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Though Wolf Creek is effectively horrific, it is still tasteless exploitation.



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A dream vacation turns into a nightmare in this taut thriller from Australia. Ben (Nathan Phillips), Lizzie (Cassandra Magrath), and Kristy (Kestie Morassi) are three friends who, after a night of celebratory drinking, hit the road for a trip to Wolf Creek National Park, where they plan to spend a week hiking and surfing. The three friends are happy to be spending time together, especially after Ben makes the happy discovery that Lizzie is as infatuated with him as he is with her. However, after a long day on foot, Ben, Lizzie, and Kristy make the unpleasant discovery that their car's battery is dead, leaving them stuck in the middle of nowhere. Help arrives in the form of Mick (John Jarratt), a burly but good-natured outdoorsman who happens upon them; Mick tells them that he can fix their car, and offers to give them a ride to his place down the road. Grateful but a bit nervous around the gregarious stranger, Ben, Lizzie, and Kristy offer Mick a wealth of thanks for his help, and give him some money for his troubles before they fall asleep around the campfire. The next morning, the travelers find themselves bound, gagged, drugged, and separated from one another, and they realize Mick is not the good Samaritan they imagined. Wolf Creek was the first feature film from writer and director Greg McLean. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


John Jarratt
as Mick Taylor
Kestie Morassi
as Kristy Earl
Nathan Phillips
as Ben Mitchell
Gordon Poole
as Old Man
Guy O'Donnell
as Car Salesman
Geoff Revell
as Petrol Attendant
Aaron Sterns
as Bazza's Old Mate
Michael Moody
as Bazza's Dad
Andrew Reimer
as Flashback Dad
Vicki Reimer
as Flashback Mum
Isabella Reimer
as Flashback Girl
David Rock
as Irish Backpacker
Jenny Starvall
as Swedish Backpacker
Guy Petersen
as Swedish Backpacker
Paul Curran
as Pool Party Person
Christian McMillian
as Pool Party Person
Sean Gannon
as Pool Party Person
Peter Alchin
as Police Officer
Rory Walker
as Roadhouse Guy
Jon Blaike
as Roadhouse Guy
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  • Nov 25, 2013
    The mix of totally believable and fun characters, coupled with the unrelenting horror and violence, makes Wolf Creek one of, if not the best horror film Australia has ever released, not to mention one of the most visually stunning films I've ever watched. Plenty of people will complain that Wolf Creek is slow, but honestly, that doesn't bother me often, it's only in films like Van Diemen's Land (another Australian horror) where the pace never picks up that I get bored. They call it dull, I call it character building, background and suspense. Also people complain about it having too many slasher cliches, but if you pay attention that's not strictly true. Yes, the antagonist is down, and they leave him, but only after trying for a full minute to shoot him in the head, but not having any bullets, and then beating the shit out of him with the rifle butt, and then trying to run him over. Things like that. To review Wolf Creek without at least one full paragraph on Mick Taylor (above) would be a sin, so here goes; I've made horror films before, with what I feel are pretty good badguys on board. But, if I ever become a professional, and by the end of my career, manage to write an antagonist half as well as Greg McLean wrote Mick Taylor, I'll die a happy man. He can heads his many vehicles like a rally-car driver, he's a hunter with heaps of guns, which he's a great sharpshooter with, he's got knives and knows how to use them (it's implied he was in the Vietnam war), he's tough as a brick shithouse, he's completely isolated, and best of all, he's charismatic as Hell. Not to mention sadistic. He may not have quite the presence of Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger, but he's right up there with Hannibal Lector and Norman Bates as creepy damn guys. Though it is incredible, I'm not trying to say that Wold Creek is perfect. There's one or two let downs, not to mention the fact that I think we lost a lot of of money from our tourism industry off of this one. Seriously. But the soundtrack is awesome and I personally cannot wait for a sequel. Yes, this is the sort of film where it actually might do some good. I really hope that Greg McLean returns to direct, I feel without him so much of the magic would be lost. This is the sort of film that makes me sad that most people have such an aversion to horror, because it's so incredibly beautiful. For those of you who do like horror, never feel that everything fresh and frightening has been done. Pop a DVD of Wolf Creek in, and be taken in by the disturbing realism, and the terrifying Mick Taylor. 89% -Gimly
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 03, 2013
    It's still a traditional horror flick on the veins of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes, with plenty of silliness when you look deep down on it (the first escape sequence is riddled with poor decisions) and takes cues from the aformentioned on being extremely bleak, brutal and where you can't take much pleasure or entertainment from it's viewing. But it's one of the best out there in portraying pure fear and atmosphere. The slow build up is haunting, alternating these believe characters with devastating landscapes of Australia's desert, carrying a gloomy feeling of "this is not gonna go well at all for these guys". This contrast is even more evident with the pitch black cinematography for when the shit hits the fan, causing confusion, distress and more importantly, putting you on the shoes of the tormented. Add great performances and a haunting soundtrack, Wolf Creek is a very confident debut from the director, that has a clear visual style and in need of some tweaking to be made on narrative formats, for at it's core, the movie is still a by the numbers slasher.
    Francisco G Super Reviewer
  • Jul 22, 2012
    With a promising start which builds up slowly 'Wolf Creek' had some potential, unfortunately it completely wimps out. Three friends go on vacation and shortly run into trouble while in the Australian outback when their car randomly breaks down along with their watches, with nothing to do but wait the team eventually stumbles upon a stranger in the desert and turn to him for help fixing their car. What they don't know is that said stranger isn't as nice as he first comes across. The best part of 'Wolf Creek' is undoubtedly the development, it sets up characters nicely and even introduces a romantic sub-plot. Sadly, however, all the hard work put into the first half amounts to nothing, as the film quickly desends into an average slasher movie and the first half is completely forgotten. The characters become just a tool for the violence and the romanticism is never mentioned again. If you enjoy playing 'Where's Wally' with film cliches check this out, it has every one in the slasher book, such a shame after the beginining. The soundtrack was alright though.
    Cameron S Super Reviewer
  • May 16, 2012
    This movie was so incredibly slow. It's not even like they were developing the characters more in the first hour they were just camping and talking and chilling and walking around. I literally fell asleep. I woke up and it was the next day. I had to go back and finish it. It was really slow and pointless the first hour. Yeah it was 1 motherfucking hour of bullshit where nothing interesting happened at all. Then when things started getting interesting, it was just cliche after cliche of predictable bullshit. So yeah the bullshit continued well past the first hour. The characters running around screaming getting tortured. Then the girl doesn't double tap the mad man she just shot, she just runs away and leaves a weapon right beside him. Smart move, very smart move. Then stealing his truck and crashing into the building, nice job, nice job. Then taking one of her friends and leaving the other one behind nailed to a post, that was very sweet of her. It's a seen it before movie. Even if it was loosely based off of a true story, the movie is not believable in the slightest. I thought this movie was going to be good when I saw it, but OMG it was pretty bad. The acting wasn't too bad, it's just the illogical impulsive decisions made by the characters and the outrageous action of the film that made it suck. The ending didn't make any sense also. Why was Ben even in the mine? Why wasn't he with the girls? What the fuck was that rottweiler doing there? Where did it even come from? It was so weird.
    Japes . Super Reviewer

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