl for perfect love; and Pando, a local drug kingpin, who is as content to watch origami videos with his six-year-old as he is to snuff a life at the faintest whiff of betrayal. Looking to trade his bottom-of-the-barrel career as a strip-club bouncer for more lucrative and exciting prospects, Jimmy jumps when Pando offers him an entry-level position as a courier. But what seems to be the simplest of jobs turns perilously awry when Jimmy takes a postheist breather at the beach and allows his overrevved, adolescent libido to bury reason--and ten thousand dollars in cash--in the sand. With star turns from Jordan's young and seasoned cast members (especially newcomer Heath Ledger and the venerable Bryan Brown) and an immensely talented production team, Two Hands is accomplished filmmaking and effervescent entertainment.

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  • Jun 20, 2012
    The Man: Something that's good can still have a little bit of bad in it, and something that's bad still has a little bit of good.  "It seemed simple. Just deliver the cash." The only reason I watched this unknown Australian film is because it had the late Heath Ledger. A movie is worth watching just to see him on screen. That's all this movie really is worth though. I just didn't enjoy it. It seemed like it was trying to be smart in the vein of Tarantino, but it came off as an amateurish effort to do so. It isn't unwatchable bad. There's some good acting and the storyline is at least watchable. That's all I can really say good about it though. When a movie isn't as smart as the writer thinks it is; I seldom like it. Showing us the "conclusion" at the start to try to trick us could work, but not when you get to that point too early. A strip club promoter takes an easy cash delivery job for a gangster. He goes and knocks on the door where he is supposed to drop it off, but no one is there. While he tries to kill time, he loses the money and now must try to avoid the gangster who will surely kill him. A pretty basic plot that has been done before and been done better. Two Hands is an insignificant Ausie thriller/comedy. Watch it if you are a Ledger completist like me. It isn't a completely awful film, so if you just want to see a movie with Ledger that you haven't seen, give it a look. Just don't expect anything much.
    Melvin W Super Reviewer
  • Apr 09, 2011
    It has its out-of-the-ordinary moments, but is predominantly onbeat. Nevertheless, the film is engaging and shines with some good dialogue, a good soundtrack, strong characters (except for those kids, I hated those kids) and excellent acting, especially from Ledger. Ultimately, "Two Hands" isn't the most original, but remains entertaining and engaging, as well as a solid leading man debut for the late, great Heath Ledger.
    Cameron J Super Reviewer
  • May 15, 2010
    In this movie you get to see Heath Ledger in his early career, he starred in this movie right after big breakthrough in '10 Things I Hate About You'. This movie is, just as Heath himself, Australian and it's very good to see a movie where he speaks with an accent, I've never actually heard him speak with such a strong Australian accent before. Heath Ledger stars as this 19 year old guy who is in debt to a local gangster. The movie was good and had a bit more violence than I had expected. I liked Heath Ledger's part in this movie and I thought he played it very well. Its so sad to think that this talented actor has passed away.
    Naughtia N Super Reviewer
  • Sep 17, 2008
    Ranging from the cast's diverse appeal to the film's bright cinematography, Two Hands is a breath of fresh air for the Australian film industry.
    Robert F Super Reviewer

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