Ni na bian ji dian (What Time Is It Over There?) Reviews

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March 16, 2020
Throughout, Tsai makes his rhymes work with an almost subliminal grace: from him to her, from clocks to hearts, from an ancient Paris graveyard to the modern passageways of locker-like columbaria...
February 25, 2020
It's a hilarious conceit, which Tsai carries through with smart cinematic wit.
March 7, 2018
This wonderful, one-of-a-kind movie hops from Taiwan to France, from tragedy to deadpan comedy and, in its mysterious conclusion, from the worldly to the otherworldly.
December 30, 2006
December 6, 2005
July 4, 2005
October 24, 2004
The film's understated humor and relatable character's steer us towards feelings of compassion and understanding, rather than pity.
February 24, 2004
July 2, 2003
Wise and deadpan humorous.
March 25, 2003
A funny and moving meditation on yearning, mourning and the vagaries of time.
March 10, 2003
August 8, 2002
Tsai may be ploughing the same furrow once too often.
June 11, 2002
If you've the patience, there are great rewards here.
May 2, 2002
The careful compositions in the Taiwanese What Time Is It There? give us plenty of time to search for meaning and to wonder what the movie is trying to say.
March 30, 2002
Has moments of quiet power and others of almost slapstick charm, and it's so elegantly fashioned that it's difficult to take one's eyes from the screen.
March 28, 2002
While its careful pace and seemingly opaque story may not satisfy every moviegoer's appetite, the film's final scene is soaringly, transparently moving.
March 22, 2002
Tsai's confidence in the deep power of silence drives home the film's inner convictions. Its surface works coolly, intriguingly and, happily, feebly in opposition to the heart of the matter.
March 21, 2002
At times, Tsai's approach makes viewing this film like watching paint dry, but what a sublime design it makes.
March 21, 2002
Alternates between deadpan comedy and heartbreaking loneliness and isn't afraid to provoke introspection in both its characters and its audience.
March 13, 2002
Mr. Tsai is a very original artist in his medium, and What Time Is It There? should be seen at the very least for its spasms of absurdist humor.
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