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Critic Consensus: Wind Chill is a ghost story with a clunky and unpolished script that fails to keep viewers in suspense.


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During Christmas break, a young woman catches a ride home from a stranger she meets through a college ride board. Racing to beat a severe winter storm, the two young travelers take a shortcut down a remote country road, only to find them selves forced into a snow bank by a mysterious vehicle that engages them in a dangerous game of chicken. Over the long night that ensues, an intense relationship develops between the pair as they must brave the elements and confront the road's sinister legacy that dates back to the terrible events that occurred there in the 1950s.

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Almost always, you can expect the worst when a studio dumps a film without advance screenings. But the well-crafted thriller Wind Chill, with rising star Emily Blunt, is the very rare case where somebody (in this case, Sony) goofed.

May 2, 2007 | Rating: 3/4

Well before day breaks, it's the movie's plot (which would have made for an outstanding Outer Limits episode) that has come to seem stuck in an endless loop.

May 2, 2007 | Full Review…

Wind Chill, for all its flaws, is an often spooky and imaginative ghost story that contains a genuine creepiness.

May 1, 2007

A moody, spooky tale, rendered with laudable economy.

Apr 30, 2007 | Rating: 3.5/5

Wind Chill blows into increasingly nightmarish and ludicrous territory, introducing frostbitten ghouls, priestly apparitions, a nasty cop, and a cycle of hallucinations.

Apr 28, 2007
Top Critic

Wind Chill doesn't advance the mechanics of the horror genre, but it gives audiences fed up with the Michael Bay School of Horror something of a breather.

Apr 27, 2007 | Full Review…

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[img][/img] The main reason I watched Wind Chill was the fact it starred Emily Blunt. I tend to keep a fairly open mind when it comes to experiencing ridiculous horror movies that just happen to have talented actresses in them because sometimes they surprise me and turn out to be pretty good. Past examples include Christina Ricci in The Gathering and Hilary Swank in The Reaping. Despite a marvellous set up in the first twenty minutes or so the rest of the film unfortunately doesn't live up to it, I think it could have been better as a short film because as a whole it doesn't have a lot of inventive material. I essentialy found both of those movies more interesting and less baggy than Wind Chill. The film has a reasonable idea for a throwaway claustrophobic thriller but as it unfolds it annoyingly succumbs to the cliche's and groan inducing sentimentality. Not at one point did I jump and neither was I scared watching it in the slightest. It runs out of steam and gets repetitive pretty quickly and although Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes do the best with the material they are given they alone cannot save it from it's complete lack of shivering chills. Consequently the film just loses its way, drags itself along and quite simply ended up boring me almost in it's entirety.

Directors Cat
Directors Cat

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Would have made an excellent short story a'la Twilight Zone, but as a feature film it was stretched a little too thin to be really powerful.

Robert C
Robert C

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"There's been some pretty bad accidents on this road over the years." I'm a huge fan of Emily Blunt, and I enjoy horror movies to the point that even the mediocre ones are usually worth me checking out. Both of those things are fortunate, because Wind Chill is a mostly average horror movie that really is only worthwhile for fans of Blunt. Wind Chill is a supernatural horror flick, but you'd be forgiven for not drawing that conclusion from the first 30 or 45 minutes or so of the movie. It initially seems like it could be a thriller, as one stranger gives another one a ride home for college during the Christmas break, and he appears to be lying to her about several things, including his rather unhealthy obsession/infatuation with her. Then they have a car accident on a deserted snowy road, and the movie shifts gears again and seems to be about them trying to survive being stranded alone in the cold and ice. That goes on for a while, and then we finally get to the (somewhat underwhelming) ghost story. If Wind Chill commits one real sin, it's the fact that it's mostly boring. There's nothing scary about it. There is a bit of a mystery behind what happens to our two characters that makes the film a bit more involving as it goes on, but the horror part never "clicks". Anyway, there were some interesting ideas here, and I applaud that Wind Chill didn't just copy and paste the good parts of horror movies that came before, like modern scary movies so often do. And Emily Blunt was definitely gorgeous, and carried her role in the movie quite well. But, I find it hard to give this movie anything more than just a "fair" rating, because it's just not frightening on a psychological, visceral, or any other level.

Lewis C.
Lewis C.

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CAST: Emily Blunt, Ashton Holmes, Martin Donovan, Chelan Simmons, Ned Bellamy DIRECTED BY: Gregory Jacobs SUMMARY: Two college students share a ride home for the holidays. When they break down on a deserted stretch of road, they're preyed upon by the ghosts of people who have died there. MY THOUGHTS: Not as good as I was hoping, but interesting none the less. It was spooky and had it's creepy moments, but failed to be scary for me. But did keep me interested till the end. Worth the watch, just don't expect much from it. Thought Emily and Ashton were good, and it really depended on their acting considering they are the main focus throughout the film. Take a look at it if you haven't.


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