Oct 18, 2018
If Client 9 - as slow and static as a film can be - has anything going for it, it's hearing these sad sacks share their venereal wisdom.
Mar 17, 2018
Oscar winner Alex Gimbey (Taxi To The Dark Side, Freakonomics) does an excellent job of unraveling the skein of corruption and abuse that blanketed the life of what appeared to be an incorruptible man. [Full review in Spanish]
Aug 17, 2011
Client-9 ... is a fascinating, if occasionally fawning, character study of the man who would be king.
Aug 13, 2011
Mar 7, 2011
Informative and thought-provoking...
Mar 7, 2011
It's a riveting story of personal hubris and political chicanery.
Mar 5, 2011
Mar 4, 2011
Featuring interviews with the man himself, his enemies and one of the hookers, this isn't just a fascinating yarn but a, cough, penetrating character study.
Mar 4, 2011
Client 9 probably won't make you like Elliot Spitzer, but it will damn sure make you respect him.
Mar 3, 2011
Scary, fascinating stuff.
Mar 3, 2011
Alex Gibney has a knack for telling great stories in a lucid fashion, and this story's a good 'un.
Mar 3, 2011
As corporate exposes go, it's best to stick with Inside Job.
Mar 3, 2011
A sharp and very American probe into payback that puts forward a strong, if not entirely watertight, case.
Mar 2, 2011
The film lights up a complex story like a pinball machine.
Mar 2, 2011
Interviews with Spitzer, those exclusive madams and vengeful Republicans are woven into a compulsively fascinating probe of power and its dark side.
Jan 21, 2011
As a lens into the microcosm of politics, it's as depressing as it is enlightening, demonstrating how truly we have become a country by the corporations, of the corporations and for the corporations.
Jan 12, 2011
So was Spitzer a closet danger junkie, a stranger sex addict, victim of a stern tycoon dad 'who foreclosed me in monopoly,' or done in by an adolescent omnipotence that enormous power and wealth can bring. A shrink's two cents would have been helpful.
Dec 28, 2010
Directed by Alex Gibney, 'Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer' goes into the heart of Manhattan and New York State politics...
Dec 22, 2010
I have no problem with Gibney's doc, except all of it is common knowledge ... .
Dec 11, 2010
The movie is perfectly paced, clocking in a few minutes short of two hours, and holds your interest with its captivating subject matter. The musical selections and the aerial shots of Times Square add to the entertainment value of this slick production.