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½ November 22, 2013
Didn't aware it was a film for innocent children.
November 4, 2013
Of course this movie could have used something. It's a remake of movie made from a book, but the story is still there if you pay attention. I love Under the Mountain; it's something truly different from what you see on the big screen all the time.
September 28, 2013
No es la gran cosa pero termina siendo entretenida
½ June 23, 2013
Remake of the old 80s New Zealand TV series isn't anywhere as creepy. The Mr Wilberforce of the original TV series cameos as an old man working in his backyard. The fact that it is movie length though, means that a lot of the less interesting scenes from the TV show have been omitted and there is more action.
½ June 18, 2013
Under the Mountain Review
Under the Mountain is a movie that needs to burn in the fiery pits of Rangitoto. This movie is an adaption of the 1979 book of the same title by Maurice Gee. The plot is that the world is going to end from New Zealand because of the aliens known as the Wilberforce's a sluggish alien that destroys worlds. The only people that can stop it are two twins with the power of a magical rock that shoots fire at people when their faith in each other is strong enough (Sounds silly doesn't it). With cringe worthy acting and bad special effects, anyone and everyone should avoid this New Zealand flick.
The acting in Under the Mountain is pitiful as it is unbelievable and fake and the movie doesn't have any memorable characters. The twins Theo and Rachel themselves show no signs of emotion. They would often say something sad or happy but their faces wouldn't match. Also the "kiwi" accent here is really distracting and often makes a serious scene funnier than it really is (Saying this as a kiwi). The best actors in this film are the evil Wilberforce's whose creepy nature comes across really well through some great actors.
The $5 million budget could have been thrown into a volcano for all anyone cares because it was a total failure. This is because the visual effects in this movie will make you pull your eyes out and disinfect them with fire! Some keys moments are when the twins start shooting fire out of a rock that looks like an enlarged mint of some description. The fire effect that comes out of the rock is nothing spectacular and should have been improved. Towards the end of the film the twins are set alight burn, well not really as the fire effect looks like it as pulled out of an early to late 90s adventure film. The worst visual effect in the film is towards the end when the (NON-INTERESTING SPOILER ALERT INCOMING) volcanoes shoot some sort of fire (The never explained). This effect looks like a quick Photoshop job as no animation is involved.
In conclusion, after you watch this movie say goodbye to your loved ones as you'll fall into the fiery pits of your deepest nightmares. This movie should and needs to be avoided because the terrible acting and special effects will make you cringe in pain, don't support this movie because in the future we don't want to get any off-spring from this gigantuar of a fail film!
½ June 16, 2013
Under the mountain
Intro: the movie under the mountain is a cheesy kiwi sci-fi/fantasy movie. It is called by some a once in a lifetime experience and they are right. You should have suicide hotline on speed dial while you watch this movie. The twins in this movie have to save the world using the power of the fire-stones given to them by an alien. They need the stones to defeat the Gargantuars and their servants the Wilberforces. But the Wilberforces hold all the cards and will do anything to protect their masters. The twins are not the most identical of people and act like lovers.
Review 1: The special effects in this movie were cheap and un-convincing. When they are ignited near the end and throwing the stones in to the volcano the flames looked really poor. The special effects could have been done on a home PC using photo-shop. Granted, the make-up was pretty well done with the general sliminess of the Wilberforces well portrayed. The setting effects were done O.K. but they left you with the feeling that they had focused on the main focus of the setting and ignored the rest. Overall the flame animation needed work but the make-up was spot on.
Review 1: The actors in this film were a mixed bag. The actors of the twins (Tom Cameron, Sophie McBride) were not the best of actors. They seemed not to really care and the scenes where a massive revelation was made they acted like the end of the world didn't apply to them. However the actor of Mr Wilberforce (Oliver Driver) was amazing. I felt myself going "Oh No!" when we saw his character appear. All in all the twins were newbies to the acting scene and I cannot think of a better way for their career to die.
Conclusion: With points given for the make-up and taken away for the poor acting I think that this movie is an example of what New Zealand has to offer the film industry when Peter Jackson is not involved; poor acting and weak special effects. To give this a score I say that it gets 2 out of 5. To coin a popular phrase what is filmed under the mountain should stay under the mountain.
Kain Meyer-Scott
February 7, 2013
Script was poor as well as costume design. They dressed up the film with some CGIs which was colorful but didn't help the storyline much.
½ January 10, 2013
this is a remake of a very old movie right? I couldn't help the feeling of deja-vu as I watched it! But it's a kinda cooler and more modern version
January 8, 2013
This movie never made it to the big screen...That in itself should explain some things about this movie. Not that it is poorly written, but the script could have used something. The storyline left a lot to be explained but never was...The cool thing about it was the location it was shot in and the decent special effects. Overall this movie made about as much sense as a dog and cat having sex together...
½ November 26, 2012
My sister keep going on and on about how great this movie was but although I didn't think it was bad, in my option it only deserves a 3 star rating. There were so many hole in the story's general concept that made it hard to believe not to mention some of the concepts like "twinness" that just made it down right cheesey.
July 18, 2012
This modern remake of the Maurice Gee book and TV series adaption is a poor, unwanted version with a lot less of the plot recount and deep interest that the television managed to offer the last generation. There's no what-happens-next here.
½ May 13, 2012
Seems intent on delivering a science-fiction / monster movie / adventure tale that's suitable for (mostly) all ages.
½ April 27, 2012
This is a really weird movie. It has really stumped me and I don't know what to make of it. It's a New Zealand movie based on a novel which I believe has been celebrated over there as a classic (an 8 part mini series was even adapted in 1981). It tells a bizarre story of other-worldly creatures that have been cast beneath the 7 volcanoes of Auckland which have found a means of escape (leading to doom) and of a sort of prophecy of "twinness" being the only force powerful enough to destroy them. It really is strange and I have no idea who the intended audience is supposed to be. It appears to be made as a family film but it's WAY too scary to actually be one. The grotesque zombie-like urchin creatures are really freaky and the movie is full of startling moments. The effects are good and the movie's style is great but I can't make up my mind if I liked it or not though.... all I can say is that its worth seeing for the simple fact that it will create inner-conflict as to whether its good or bad. LOL
½ April 3, 2012
Very weird, but give it some credit for being somewhat original, having
really cool special effects, and noteworthy costume and makeup design.

Wish we could have gotten more from the actors / characters, theyre a bit too silent if you ask me. Whereas the villians are nothing but cheese and camp.

Strange film, but if your in the mood for something different then the latest teen adventure hipster crap, give it a try.
March 21, 2012
recommended by xxdebxx
March 10, 2012
Not a very good story, and quite badly told.
½ December 12, 2011
It was interesting at first. But the plot was weak, the characters were weak. They never really explored their telepathy, and the movie took itself way too seriously; its comedy was so few and far between, you almost wondered why they even bothered. Coming out of seeing Attack of Block, I was looking for another monster/horror/comedy/action movie and was disappointed.
Super Reviewer
December 3, 2011
want to see this movie made in my beautiful NZ
November 30, 2011
There was some potential here, but it went nowhere. Great scenery of New Zealand though!
October 31, 2011
it is a remake but strong enough 2 stand on its own.
and Sam is right he is not a shorts man .
to under stand that look out the original. made in New Zealand
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