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Urban Legends: Final Cut

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This teen horror movie brings nothing new to an already exhausted genre. And it's bad. Really bad.



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Tall tales turn into chilling reality in this sequel to the 1998 horror hit Urban Legend. Amy Mayfield (Jenny Morrison) is a film student at Alpine University who for her thesis project (which will also be her entry to a prestigious competition for young directors) has decided to make a horror film about urban legends that suddenly and disturbingly come true. However, as Amy and her student cast and crew begin filming staged murders for the project, members of her team begin dying for real, and the survivors have to track down the killer before they become the next victims. And where do Travis (Matthew Davis), Graham (Joey Lawrence), and Toby (Anson Mount), three other students vying for the same prize as Amy, fit into this scenario? Urban Legends: The Final Cut marked the directorial debut for John Ottman, who previously distinguished himself as an editor and composer (he also performed both of those functions for this film).

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Jennifer Morrison
as Amy Mayfield
Matthew Davis
as Travis/Trevor Stark
Hart Bochner
as Prof. Solomon
Loretta Devine
as Reese Wilson
Eva Mendes
as Vanessa Valdeon
Joey Lawrence
as Graham Manning
Anson Mount
as Toby Belcher
Jessica Cauffiel
as Sandra Petruzz
Anthony Anderson
as Stan Washington
Michael Bacall
as Dirk Reynolds
Marco Hofschneider
as Sharom Jabusck
Derek Aasland
as P.A. Kevin
Peter Millard
as Dr. Fain
Chas Lawther
as Dean Patterson
Chuck Campbell
as Geek in Plane
Rory Feore
as Killer Flight Attendant
Shauna Black
as Blonde Girlfriend
Leland Tilden
as Jock on Plane
Joel Gorson
as Jock on Plane
David Cook (XXII)
as Student Screamer
Bianca Muller
as Student Screamer
Jenny Kim
as Student Screamer
Nicole Crozier
as Student Screamer
Pat Kelly
as Crony in Screening Room
Stephanie Moore
as Girl in 16mm Film
Kevin Hare
as Police Officer
David Sparrow
as Police Officer
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  • May 19, 2014
    Uninspired dreck, Urban Legends: Final Cut has none of the wit or charisma of the original. The casting is fine and features Jennifer Morrison, Matthew Davis, Eva Mendes, and Anthony Anderson, but the story is crap. An art student working on her thesis film about urban legends finds that her crew is slowly being picked off one-by-one by a mysterious killer. The script is terrible, particularly the weak and uninteresting urban legends that it uses. And, the film itself is incredibly pretentious with all its metaphor about film. Urban Legends: Final Cut is a barely coherent film that has no real scares to it.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 22, 2011
    For those of you who have read my review of the original, you know how much I despised it. It just was not good at all. Any horror film that wastes Robert Englund cannot be good. well, I was surprised to find that I enjoyed this one more than the original...but that still doesn't mean that this one was good by any means. Acting/characters: Third-age slasher film stereotypes. however there were definitely a few moments that were actually well done. They were few and far between but they were there for sure. It shows that even with a cheap slasher sequel that good acting can happen...it just doesn't. I would love to have seen that kind of acting throughout the film. But on the whole the characters were unbelievable, cardboard cut-outs. I have never met anyone like these characters and thus, I see no reason to care if they live or die at all. I can't imagine anyone else caring either. They could be robots for all we know...wait...I may have figured it out!!! 1.5/10 Plot: it is the same plot as the original film...or at least, it says that it is. A killer kills using urban legends as his M.O. I gotta do a bit of a spoiler here and say that that doesn't really happen in this film more than once. it has the feel of a generic slasher film and you kinda get bored after not too long. It doesn't even try to make its kills creative. I mean, it just does not try at all. That's the one thing that is often a saving grace of films like this and it doesn't even have that. Or an interesting killer. But i do have to give it credit because it did have some good laughs that were ACTUALLY INTENTIONAL. I'm not talking huge laughs here but it did have moments (brief moments mind you) where I thought "okay, that was funny." But it was overall an uninteresting, underdeveloped, and boring plot. 1.5/10 Screenplay: There is a dialogue scene between two characters in the film. They are driving around just talking to each other. Man, my ears almost fused themselves shut just so I wouldn't have to hear the 'fingernails on chalkboard' quality dialogue anymore. It had absolutely not quality to it in the least. I just sat there thinking "who wrote this and have they ever had a conversation with a normal human being before?" The rest of the dialogue was just as bad as the car scene. it was just horrible. But once again, a few intentional laughs gave this film a few good moments. 1/10 Likableness: Not much really. It didn't have creative kills, it didn't have a good killer, it didn't have a good motive, it was thrown together and had no value to it whatsoever. Its like they didn't even try. Plus, look at the poster, do you notice that that poster layout (main cast looking blankly forward while the killer is somewhere on the poster as well) is the same layout as a ton of other slashers from this era? And guess who did it first? SCREAM! Just like everything else in this age. This is a film that I would suggest to nobody. You've probably seen this film already. it has a dozen other films just like it. 1.5/10 Final score: 4/40 10% (S) Tomatometer rating: 9% Tomatometer rating if my review was added: 9% TRIVIA TIME: 1. The snow storm seen in the film was completely unexpected. 2. A picture of Professor Solomon's parents is seen on his desk. The picture is actually of John Ottman's parents.
    Lord N Super Reviewer
  • Oct 09, 2011
    It's stupid..... Simple as that
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Aug 20, 2011
    Sequel to Urban Legends is just as bad as the original. What is it with these films? These films are cool for the first two years they're released, and after that, people realize how bad these films were. In the case of Urban Legends: Final Cut, you have a film that is very poorly made, acted, directed with a paper thin story. The cast that are before the camera are terrible, and shouldn't be in acting in the first place. Those who actually have slight talent; I wonder why they would be in this piece of trash. The first Urban Legends sucked, and this sequel is just as bad as the original. This is another terrible attempt at creating a new, hip "horror" film for the brain dead MTV generation. But really, this is a stupid film that has no point. It's a good thing that teen horror films such as this, gave way to better, much scarier films like 28 Days Later. This film along with the first and a lot of others in the "teen" horror genre are easily forgettable because they don't offer anything memorable to the genre in the first place. Urban Legends is a horrid mess of a film that shouldn't have been made in the first place. Simply awful filmmaking.
    Alex r Super Reviewer

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