Sep 23, 2020
...a sluggish thriller that suffers from a lack of cohesiveness in its half-baked narrative...
Aug 3, 2020
It does not achieve the same absurdist grandeur of, say, "Sky Bandits" or "Mannequin," which are essentially live action cartoons. But it means well.
Oct 20, 2016
The kind of revenge B movie you can enjoy thanks to its eccentric tone and unique hero.
May 2, 2013
A big glop of low-budget Hollywood cheese, sliced from half a dozen other movies. Still, as a piece of '80s zeitgeist, it offers something of a glimpse into the national psyche of the time - not to mention the feather hairdos and jean jackets.
May 6, 2008
A ridiculous mishmash of drag racing, ghosts, and science fiction.
Jan 26, 2006
The town (comprising one house, a burger joint and no citizen who isn't a teenager or a cop) is overseen by Sheriff Randy Quaid, who displays all the reverence the script deserves.
Aug 21, 2005
Mar 11, 2005
An imaginative, thrilling piece
Aug 30, 2004
Mr. Cassavetes is effectively black-hearted, and makes a striking figure, and Randy Quaid does a lot with the underdeveloped role of a local sheriff.
Jan 5, 2004
Aug 8, 2003
This movie makes no sense.
Jul 26, 2002
Jul 25, 2002
An enjoyably trashy sci-fi/car racing action movie.
Jan 1, 2000
There is all too little of the quietly charismatic Sheen and all too much of Cassavetes, who is a dead ringer for the young Hugh Hefner.