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July 13, 2017
phenomenal acting by Swinton. I'm absolutely terrified to raise a kid already....
½ July 4, 2017
Incredible movie, with great performances and great editing, with a good mix of artful film making and traditional film making this movie has a very interesting way of storytelling.
½ June 30, 2017
Unconventional storytelling makes the ending very clear from the start, but the journey is still interesting. Ezra Miller is great as Kevin, while Swinton is a solid lead as well.
June 28, 2017
A horrifying and stylish meditation on the relationship between mother and son, We Need to Talk About Kevin succeeds in eliciting sympathy and revulsion from the viewer, sometimes both at once.
June 21, 2017
A beautifully made, symbolic film that fills its viewers with unease. A brilliant thriller with sensational acting.
June 10, 2017
Everyone needs to watch this film- it's too important not to!!
May 30, 2017
To call We Need to Talk About Kevin disturbing would be something of an understatement. Nary a moment goes by in the film's two hour running time that doesn't carry an unsettling aura of despair, but it speaks to the craft of Lynne Ramsay's direction and her dedicated cast. Told in a non-linear format, the film sublimely unravels the doomed fates of it's characters, and it results in what is arguably the first truly effective film about a Columbine-esque scenario. It's fortunate that not every movie is as brutal as this one, but We Need to Talk About Kevin earns its right to tackle such content.
May 30, 2017
This movie is definitely psychotic... for for the simple purpose of being that way. It's unraveled quite nicely, without ever giving you too much right away. The build up ultimately climaxes into an absurd ending. And the ending itself... is bittersweet in some way... with a very deep emotional undertone. Slow but good. A+
May 18, 2017
This was very disturbing. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Tilda Swinton does a wonderful job in the role of Eva. Her sorrow and her loss are written in her every expression. Ezra Miller is very convincing as Kevin. From the outside looking in it was clear to see that he was a very disturbed young man. As uncomfortable as this film made me, it is worth seeing because it kind of spreads awareness about dealing with people such as Kevin.
½ May 16, 2017
Although the performances are generally great, the story is told in a distracting way and ends up being not very insightful.
April 27, 2017
Obviously disturbing, but great performances.
½ March 21, 2017
Real life horror served in an irritating structure.
March 20, 2017
I would have given it at least a 4 1/2 if the soundtrack weren't so idiotic and tonally awkward. Besides that, I would strongly recommend We Need To Talk About Kevin.
March 17, 2017
Pretty good movie. But, extremely depressing! The pacing was a bit weird though, because the director, I think, put a lot of effort into making it an artsy movie. But, other than that, the movie was memorable. The acting was good and the story was enticing, albeit extremely depressing
March 1, 2017
"We need to talk about Kevin" relates the tense relationship between a mother and her son Kevin through a slow, overwhelming, confusing and painful story. The performances are very good and the plot is adequately realistic. In fact, the proposal is almost excellent, however it does not become very good since the story has too many holes and although the intention is to add the audience to the doubt and sympathy towards the mother Eva (Tilda Swinton), the film sows more doubts than possible answers. Personally, the argument becomes very tiring, causing the situation to be hated. The film presents the process of how Kevin, (Ezra Miller) who is the son, as well as grows, worsens as a person, coming to adolescence practically as a criminal. Even the mentionned, the story is fascinating, because on the one hand, symbols such as red have a proper implementation, and on the ther hand, flashbacks are well built and photography shows a great domain. This is that kind of real terror that any parent has to see and whose impact will leave the audience thinking for a long time, since the analysis that can be done to the characters and the incredible shots, can say a lot, obtaining many verdicts.
February 19, 2017
Powerful acting but script has bowling ball size holes in the plot diminishes the movie to a pointless display of emotions from all the characters. Absolutely no credible context for the storyline and the structure of the film is way too overwrought. The plot flaws are so glaring, indeed even insulting to the viewer's intelligence, that it could be argued that this film dishonors real parents of emotionally disturbed and violent children. Ezra Miller's as well as Jasper Newell's performance are the only reasons to watch the film.
½ February 8, 2017
A twisted domestic tale that's well acted, multi-layered & holds an ominous artistic vibe throughout. The obvious theme at play here is the whole nature vs. nurture concept. Are we natural born monsters or created this way. Everyone seems to be throwing praise at Tilda's "powerhouse performance" but if you ask me; both pre-teen & teenage Kevin completely outshine her with their performance of a creepy, highly intelligent, yet total bastard of a son that seems to always be one step ahead of his parents. I'll admit the scrambled timeline was at times confusing & annoying but as a whole this is a pretty successful adapted novel-to-cinema film with a shocking climax I don't think anyone saw coming (excluding those who read the book obvs).
½ February 4, 2017
Emotionally powerful. I think this movie will speak to people for ages to come. Disturbing at times and makes you question what could have been done? Why is our main character continuing to live in that town? The music was great. All actors involved were great. Good movie though maybe you need to know that it is not exactly a feel good movie.
January 31, 2017
"We need to talk about Kevin" is subtle and at the same time extremely perverse, dealing with a very taboo subject, he wraps himself up, finds himself, gets confused and delights, but ultimately pleases. We have here a script that works very much with subjectivity, and he knows how to deal with it, but sometimes it turns out, it's interesting the point of view chosen in the script, and very interesting that what was to be the protagonist, His dramas, anguishes and thoughts, do not appear in the film, such as kevin, who has his name in the title, and only appears the first time after 20 minutes of film, this seems to be something negative, but it has its qualities. Along with the story of Kevin (Jasper Newell / Ezra Miller), a young man who from this small has a wicked mind, and without explanation carries a hatred for his mother, being able to reach the ultimate consequences only to irritate and to cause evil. With a beautiful clear photograph and many shades of blue, it brings the sobriety of the film, with daring camera angles, it brings all that mystery and subjectivity that I have commented before, it is common closes in mouths or noses, everything is done to instigate The viewer, I can not say that it always works, but it's interesting. Tilda Swinton looks like she's not going to be able to handle the dramatic charge of the movie, but in the end she ends up holding it and surprising it so, Ezra Miller is great in every scene that appears, even though it's few, he completely steals the scene, and Jasper Newell is terrific playing Kevin the kid, what wonderful trifles, and he does not have a psychopath look himself, he has anger in his eyes, incredible as it may seem, it's beautiful to behold. Finally, "We need to talk about Kevin" is a movie that will make a big part of your viewers leave the section, this would not surprise me, as Lynne Ramsay sometimes exaggerates when trying to create layers and layers that do not exist, if you lose in trying to create Subjectivity in something simple, and drags his actions to an astonishing but simple illustration-here subjectivity was not necessary-and Kevin's motivation is very weak. But anyway, it's a great film that comes up to deal with and talk about such a taboo subject, and it surprises at times.
½ December 31, 2016
On the cusp of breeding? "Should I or shouldn't I?"
Well, this movie might be an scary argument against such a move.
It is a very dark story about a bad boy, a very bad boy, actually a monstrous boy. He starts out as Baby Nihilist and devolves from there. He hates his mama who is in a very much trapped-with-HIM situation that is made even worse when clueless dumb guy hubby has them all move to an enormous mansion in the 'burbs even after she says she loves the city and does not want to move. It's a beautiful house of the type that can look like an isolated death trap to some city folk, like me.

I have heard this story before, literally, years ago via a multi-part BBC Radio 4 drama adaptation of the novel. Around that time I also heard of read interviews with Lionel Shriver about her novel.
Because of that I knew the story. I knew where it was going so the structure, back and forth on the timeline of events, didn't throw me at all. (I read IMDB reviews where people found this confusing.) I really liked the BBC play, the movie, not so much. It's really is kind of like a monster movie, or the old movie The Bad Seed. I remember Shriver saying in the interview (which is to say I don't know if she actually said this or if it is just my memory) that she wrote the novel as a compilation to decide to try to have a child or not.
She did not. the contemplation, this story, goes to the worse scary direction possible, so she scared herself childless. It might be helpful generally if more people thought about this, thought through what the decision of having a child would or could mean rather than just enter in with flared hormones and distorted notions of idealized "love", the thoughtless emotional pull, or the thought geared to emotions.

Anyway, the movie is dark, relentlessly bleak, rather over the top and not trusting that we got the idea that he is a bad boy after too many scenes illustrating such.
The radio version was, I think, just the voice of the mother mostly. The film is mostly the mother's story. I kind of wish that Kevin wasn't in it so much that so we could more see him through her eyes rather that explicitly on screen so much. But this is a movie so they have to show stuff which can be a major storytelling downside in comparison to more text based media, the book or the radio play.
Tilda Swinton is fine in the mamma role. John C. Reilly plays the hubby who is more a problem than a help, a thankless role, but a paycheck for the actor who like them all has to make hay while the sun is shining.
It seemed long. There are better and worse movies to watch than this.

Possible Spoiler:

I didn't buy the kid's final act at all. Didn't get how the target to ammo ration worked and how he could pull it off, not just get rushed and knocked down. But that choice will definitely not ruffle the NRA crowd.
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