Women Without Men Reviews

Mar 26, 2021
A great film that's aging well, a work of art that sends the same messages a dozen years after its creation
Aug 5, 2019
The true accomplishment here is that Neshat gives voice to the voiceless, and Women Without Men is an impassioned cry for freedom that echoes across generations.
Nov 5, 2018
Although uneven in patches, this is a pertinent work on female resilience, made with an array of images painstakingly constructed for insightful social, political and artistic commentary.
Jun 17, 2013
Neshat's images are startling in their sensual immediacy and aesthetic nuance.
Oct 8, 2010
The images are vivid, their meanings much less so.
Jul 19, 2010
A poetic, impressionistic portrait of four women tangentially caught up in the political turmoil.
Jul 9, 2010
Its elegiac mood and chiaroscuro beauty are hard to shake.
Jul 6, 2010
A work of real beauty.
Jul 6, 2010
The script jettisons most of the book's more powerful sections, upping the political angle and inexplicably eliminating motivations that made the strongly feminist story, rich in symbolism, so intriguing.
Jul 6, 2010
Eloquent film illuminates Iranian history from a female point of view.
Jul 6, 2010
Heavy with symbolism and beautifully composed, it's in a traditional art house mode far removed from the quizzical, innovative, subtly subversive films that Iranian directors have been making under extraordinary pressures this past quarter of a century.
Jul 6, 2010
The director's use of blatantly artificial devices - characters gliding along the ground, fast-breaking dawns - detaches her film from its strongest sources of turbulence and despair.
Jul 1, 2010
It's a celebration of women's resilience in the face of absolute patriarchy, an oppression that's felt on personal, cultural, and political levels.
Jun 16, 2010
It is implacably in favour of women without in any way straining for effect.
Jun 10, 2010
With this debut feature, the photographer-turned-director Shirin Neshat has made a picture with vision, poetry, sexual frankness and historical sinew.
Jun 10, 2010
A film that buckles under the weight of a grand ambition becomes a muddied if not entirely missed opportunity.
Jun 9, 2010
Women without Men is a series of tableaux to which no one brought the vivants.
Jun 4, 2010
Neshat seems more interested in making a statement and wrapping it in heavy melodrama.
Jun 3, 2010
Women Without Men has compelling stretches, but the film's formal concerns overwhelm the storytelling.
May 27, 2010
It seduces us with imagery and metaphor.
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