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April 6, 2017
You must have enough sleep to stay with the dialogues.
½ January 11, 2017
My friend cried really hard on this one! it must be pretty good!
January 6, 2017
Too much love:( love how much they used John Grant in this film.
½ July 26, 2016
Empathetic, honest, depressing and also beautiful.
June 21, 2016
A very beautiful movie,with so many truths.A very beautiful script,that stays true to what it stands for,and two amazing actors that do it justice. It's sweet, beautiful and extremely heartwarmig.Love can be found in the most unexpected ways.
June 16, 2016
Such a beautifully written love story, enough to get any straight guy hard, it definitely woke my inner Lust Demon!
June 2, 2016
The most emotionally honest movie I've ever seen. This is how it really feels to find the 'real thing.' This movie is an achievement.
April 27, 2016
Very nice and romantic love story. There is some sex in this film (obviously gay, so, if you beleive you do not like, do not see it). But what really impressed me is the drugs use and abuse: the quantity and the variety they use in this film is impressive - for me, at least.
And I suspect that at least some joint was real: it would take superhuman actors, to simulate so well that kind of eye ...
½ March 29, 2016
"Weekend" is the definition of raw emotion. Finally movie lovers get to witness a portrayal of gay love as something more than the hookup stereotype of gay culture. It's an honest and intimate tale of two men that found something special born from the smokey remains of a passionate night together. Tom Cullen and Chris New bring something extraordinary and refreshing to the acting table. The story is an all too real reality for a lot of people.
March 22, 2016
A well-crafted, honest rendering of contemporary (sex-driven) relationships. Surprisingly touching and overall enjoyable, even during its most trivial moments. Like a French New Wave film but gay and in full color.
March 4, 2016
Not really a very interesting story but an interesting film. This is one of the very few love stories between geezers that does not make their sexuality an issue for another character in the film, they are not camp or mincing around the place for comedy effect, and nobody dresses up like a woman. This actually feels like the first film ever to do this. Having said that, there was nothing other than it's stance that interested me about this. The performances were impressive but still a very boring film.
½ March 2, 2016
I'm a sucker for a well-written tale of how two people meet and get to know each other. Weekend is in the vein of Linklater's Before Sunrise and is just as good. Written and directed by Andrew Haigh, Weekend takes two men on divergent paths and puts them together at a bar. As one could imagine by the title, they spend a weekend together.

Weekend isn't dialogue heavy so Haigh relies on his two leads to put together strong non-verbal performances and they are u to the task. While this film isn't for children it isn't any more gratuitous then it needs to be. Haigh takes chances and they pay off in a powerful message of how love works in the gay community but this isn't really about gay or straight it's about two people who are probably meant to be together who are going in different directions.

One can hope that they meet again much as the duo did in Before Sunrise. This movie is visually stunning. Haigh has unique vision of what he wants the film to be and you end up trapped in the heads of the two stars. You may not be able to know exactly what they are thinking, but the viewer ends up thinking they know. This is a great movie.
March 1, 2016
It doesn't break any new ground in terms of gay cinema, but Weekend is a beautifully photographed portrait of unrestrained emotions in a complex relationship.
February 27, 2016
For this kind of style/genre, known as "mumblecore," "Weekend" does everything right. Not only is this film incredibly, deeply personal but its conversations are important about society and these relationships while simultaneously developing one of the most human on-screen relationships you'll ever see in an Indie movie. There has been a million of these low-budget, 2 people in a room talking Indie relationship movies, but nothing quite as powerful and as smart as "Weekend." One of the most perfect movies I've ever seen.
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½ February 20, 2016
A wonderfully honest and realistic portrayal of a sexual encounter leading to something profound and unexpected, and it is in essence a universal story that makes it so easy for us to empathize with these characters who are so three-dimensional, well constructed and complex.
February 5, 2016
Intimate, truthful and brave. It's a beautifully crafted piece of cinema.
½ December 5, 2015
An honest and realistic (or at least 90%) film about that hook-up that has the potential to be more
½ October 9, 2015
A weekend relationship that isn't all but sure is immense in stature and feel. Andrew Haigh directs what should be considered a monumental work for the gay male community in what is love and missed connections. It shows that even with all the sexual freedom, there is a price of loneliness and longing in this NSA (no strings attached) world.

For Russell (Tom Cullen) his unexpected finding of kismet in Glen (Chris New) is both real but unexplainable, propos to real life. Russell, is gentle, quiet and brooding while Glen is outspoken, possessing Radical Faeriesque qualities. While the weekend progresses we find out the truth behind Glen's rejection of relationships. Why Russell writes down about his sexual experiences is hardly erotic but saddening, for surely making me teary-eyed. The second to final scene is heart-rending good acting and cinematography. The film does end with hope surprisingly, in which Russell finds contentment and has opened his eyes on what love can and should be.

The supporting actors (Jonathan Race, Laura Freeman, Johnny Wright & Loretto Murra) give small but strong performances in addition to Cullen and New. All in all, this film, with it's superb acting feeling more like a documentary than acting, I highly recommend this movie not only the gay world but also the straight.
½ August 20, 2015
Sex - talk again , this time with a gay-couple ! Interesting to see one time ! One time !
August 16, 2015
A tender, honest, realistic and beautiful love story. The two lead actors are exceptional and the chemistry is remarkable. It's amazing when a quick hookup quickly turns into something deep and meaningful. You might not be able to do anything about it sometimes, even though the connection you feel is strong and right. Director Andrew Haigh captures every bit of that sweet tragedy. A gay-themed love story that doesn't make a big deal out of itself.
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