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½ March 28, 2018
It's ok, I will say crispin Glover is great....probably because he wasn't acting....this is just how he is. Ok watch, needed a R rating badly.
October 7, 2017
From X-Files alum Glen Morgan and James Wong comes this amazing remake/reworking of the 1971 original film, which they've made into something wholly new. What remains the same between the films is that Willard is a social misfit who befriends and has a strange connection/control over a massive colony of rodents, led by the rats Socrates and Ben. A major element that separates this film from the original is the casting of perennial oddball Crispin Glover in the title role, who gives a highly entertaining off-kilter performance that is pitch perfect for director/co-writer Morgan's jet black humor. Morgan also get's high marks for adding a lot more suspense to this new version, which was lacking in the original. A high point of the film is a masterfully directed sequence where a house cat is chased by a horde of rats set to Michael Jackson's tender rendition of "Ben" (from the original film), which is absolute filmmaking magic. R. Lee Ermey plays Willard's cruel boss and porn star Ashlyn Gere (billed as Kimberly Patton) has a supporting role as Ermey's secretary. The filmmakers here are not at all trying to appeal to a wide audience, but if offbeat horror with a dark sense of humor is your thing, "Willard" is a must-see!
½ January 29, 2017
Willard is my spirit animal
October 18, 2016
Good, but not great movie. It's worth watching for it's really great performances from Glover and Ermey. Kudos to the animal trainers, and CGI team too.
½ August 25, 2016
I remember watching this when I was really young and it being creepy . Don't trust my younger self though
January 13, 2016
Willard is a very cool movie, I watched the directors cut which also had a bonus music video of Crispin Glover singing Ben, which was funny. Also has the guy from full metal jackets as the boss, he's funny.
Super Reviewer
½ January 12, 2016
Glen Morgan's atmospheric, well-crafted remake of the 1971 cult-classic horror film that starred Bruce Davidson. It's about a sociopathic misfit named Willard Stiles, impressively played by Crispin Glover, a thirty-something loner living at his rundown family mansion in suburban Westchester County in New York with his bedridden, possessive, belittling, elderly mother, well-played by Jackie Burroughs, he is still haunted by the death of his imposing manufacturer father. He owes his job to his late father, who because of bad debts was forced to sell his share of the business to Frank Martin, superbly played by R. Lee Ermey, but stipulated in the contract that Willard was never to be fired. The sadistic Frank hates the weak Willard and never misses a chance to humiliate and badger his old partner's son, making the younger man's life a living hell. But things about to change when one day Willard discovers rats in the basement of the mansion because of the old houses in the neighborhood being sold and the new owners remodeling them forcing the rats to move into his Willard's mansion basement, he therefore first tries getting rid of the rat infestation with the usual pest control traps but decides to befriend them after feeling sorry for a white rat he caught in a sticky glue trap, and in a change of heart he sets him free. He keeps the rats in his basement as pets, and the smart white rat becomes his best friend and is given the name Socrates, and is allowed to sleep with him. Another rat about as big as a small dog, which he names Big Ben, but looks upon him with disfavor because he doesn't obey his commands like Socrates. Willard fines that he possesses a strange gift in controlling the thousands of rats in his basement who understand him, for the exception of the fearsome Big Ben, for he is smart as well. Willard will use his lethal army of rats for some bloody revenge on his tormentors, especially his nasty boss. Astute direction by Morgan, with striking cinematography by Robert McLachian, and terrific CGI visual effects that make the 500 real rats use in the film seem like thousands. Entertaining and very creepy. Highly Recommended.
½ November 2, 2015
Crispin Glover was the right man for the lead role, but this movie did not live up to expectations I had. It was definitely strange, but was also amateurish and boring at times. (First and only viewing - 11/2/2015)
August 27, 2015
intense movie willard and big Ben that character development was good and realistic adding your own voices to the rats makes it more fun to watch real emotional but at the same time grounded good visuals on the thousands of rats
June 28, 2015
A'too low on the drag'type horror flick though Glover was surely born to play these type roles so do not blame him.
½ April 24, 2015
ok remake of 1971 classic Glover is perfectly cast as the title character.
March 22, 2015
Crispin Glover gives a good, creepy performance in the title role and R. Lee Ermey is great as the condescending, jerk of a boss. The nice part of this movie is the minimal use of CGI (only when it would have been impossible for all the rats) and used trained rats instead for most of the scenes. Even though the rats don't really do anything, the way scenes are shot and Glover's performance gives some character to the main rats Ben and Socrates. The love interest plot is tacked on and unnecessary, but everything else is great. Worth watching.
½ February 26, 2015
Slightly better than the original with better acting and more sequences.
February 26, 2015
Rats are an unbelievably terrifying backdrop for a horror movie. It goes back to good, old-fashioned horror straight out of Lovecraft or Poe. "Willard' understands that and it makes for a horror remake that infuses a bizarre level of tragedy to its title character. Willard is a sort of Shakespearean tragedy who gets one of the best, creepiest revenges I've ever seen on film. The character is such a joy to watch mainly because of Crispin Glover. Often portraying oddball characters, Glover is at his best here. I've never seen the original movie, but "Willard" makes for a good, creepy, squirm-inducing and entertaining horror romp.
½ December 27, 2014
If Willard was rated R, as intended, this might have been a more decent and creepy film. Instead, Willard becomes unsettling, but misses the biggest payoffs.
August 20, 2014
Enjoyable, mostly because Crispin Glover is so good. I also talk to animals (especially spiders) so I kinda understand Willard. I would however trade Laura Harring for a mouse any day.
April 11, 2014

- 'Willard' is a 2003 horror film directed by Glen Morgan (Black Christmas remake). The story is loosely based on the novel 'Ratman's notebooks'. The movie is actually a remake. There was a 'Willard' made in 1971. I like the story about a lonely man who becomes friends with a rat. The movie isn't that spectacular, but definitely I did enjoy it. With Crispin Glover (Back to the Future, Charlie's Angels), R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket, The Texas Chainssaw Massacre remakes) and Laura Elena Harring (The Punisher, The King). When the cat is gone away, the rats come out to play...

Willard Stiles(Glover) leads a lonely life. Not only does he have to take care of his ill mother Henrietta, he also suffers humiliation by his boss Frank Martin (Ermey, who took control over the company of Willard's deceased father. One day he arrives at work to find a new girl sitting at his desk. She introduces herself as Cathryn (Harring).

When Henrietta tells her son she hears rats in the basement of their old mansion, Willard goes down to take care of the rodents. But somehow he develops a friendship with a white rat that he names Socrates. While Willard loses more and more input on his job, he starts gaining more and more control over the rats in his basement...
March 26, 2014
Krispin Glover Is Awesomely Creepy In This !
March 1, 2014
Who would have thought that a film about a man who befriends rats would be the effective piece for Crispin Glover's acting talent?
½ February 6, 2014
Odd and spooky, Willard is both scary and dramatic.
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