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½ April 2, 2014
Classic fantasy film based on Roald Dahl's book, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a standout film with some truly engaging performances, amusing musical numbers and impressive visuals. Gene Wilder is great in the lead role, and the film has the perfect balance of dialogue and musical numbers to make it a truly engaging experience. This is an eccentric fantasy film, one that should be seen by anyone that enjoys a bizarre, story. For fans of the book, they should check this out, and with that being said, I think that Gene Wilder was the perfect choice to play Willy Wonka, and he delivers one of his strongest performances of his career. This is a well crafted picture with some memorable moments that is sure to entertaining you from start to finish. This is a classic film that is constantly entertaining, and boasts a truly unique story. If you want a fantasy film that can capture your imagination, then this is the one to watch. The film has strong performances from everyone involved, and is a fun film to be enjoyed by anyone that loves this genre. Gene Wilder, like I said steals the show and he makes this film a truly memorable picture. Roald Dahl disowned the script that he wrote, but I think that it's still a strong picture, one that makes you want to read the book. The film boasts a strong sense of visuals, which are impressive for its time, and it also adds so much to the film's atmosphere. If you want a standout fantasy picture, then this is a perfect film to watch. The amount of musical numbers is fairly minimal, and it's a good thing because it permits to focus a lot on the story as well. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a cinematic classic, and one that is near perfect.
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July 18, 2007
Roald Dahl's story about candymaker's contest ("free chocolate for the rest of your life!") and subsequent factory tour is little more than slight morality tale, but is told like part reality show, part psychedelic hallucination. Wilder's personal sinister charm is the spoonful of sugar, and the songs are not too bad either.
Samuel Riley
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July 17, 2012
A true classic. With highly iconic songs such as 'Oompa Loompa' and iconic events like the nighmare tunnel that are still remembered today. Because of these, there is almost no reason to forget this film. Like Peter Sellers with 'Dr Strangelove', like Anthony Hopkins for 'Silence of the Lambs', Gene Wilder was destined for the role of Willy Wonka. As a result, Wilder gave something truely special for all viewers. The 2005 remake has nothing that tops this classic. Its a shame that some prefer the 2005 remake and instantly say this is poor, without even seeing it. I guess it's those who are missing out on a real treat.
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December 12, 2007
An eccentric chocolatier lures children into his hallucinogenic candy factory, where he arranges for them to meet gruesome, ironic deaths. Early torture porn, in a crunchy candy shell, with great tunes sung by the orange-faced dwarf refugee race Wonka has enslaved.
Directors Cat
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December 19, 2011
It's not as magical as I remember it and although it has some plot flaws that dont really work it has an unusual unique screen presence.
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October 2, 2011
Classic, watching this makes me feel nostalgic because it reminds me of being a kid.
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August 19, 2011
Although Tim Burton' 2005 box office smash stayed truer to the book and had great stars in it, this edition is by far better! The score is incredible and the acting very good. Mel Stuart who is more a TV director did a very good job with this. First timer Peter Ostrum delivered a great performance as Charlie and Grandpa Joe was good as well. With great songs and moments of great humour the film also has a dark side, scenes where Wonka appears to go crazy and the wonderful things round his factory. The cut scenes during the build up to the ticket finders around the world add a certain charm to it. THe screenplay was actually written by Roalh Doahl which some people find odd, since he wrote the book. As a motion picture it is great, as a family fun entertainment it is outstanding.
*** 3 Star
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June 24, 2011
A childhood favourite and a classic!
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March 16, 2011
A childhood classic, truly a wonderment
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November 30, 2009
How can anyone not love and adore this classic? It's a great rendition of one of the greatest children's novels of all time. Gene Wilder somehow manages to play Willy Wonka in a way that doesn't scream child predator, just completely crazy for chocolate. The excessive amounts of pecks are frightening and effective at the same time. I love all the sets and it's a complete masterpiece in terms of storytelling and characterization. When it comes to mildly disturbing family movies, few compete with this.
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July 30, 2010
A true American classic, Tim Burton's 2005 remake can't hold a candle to this original.
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September 5, 2010
I loved this movie as a kid, and I still love it. The movie is both hilarious and extremely fun. Plus, the songs are catchy and cute. This is one of my favourite movies.
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½ May 24, 2009
Fabulous. Insane color and all.
AC rating: The audio commentary I listened to was of the five kids in this film. The idea of it was incredibly intriguing. Not all their names are listed over to the left, but oh well. What was interesting to hear was all of their POVs as kids. What they remembered and how. Interesting, just not as much with production aspect.
michael e.
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September 14, 2010
this is truly one of the most magical and wonderful films ever made. It has everything that makes a children classic such as wizard of oz. Gene Wilder was a perfect choice for Willy not like Johnny Depp in The Tim Burton remake. I love how the moral of the story is don't be greedy but it doesn't come out and preach it your to busy having a good time looking at everything and being entertained by everything.
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June 24, 2010
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October 30, 2006
Most excellent works in the arts are seen and enjoyed at a variety of "levels." That is true of this classic movie in general and of Gene Wilder in specific.
Gene Wilder is a comedic genius who will forever be the timeless Willy Wonka. He played it so well and made it look so easy. All the kids were amazing as well, I mean the boy who played Charlie was so adorable and you felt so awful for him. You just wished for his deepest wishes to come true. The sets are also just fantastic and so yummy to look at. On of my favorite scenes was with the "inventing room", all the amazing gizzmo's.
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½ January 24, 2010
Man I want to get all up in that Chocolate river, like serious train action.
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January 11, 2010
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a classic, there should be more movies like this one!
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