Weekend at Bernie's Reviews

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July 5, 2017
Bernie's is good old, knock-down slapstick with just the right dose of cruelty thrown in.
September 16, 2014
Irreverent dead-body comedy has plenty of iffy stuff.
July 19, 2010
A silly uninspired juvenile one-joke film.
August 26, 2009
Couldn't even drag a smile out of me. Chalk it up to either old age or the calcification of taste. Or just blame it on Silverman and McCarthy, who found their careers rightfully torn to shreds soon after the release of the film.
July 28, 2005
There are a few jokes that hit home quite successfully, but at 98 minutes, you'll probably be looking forward to this weekend's big finale.
July 9, 2005
...might just be the ultimate wacky '80s comedy...
July 7, 2005
March 25, 2005
Hilarious goofball comedy from the late 80s.
October 30, 2004
Tasteless one-joke premise actually evokes laughs.
January 8, 2004
Weekend at Bernie?s doesn?t really work, partly because it expects a single joke, that nobody realizes Bernie?s dead, to carry the whole movie.
January 6, 2004
November 1, 2003
September 6, 2003
A film like Weekend at Bernie's should be commended for being smart enough to be so dumb.
August 21, 2003
April 16, 2003
March 4, 2003
Really funny. Also really stupid. Still, it delivers the laughs.
November 24, 2002
A classic of the dumb, hit-on-the-head comedy genre!
September 17, 2002
So terribly corny, it's irresistible!
September 11, 2002
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