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An uneven collection of found-footage horror films, V/H/S has some inventive scares but its execution is hit-and-miss.



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When a group of petty criminals is hired by a mysterious party to retrieve a rare piece of found footage from a rundown house in the middle of nowhere, they soon realize that the job isn't going to be as easy as they thought. In the living room, a lifeless body holds court before a hub of old television sets, surrounded by stacks upon stacks of VHS tapes. As they search for the right one, they are treated to a seemingly endless number of horrifying videos, each stranger than the last. -- (C) Magnet


Adam Wingard
as Brad ('Tape 56')
Calvin Reeder
as Gary ('Tape 56')
Lane Hughes
as Zak ('Tape 56')
Kentucker Audley
as Rox ('Tape 56')
Frank Stack
as Old Man ('Tape 56')
Joe Swanberg
as Sam ('Second Honeymoon')
Sophia Takal
as Stephanie ('Second Honeymoon')
Kate Lyn Sheil
as Girl ('Second Honeymoon')
Helen Rogers
as Emily ('The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily...')
Hannah Fierman
as Lily ('Amateur Night')
Sarah Byrne
as Abbey ('Tape 56')
Melissa Boatright
as Tabitha ('Tape 56')
Simon Barrett
as Steve ('Tape 56')
Andrew Droz Palermo
as Fifth Thug ('Tape 56')
Mike Donlan
as Shane ('Amateur Night')
Joe Sykes
as Patrick ('Amateur Night')
Drew Sawyer
as Clint ('Amateur Night')
Jas Sams
as Lisa ('Amateur Night')
Nicholas Tecosky
as Bartender ('Amateur Night')
Rob Mosca
as Bouncer ('Amateur Night')
Graham Reznick
as Local DJ ('Second Honeymoon')
Norma C. Quinones
as Wendy ('Tuesday the 17th')
Drew Moerlein
as Joey ('Tuesday the 17th')
Jeannine Yoder
as Samantha ('Tuesday the 17th')
Jason Yachanin
as Spider ('Tuesday the 17th')
Bryce Burke
as The Glitch ('Tuesday the 17th')
Jennifer Sacks
as Victim By Wall ('Tuesday the 17th')
Glenn McQuaid
as Victim in River ('Tuesday the 17th')
Daniel Kaufman
as James ('The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily...')
Liz Harvey
as New Girl ('The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily...')
Isaiah Hillman
as Boy Alien
Taliyah Hillman
as Little Girl Alien ('The Sick Thing...')
Chad Villella
as Chad ("10/31/98")
Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
as Matt ("10/31/98")
Tyler Gillett
as Tyler ("10/31/98")
Paul Natonek
as Paul ("10/31/98")
Nicole Erb
as The Girl ("10/31/98")
John Walcutt
as Cult Leader ("10/31/98")
Bilal Mir
as Cult Dude ("10/31/98")
Damion Stephens
as Cult Dude ("10/31/98")
Koz McCrane
as Cult Dude ("10/31/98")
Nicole Boccumini
as Niky ("10/31/98")
Melinda Fleming
as Melinda ("10/31/98")
Joshua Carey
as Passerby ("10/31/98")
Justin Martinez
as Passerby ("10/31/98")
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  • Mar 14, 2019
    Anthologies are, by their very nature, pretty mixed. And found footage horror is not my kettle o' fish. So a found footage horror anthology did not have me ecstatic. I actually didn't mind V/H/S though, this was actually better than a loot of the found footage stuff I've seen, even if they do lean hard into the most annoying things about it, say for instance, video quality, which is (intentionally) abysmal. The framing device didn't work for me though, like, at all. I was very confused, and even if I hadn't been, I wasn't engaged by it at all. Which is a real shame, because I am particularly fond of the director of that part of the film, Adam Wingard. The entries over all weren't amazing, but, almost every segment of V/H/S had a real good "oh shit" sort of a moment in it that was real intense, and I'm into that.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 01, 2017
    What the hell did I just watch? This film made no sense what so ever just a bunch of short but somehow felt overlong tapes that were just random crap hardly any of it scary, There's no connection to the tapes and even the people filming themselves watch the tapes were killed off and none of it made any sense, It had a good idea but couldn't execute it right, God knows why this film got as much praise as it did it's pure garbage.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Mar 19, 2016
    Not scary, clever, or interesting. A complete waste of time.
    Marcus W Super Reviewer
  • Jan 12, 2016
    V/H/S is a collection of five short horror films all bundled together in a collection and seamlessly attached to one another, making a nearly two hour film in total. The whole thing is a mixture of hit-or-miss shorts that runs just about 20 minutes too long. This is because of two things, shaky found footage for nearly two hours and some exact situations and overlong sequences. It doesn't help that the film is filled with very shallow, dimwitted, and downright evil characters with very few redeemable qualities among them. This makes for a very dark and feel-bad type of experience and on top of the shaky camera effects and digital tweaking done, we are distracted fairly often throughout the film. There are few films within the horror genre that actually work out using the found footage to enhance the experience and make it seem more realistic in nature without being overly distracting. The only I can think of off the top of my head that work are The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Paranormal Activity (2009), of which the latter went on to produce several sequels and prequel films. The amount of shaky camera work here and other digital tweaking was just too much and distracted from the story more than it was used to enhance it. Each story involves grisly imagery and gore along with some extreme acts of violence and will only appeal to horror genre fans and those that can overcome the body horror elements and overly dread of the movie. If horror films aren't your forte or extreme violence and grisly imagery upset you, then steer very clear. Horror fans that don't mind these elements will find a few genuinely scary moments among the convoluted entirety of the film.
    Chris B Super Reviewer

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