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April 28, 2018
well acted/edited James Bond action that's a little too complex at times, thus it's also confusing. still one of the better villainesses however and Pierce and Judi are both in fine form. try not to take Denise Richards too seriously
April 20, 2018
The World Is Not Enough is undeniably entertaining with solidly executed and fun action sequences, but the villains, though fun, are too cartoony and the overall storyline is way too silly and slight to be taken seriously. It is an exceedingly silly film even for this franchise's admittedly very low standards.
½ December 29, 2017
Despite its bad reviews, I immensely enjoy TWINE. It's fun for a Saturday night and has some good performances and a strong female villain.
December 27, 2017
Brosnan's worst entry. A plodding storyline and great cast that is under used make this one of the more forgettable Bond entries.

Gadget 2/5 lots of dumb high-tech gadgets on show
Girls 2/5 laughable casting. Denise Richards is just eye candy.
Villain 2/5
Sophie Marceau
as Elektra
Robert Carlyle
as Renard. Both are not utilised properly
Bond Theme 3/5 I bought this single. It tries and is not bad
November 23, 2017
Cool action, bad acting, this was....meh. Denise Richards was obviously casted for her looks!
½ November 7, 2017
The script is just decent, and the acting could be better, but The World Is Not Enough has enough action to be enjoyable. Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards, and Judi Dench all give strong performances, and the villain is menacing and underrated.
October 21, 2017
An underrated addition to the Bond canon, The World Is Not Enough features some of the series's best action, one of its greatest villains (and the first female big bad) in Elektra King, but also features Denise Richards as cinema's least credible nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones, whose name leads to the most groan-inducing pun in a series full of groan-inducing puns.
½ October 2, 2017
If it weren't for several okay performances, a couple characters with strong personalities, and several of the most dazzling, exciting, and electrifying action sequences in the series then this film would only have one thing working for it. And that is the simple fact that it is a Bond film. Doubtless to say The World Is Not Enough is still an entertaining festivity of espionage and entertainment.
½ September 6, 2017
not much to the storyline, but, Brosnan was good with the usual 007 stunts for thrills
July 13, 2017
This a great movie I can not believe people do not like it. It is the 19th part to the original series. It is better then the 1st 18 James Bound movie and that is not easy to do. It has a great story line. It also has great acting and great. It also has great special effects. See it.
June 26, 2017
Another so so plot, poor villain. But still had good action sequences.

June 25, 2017
The World is not enough made in 1999 is a great Brosnan 007 film. it does contain strong Action violence and sex references and I would rate it a 12. i would recommend it to anyone.


James Bond: Pierce Brosnan
Christmas Jones: Denise Richard
Elektra King: Sophie Marceau
Renard: Robert Carlyle
M: Judi Dench
Moneypenny: Samantha Bond
Q: Desmond llewelyn
R: John Cleese
Bill Tanner: Micheal Kitchen
Robinson: Colin Salmon
June 5, 2017
Weighed down by a lot of ridiculous stuff (Richards, Carlyle), The World Is Not Enough is kept afloat by tight plotting, one of the series' best villainesses and a fine performance from Brosnan, who helps keep everything believable.
½ May 23, 2017
Brosnan's third Bond outing tries to restore some plot and characterisation after the largely derivitive, action savvy Tomorrow Never Dies. Michael Apted (7Ups series) is director here and while it occasionally lapses into big screen soap opera, it is certainly an improvement. The intriguing element here is the emphasis Apted places on character development and psychological nuances. The action this time is so-so (seen it all before, Bond by numbers) except for the impressive pre-credits sequence where Bond pursues a villain through the Thames river and ends up falling from the newly built Millenium Dome. The most successful thing about this movie is the way its characters interact (especially Bond's tense encounters with a Blofeld-like villain who cannot feel anything due to a bullet lodged in his brain). Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist is probably not one of the best casting choices but the intricacies of Sophie Marceau's treacherous Bond girl make up for the weaker points in the film.
May 16, 2017
A pulse pounding action thrill ride!
½ May 11, 2017
One of the problems that has dogged a number of bond films is the sense of there being nothing really at stake during the action set-peices. Here we get a mixed bag in that regard as in some cases the action and jeopardy wash over you totally unaffectingly and at other times it all gels and is very affective indeed. A decent plot, but Brosnans's performance is both good, bad and irritating in equal measure. Despite the filmmakers best efforts, somehow the movie comes off feeling a bit flat. On the whole it's an OK movie but not anywhere near my top 10 in the franchise.
May 10, 2017
007 is who he is ... and the movies what they are. Of Brosnan's, favor shines on "Tomorrow" and Michelle Yeoh, IMO. But any film with Sophie is worth a watch, and this is no exception. It would've been good if the producers (stepson & daughter of the original producer) would've permitted a bit more departure from The Formula, as under Craig, to get more complexity out of Brosnan - and that something hotter and perhaps multi-film was permitted with Marceau. But, probably, Brosnan's the best of the Bonds, combining Connery & Moore. Ironically, it may be that Tim Dalton came closest to Fleming's sometimes sadistic super-spy. But Dalton was of the wrong era. Looking back tho' ... and if he was today's Bond ... :)
½ May 3, 2017
Great action sequences with great performances by the heavyweight talent of the cast (Minus one) , but the uneven plot and the drawn out sequences really start to take its toll.
½ April 25, 2017
Somewhat more outrageous than the better Bond films, and yeah, it's hard to take Denise Richards seriously as a nuclear scientist, but as an action film, it's not bad.
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