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A television holds within its box a terrifying secret in this horror movie that is laced with dark humor and chills. Late at night, the people who appear on the screen come to life as cannibalistic zombies. Two teens, Zoe and Jeff Blair are the first to discover this when they arrive to a new house before their parents and find the demonic idiot box in the attic. They take it downstairs, plug it in, and later end up fighting for their lives with the hungry apparitions.


Roxanna Augeson
as Zoe Blair
Roxanna Augesen
as Zoe Blair
Rocky Duvall
as Jeff Blair
Vickie Bastel
as April Ellison
Al Millan
as Taxi Driver/Ironhead
Sam David McClelland
as Joshua Daniels
Jennifer Miro
as The Woman
Stephanie Bachelor
as Chocolate, The Dog
Garrett Dressler
as Mr. Ellison
Douglas Bell
as Deliveryman
Melissa Martin
as B-Movie Housewife
Cliff Watts
as The Garbageman
Muffie Greco
as Beverly Turchow
Walter Garrett
as Abe Turchow
Jo Ann Peterson
as Mrs. Blair
Don Clelland
as Mr. Blair
W.O. Garrett
as Abe Turchow
Carl Solomon
as Hospital Attendant
Thaddeus Gogas
as Deliveryman
Diane Hadley
as The Bride
Stephen Bianchi
as The Undead
Maurice Diller
as The Undead
Cliff Gardener
as The Undead
Joanne Jarvis
as The Undead
Lory Ringuette
as Half Creeper
Mark Rosseau
as The Undead
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Critic Reviews for The Video Dead

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Audience Reviews for The Video Dead

  • Feb 21, 2013
    Completly awful 80s cheesy horror but self-aware and super hilarious thanks to it. It's either super gory or super cheap looking but what binds it all together is the over the top forced acting. Fans of the genre can't miss this.
    Francisco G Super Reviewer
  • Sep 13, 2011
    The Video Dead is a forgotten gem of the horror genre. I believe that this one of the few cult films that really does hold up. Sure the film is not that great, but the idea is so unique that you can't really hate it. This is film is an enjoyable take on zombies and manages to be lots of fun, if you can forgive the bad acting and dialogue. The Video Dead is one of those films that it's so bad it's good. The premise like I said is fairly unique. Zombies live inside a TV set and start eating people with their grasp. For what it is, The Video Dead is an entertaining, barely heard of cult classic. The film has been relatively been obscured and forgotten about. Only the most die hard of horror fans know about this little gem. The film does look cheap, but in the end, you don't care because this film is so much fun to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed this different style of zombie film. Horror fans should try to seek this one out and they'll be surprised at how good this film really is. The film isn't perfect of course, but it's definitely an entertaining film to watch with friends. I think it's too bad that The Video Dead has nearly been forgotten by the horror community and this is a gem waiting to be rediscovered. The film is cheesy and lots of fun. The Video Dead will probably appeal to fans of B movies as well as the traditional horror fan. This is a very original film for what it is, and it's a very underrated film for what it is. A fun and amusing zombie flick.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jul 26, 2008
    When the other B-Masters decided that this roundtable would be based off of a sort of "Secret Santa" idea I had some reservations. Not least was that the phrase "Tyrannical and Sadistic Santa" would have been more accurate. You see, the truth of the matter is that we all jumped at the opportunity to inflict something God awful on each other. Ken Begg was threatened with "The Trial of Billy Jack" and Dr. Freex had the poor luck of being given "Jonathan Livingston Seagull." So, when the latter gentleman informed me that my particular torment would be "The Video Dead," I was more than a little relieved. The film begins when Mr. Jordan is roused by two deliverymen (who need new brakes for their van). They insist on him signing for a large crate, though the sender and contents are unknown. Okay, I'm paranoid anyway; plus watching movies like this for years doesn't help, but I would politely refuse the consignment. "No, I will not sign my death certificate. Now leave, before both myself and Mr. Twelve Gauge Mossberg get angry." Unfortunately for Mr. Jordan, he accepts the crate and unpacks the B&W television inside. The set has a worrisome peculiarity; there is only one movie on: "Zombie Blood Nightmare." After the writer goes to sleep the TV turns itself on and the main characters crawl out. When the deliverymen come back, because they delivered death to the wrong address, they make a gruesome discovery. SO IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT THEN YOU HAVE TO=]..
    †HorrorFan† . Super Reviewer
  • Apr 29, 2008
    When a delivery van pulls up outside a house it can only mean trouble for what there about to leave inside the owner of the house is woken out of his sleep takes a package from them that isnt even his inside is a tv set once plugged in he ends up dead 9 months later new people are moving in a brother and sister the brother finds the tv and turns it on what he didnt know was by doing so he just let a bunch of zombies loose onto the world now him, his sister and the former owner of the tv must put a end to the zombies before more people die. Really cool concept for a movie done in total 80's cheese fashion worth checking out for zombie fans
    ken j Super Reviewer

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